How Social Media Is Changing Communication

How Social media is changing communication ?

Ever afford to notice the contact details of a manufacturer from whom you buy a product. The address, with the phone number and email address, are usually given so that given you have any query, concern or feedback; you can contact the manufacturer. This detail; more specifically address and phone number were more of important to mention before social media came into the picture.

The practice was used by brands as the best practices to maintain a holistic brand value among targeted audience. But despite that very few consumers would actually report any concern; mainly because it used to take a lot of effort and time to manually reach out to brands.

This created a communication gap between audience and brands – though brands were least impacted since in the absence of any proper feedback directly from consumers in real-time; they never thought it’s crucial to value the end user feedback.

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But today there are a lot of ways you can directly reach out to brands, and make your feedback heard. Besides communicating a brand using websites, email address; you can reach out to them in real time using social media. Good brands understand that they need to have a social presence to communicate, impress, inspire their brand value to their audience. So, social media is playing a grand role in ensuring a decisive audience communication. But how social media is influencing people and how it is helping shape a new world revolution in terms of communication? We take a study –

Brands are using social media campaign to connect with an audience in real time. These days the use of a hashtag, social media campaigns on Facebook, image uploading on Instagram and other important things are doing a great role in ensuring a perfectly decisive role in helping the brand reach out to audiences.

social media campaign

a social media campaign

Even government organizations are actively using social media to communicate with their people. Take an example of Indian railway minister. He is actively using Twitter to connect, collaborate and help passengers in distress – from helping them ensuring safe travel to making passengers effortlessly reach the source to destination to helping them feel at ease in the trains – he is using Twitter to connect with a passenger like a great leader.

Like the railway minister, other ministers and even a set of different institutions and govt machinery are actively using Twitter to serve their role as change agents. This has made the information revolution so practical – a great thing for a democracy!

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Coming to brands, who are using social media for a profit  is also understanding the role in connecting with their audiences in real time. Unlike the traditional type of communicating with audiences, they are creating an improved variety of campaigns to reach out to the audiences. For example; they are coming out with themed events and promotional campaigns to create a sense of brand awareness.

The brand awareness in social media can be helpful in the fact that – if a brand connects with their audiences socially, a set of clustered audience believe that the brand is caring and that it is helping them. If a brand remains passive while communicating with their audiences, audiences necessarily disrespect it thinking that they are not valued. So, being not heard by a brand despite being asked to creates a sense of ignorance in the mind of consumers and thereby they are likely to switch away to other brands. This is called loyalty change. So, being active in social media is important. If you are not very active, your audiences are sure to get lured by your competitors so it has become importantly vital for brands to understand that social media acts as an instrument.

Other than creating a sense of brand awareness and loyalty, social media helps brands get heard. Nowadays brands can change their marketing campaigns and they can test its output in advance by applying the ad on social media. So, by getting an understanding of how things work online, they can actually understand how a traditional ad could do offline. Since social media is free to use, applying brand value online and testing ad campaign online helps them the pricey offline campaigns.

So, social media is helping brands connect with their audience in real time thereby ensuring an improved brand value, audience awareness and money saving measures. But how to ensure great audience development on social media when the social ecosystem is evolving and that it is posting a set of improved risks?

There are some of the improved ways to think about it. Before working in the realm of social media, you need to ensure that you understand your audience. Before kick starting with your social media campaign, you need to work with a set of improved stuff, such as understanding what works online, and how to ensure quick feedback.

These are some of the ways you use social media to improve your brand value online. But before using a social media campaign to actually understand how things work in the online ecosystem, you need to work around the key deciders; such as practical research.

Social media is helping brands improve their awareness, but before you work around some of the improved measures; you need to ensure that brand values are aptly described and that your audiences are in the aware and that how things are working. Social media is the core of marketing for brands.

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Today brands are taking the assistance of social media to effortlessly reach out to their audiences. The brand values are getting a hiked because brands are replying to the questions of their valued customers in real-time whereas if you are a consumer and if your queries are being answered in real-time, you are becoming addicted to the brand value. Social media has helped develop an improved scenario in which people are becoming connected to a global world. The article covers how social media is helping brands improve their brand value. If you have any query or suggestions to improve the article, please tell us

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