5 Steps for Improving Your Social Media Strategy

Social media has been a virtual battleground for businesses and ideas for almost a decade now. Social media heroes have risen and fell, but only the adaptable have survived and will continue to thrive and gain traction in the future. In the absence of adaptability, your social media strategy becomes stagnated like water and soon begins to get infested with reducing responses from visitors. You can save yourself all the trouble of starting from point zero by constantly adapting to the changing social media trends and methods and thus continue being a part of the game.

You can consider adaptability as the first and the center of your digital marketing strategies with the help of Pinnacle Internet Marketing. However, ‘adaptability’ being an umbrella term, we would like to share some vital social media tips that constitute the core of this adaptability.

These methods have been used for a couple of years by various businesses on popular social media and have yielded results. So even if you are skeptical that they may not work for you, take it from us, they will certainly add to the constant flow of traffic to your social media page.

Social Media Strategy

So here we go with the five steps that can improve your social media strategy.

5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Strategy

1) Add SEO To Infographics

SEO is a constant process. The relevant keywords keep changing and morphing from time to time, and only a dedicated SEO guy can help you keep up with it. Adding SEO to infographics is a much better hook that can attract more and more people to your website. While the SEO keywords show up in search results, attractive, unique and impressive graphics will act as a magnet to attract people’s interest in your posts. This will eventually lead them down to other posts once they have associated high-quality graphics/info-graphics with the overall quality of your social media profile. This also improves your credibility that you know your stuff and you are in the constant stream of trending social media information.

2) Linking Social Media to Blog

Cross-linking might be one of the most common internet marketing strategies, but it is only a repeated emphasis that will do justice to the importance to this method. If you have a blog and if you want to use it as the introductory content to get more traffic to your website, the best possible way other than a good SEO strategy is to link it up with a blog. You do this, by posting an introductory post on your social media page or a 140 character intro on Twitter with a sensible amount of click-bait thrown in there. This improves your chances of improving your traffic by numbers to your blog.

3) Rejig Your Old Content

Don’t consider your old content as a mere outdated block of text lying somewhere in the corner of your website, gathering dust. If the content was good, is still good enough and is not characterized by the time when it was posted (posted during some festival, hashtag trend or another such event), you can re-use the content and let it work for you after several months.

With an attractive Infographic on your social media page tagged along with some eye-catching introductory lines, you can easily redirect people to your web-page that has got the content. You can also add social media links to other social media platforms such as Instagram or the less conventional ones to the end of the blog, where you can state that you are discussing the issue further. This creates a feedback loop with more and more people paying heed to your overall internet presence.

4) Incentives to Visitors

Let us not rule out that your visitors may have this ‘what does it have in there for me’ attitude, and as natural it is, we need to offer them incentives that satisfy this feeling. You can offer them some sort of incentives such as the one with more number of shares and comments will have their name shared on the bi-weekly favorite visitor/client on the website or the social media profile. This gives an intimate and personal touch to your social media strategy and makes it look more personal rather than a rigid planning game based on numbers and metrics. When people know that you do care, they are likely to reciprocate positively.

5) Carry On With The Trends

Adding trending hashtags to your social media profile is not anything new. However, twisting the hashtag in favor of your social media strategy is a craft that not many know about. For example, you can use any given trending hashtag and use it in a completely different context that resonates with your social media campaign. However, always make sure that you are not using socially or politically sensitive hashtags. This can severely backfire on your entire internet marketing strategy.

These five steps for improving your social media strategy are less generic and more specific. Many other such social media strategies that can generate visitor traffic to your pages, however, you can consider the ones listed above as the appetizers to the main course.

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Here is one honorable mention though:

You can also focus on content sharing with your subscribers or regular visitors. You can share with them interesting factoids about your industry/niche, success stories, events and other such bits of information. Not all will show interest from the go, but at least four out ten will associate high value with your social media presence.

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