How To Use Pinterest For Lead Generation

Confused about how to use Pinterest for lead generation. In this post, I am going to share how to use Pinterest for leads generation and increasing sales. At present, Pinterest is attracting more buyers than any other social media site. It is confirmed by approximately 72% of interest users that the site inspires them to make their purchase decisions. Empowered with more than 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest provides a rather new and most effective platform to generate leads and increase the company’s sales.

Pinterest is a kind of modern-day magazine or scrapbook that avails you various interesting things and make you aware of recent changes. If properly used and utilized, this platform can be a goldmine to the websites and business, you just need to know the best SEO practices with Pinterest, such as how you connect with the target market, how to present your product effectively and how to get repins, likes and shares with a pin.

In this article, we are going to learn some basics about Pinterest methods to support the leads generation and sales enhancement.

How to use Pinterest for lead generation

Pinterest For Leads Generation and Increasing Sales Methods

1. Coupons

Coupons are Pinterest hot favorites. The psychological influence of the words like, free or discount really works well in order to attract the consumers. The popular coupons are store coupons, online coupons, and group coupons. They can be combined with the natural visual on a social site and create a buzz.

They are easy to set up, can be run directly through the company website, and if you use the third party coupon application, you are further supported by various marketing tools like email database and real-time coupon campaign analysis. The pinning and repinning of coupons are the passion of many dedicated Pinterest users. For the best results, you need to make sure that your coupon pin links directly go to your website offer landing page.

2. Pinterest SEO

Some Pinterest SEO tricks are here

  1. You need to work smartly to optimize your company username. The username is limited to 15 characters so try your best to fit your company name or its shortcut version in it.
  2. While you are setting up your Pinterest company’s account, clearly explain the essential and interesting info about the company in its “About” section. It gives your users and potential client and overview of products, services, and policies of the company.
  3. It is an ideal practice to use the pinboard names that include your keywords and give the nice reflection of your keywords. It can be easily seen various leading sites’ Pinterest pages. They tend to present many different Pinboard products for their products.
  4. While the ultimate objective of your entire Pinterest practice is to drive the maximum traffic towards the company website for more queries and deals, you must have to include the links back to your website. The links should be necessarily included in each product pin that you post and also, your profile should have your website name contained in it.
  5. As the next trick, one can use the hashtags in their pin descriptions. Just similar to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and some other social media sites, Pinterest also accepts the hashtags. For impressive outcomes, you can easily include one or more hashtags with your pins.
  6. Though you have added some hashtags to your pin description, now you have to add some words to it for what you aimed to be searched for. This is called the pin description. With Pinterest, you are facilitated to use maximum 500 characters to comment on your pins. This limit can be effectively used for creating a more enticing image of your pin and will make it easily searched by using the keywords.

3. Rich pins

Pinterest cares about the requirements of its users and consistently adds the better functions to support your business marketing. The latest major functionality attraction of Pinterest is Rich Pins. With rich pins, you are enabled to add more detailed information about your pins and it can be automatically updated in the terms of prices, availability, the movie reviews /box office collections and also the ingredients of a recipe. At present, the three types of rich pins are highly visible on Pinterest: Product pins, Recipe Pins, and movie Pins.

4. Contests

An amazing and interesting method to get connected with the potential clients generate loads of repins, shares and likes. A properly generated contest buzzes the excitement. Just like similar to coupons, the contests also can be hosted on a company website in order to attract a higher traffic. Still, you have an option of launching it directly from Pinterest.

Here you need to follow some regulations also.

Now, get some tips for creating a great contest and getting the best out of your Pinterest practices:

  1. The Pinterest contest should be easy to enter and participate.
  2. A great visual appeal is also a must.
  3. If it is mobile friendly, it can give you better results.
  4. You need to promote your contest through the other sites such as Facebook, Twitter and also your own.

Pinterest promotion strategy

5. Cross promote

Cross promotion technique is very effective Pinterest promotion strategy, no matter what you are selling or promoting. There are mainly two ways for cross-promotion of your pins and pages:

  1. Pin its button: Actually, it is a business feature by Pinterest which you may have definitely seen on many sites and pages. You can easily set them just by going to the Pin it Button site on Pinterest and following by completing the information. Now add the pin it an image, submit URL and built it. Simple to do!
    Paste the code for the pin it a widget onto the company website For better outcomes, the Pin It Button is being placed beside all your product pins on your site. While someone likes your products, with this button, he or she facilitates sharing it on Pinterest. This is an intelligent way to get a good number of interested consumers without paying any cost for it.
  2. Pinterest Tab: A Pinterest tab is used to be added to the Facebook page of the company’s website. With this feature, you are empowered to see all the Pinterest boards in the most convenient way like they have appeared on your Pinterest account. In this way, your Pins can be easily be shared with your Facebook followers and the company’s website users. With it, your fans of the different social sites are easily motivated to follow you on the Pinterest also. With it, you can simply get more views, likes, shares and ultimately the great traffic.

Well, these all are the methods to use Pinterest for leads generation and increasing sales.If you have any suggestions then share with us.

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