How SEO Trend Changed as Per Time Period

How SEO trend changed as per time period ?

About the two decades ago, when there was a dawn time for seo, very few could expect that it will become a vital part of our day to day life. At the present day, seo is playing an important role in connecting a huge number of knowledge hungry people from all around the world and providing the targeted information. For this it provides a smart network of personalizes, easily accessible and engaging connecting media.

In this article we are going to discuss the changing trends of seo and google that have been visible for the last two decades and understand the journey of this highly used term in the information technology world.

In the very beginning of seo trend , when there were a plenty of websites emerged on www platform, there was a strong need of a search engine to categorize the information. Some initiative level search engines started to do so. And then the two giants Yahoo and Google entered into the web universe and the overall scenario of data indexing and delivering turned into a very simplified and improved process.

seo trend

SEO Trend

At this primary stage of online marketing, the marketers often followed the keyword stuffing, excessive tagging and any other blackhat tactics to promote their sites. Often the development of spammy backlinks was practiced to generate higher rankings in searches.

When the situation was getting out of control, during the seo trend of 1998-2000, Google took the charge to promote the ethical search engine optimization tactics. Its aim was to develop an efficient level playing field for brands and content creators to earn the right rankings. At the same time the bad linking efforts and keywords stuffing were penalized. There was the main focus on improving the value and relevancy of results.

Additionally, it was the time of the birth of local seo that was intended to provide the users the valuable information near them such as maps, locations, store hours and the mobile results. This was the time when online marketing was concentrated around the generation of inbound links so that there may be increase in search  exposure. In the other words, it was the time to build the baseline or foundation for a better, personalized and user oriented web.

As per the time changed, there was a need for more reactive search experience so many new features were introduced, for example, Google Universal Search that offered more engaging search results in different media fields like, news, images and videos. Users were now finding the most focused content timely and newly indexed content that were blended and optimized to meet their expectations and needs. Real time updates from Google news and Twitter were the messengers of a very new world and opportunities.

Then in seo trend 2008, the launch of Google Suggest offered more relevant content by presenting the search option suggestion based on historical data. Complemented and paired with some other features like Google trends, Google Analytics and many other keyword research tools made search engine optimization highly focused and targeted.

As  the massive change in seo trend was visible in this time period was that the companies and brands were forced to earn the rankings through user friendly quality content, otherwise they had to face the penalties. Not only Google, but all the search engines enforced strict regulations for keywords, content quality and over optimization. The results were clearly visible in the indexing. Also, the brands who did not accept the new regulations were punished for this to set an example.

In this period of seo trend (2010-2012), one side many new regulations were introduced; on the other side many new search features were also creating the curiosity, accessibility and the social connection among the audiences. As a support Google’s Knowladge Graph offered the panels in SERPs (search engine result pages). Now the users were getting the information without digging through content.

We can not forget to mention that it was the time when the use of social media sites and its influence became a key player in the driving traffic to the sites. The birth of Google+ emerged as the significant factor in driving force and boosting the content visibility.

Slowly, slowly, marketers moved towards the quality seo optimization methods which were actually related to developing, creating and curation of valuable and shareable content. In this strategy, the content that is shared throughout the web and social platforms was the creator of valuable backlinks and engagements. As the ultimate result, we enter into the present day web world fast paced, personalized and more engaged.

The modern age of web (2013 to 2017 present day), there is a massive struggle between personalization and privacy. We often hear the user cry for security and less invasive marketing tactics. Furthermore, this era of seo trend has resulted another shift towards relevant content and accessibility with mobile and local search. It is must for the website to adapt mobile optimization or responsive designing otherwise they are risking their search visibility on Google.

google trend


The present seo trend  2015 is based over the segmented content, devise optimization and user’s requirement / intention. It offers a great opportunity to improve search authority by various white hat tactics like building relationships, long tail keywords and backlinks. One, who need to be in the competition, must follow the personalization and quality content;  it is the call of the time.

Though the future is always unpredictable, but on observing the previous journey of seo in the last two decades, we can easily say that the quality content and understanding the audience’s intent will rule the strategic planning. A user always wants the immense results from the minimum efforts and also there will be more smarter technology and the wearable gadgets so the companies will need to meet this technical upgaration and the increasing expectations of the users.


In the future we can expect more user focused ethical seo tactics and efforts to provide more organic, unique and quality content on the websites in urge to attract more traffic and quality audiences on the websites. No doubt, the SEO journey will go far with many new seo trends and techniques will be part of it. If you have any query realted to this changing trends of SEO article then please share with us in comment section.

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