Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing Course Review: How To Sell Better Online

After the work of designing and putting up your e-commerce website is done, it’s not just a simple matter of waiting for people to visit your page and buy your products. If you want to earn more, you have to drive constant traffic towards your website; and one of the most effective ways to do so is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO will not only bring attention to your website, the method actually has great potential to boost your sales as well. You may learn more about effective digital marketing and effective courses by checking websites like journalreview.

In addition, here are some ways you can maximize SEO to help you sell better online:

Digital Marketing Course review

1. Research thoroughly on the keywords you should be targeting 

In order to drive many consumers towards your page, you have to use particular keywords aimed at the products in your business. If what you’ve been doing so far is targeting only broad search words, you won’t be seeing traffic that actually converts into sales for you. Changing how you research on keywords can do wonders for your e-commerce site.

Here are some effective things you can do to target keywords in a different way:

Look for keywords for your specific products

Go to Ubersuggest, a website dedicated to helping you find keywords that you can’t even see just by utilizing Google’s research tools. Using Ubersuggest is an advanced way of doing keyword research. More importantly, the website provides you with important insights regarding keywords, such as data regarding volume, seasonality, and may include cost per click information. Then, it gives you ideas for effective keywords you can use.

For example, you type in the words family cars on Ubersuggest. It will instantly generate strong ideas for keywords, such as family car service, and family cars good on gas. You now have many options of strong phrases you can use to start aiming at with your content.

Use long-tail keywords, instead of popular keywords

Major brands that you’re competing with are already using popular keywords. If you opt for long-tail keywords, you’ll be directing lots of consumers to your site quite easily. The good news is, it’s very straightforward to search for long-tail keywords. Amazon can help you! Because it has already perfected its website to generate an unbeatable number of sales, Amazon has the data to help you identify the most recurrent search queries.

Just go to Amazon’s main search bar, and enter the broad keyword that stands for what you sell online. For example, you’re selling cameras. Type in cameras in the search bar, but don’t proceed to search first. Look at the options Amazon will give you. In our example, Amazon will generate the following long-tail keywords: cameras for photography, cameras for kids, and cameras for home security. These are golden keywords you can maximize, which other brands may not even be aiming to rank for.

Search Engine Optimization Course

2. Maximize your product pages 

Once you have improved your rankings in Google searches, another way to make you earn more is to optimize your product pages. Here are a few things you can do, so that you can boost your e-commerce sales by letting your product pages rank higher in searches:

Add alt tags to every product photo

An alt tag is an alternative tag for a search engine. It’s adding text to an image so they will know what is in the photo. Doing this very simple step displays what keywords are being illustrated in the images on your product page.

Modify the name of images on your server

As an example, take the mattress brand, Leesa. For the page of their main mattress for sale, there’s a photo of the mattress with their brand endorser, Olympian Aly Raisman. The name for the photo specifies the mattress as well as Raisman’s name as SEO keywords. 

When you change the name of your images and put in alt tags, you boost your results in Google with just very easy steps, and you can earn more in sales.

Make sure to utilize keywords in your product titles

The words you use in your product title lets Google know what it is exactly what you sell. For optimal results, check that the description and the title of your product are connected. Include keywords for the item, product features, and design. As an example, the brand Igloo Coolers labels one of their specific lunch boxes as convertible lunch box sketched rose. The keywords convertible, lunch box, and sketched rose to enhance Igloo’s SEO efforts.

When you indicate multiple descriptors in your product titles, Google will surely represent your items for the top keywords you want to rank high for.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to use the best selling methods possible. Doing some simple strategies to optimize for the perfect keywords can attract the attention of consumers to your website and to the products you offer. Increased traffic will do wonders to boost your sales online and allow you to gain more customers.

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