Does Amazon Accept PayPal Credit?

Can you pay with Paypal on Amazon? Recognized as the world’s biggest online marketplace and hub of capitalism, Amazon is the well-known site that trusts their customers by the million as well as transactions by the billion.

It is found that PayPal is too an internationally recognized company consisting of millions of customers and consist of millions of businesses and retailers.

Many people have confusion that does amazon accept PayPal or does Amazon take PayPal Credit. Also, read Online Payment alternatives to PayPal.

does amazon accept PayPal

Why does Amazon not work with Paypal?

The combination of Amazon PayPal together to work or not is a doubt. When someone asks can you use PayPal on Amazon, the answer is you cannot use directly.

But, you can pay Amazon with PayPal using Amazon gift cards and VISA gift cards, and several other options. Also, there are lots of services to buy the e-gift cards.

So you can clear the answer on does Amazon uses PayPal because there are many indirect ways to use PayPal to purchase products available on Amazon.

The reason why Amazon does not accept PayPal credit, comprising of the credit line allotted to the Debit MasterCard, PP Bus, and Customer Service is interesting.

There is no alternative card available like PayPal credit-only card which you can link o your prevailing PayPal credit line. Thus, Amazon would surely accept as well as process the transaction, in indirect ways, in form of credit, not debit. Don’t miss the Payoneer India Review.

Why doesn’t Amazon accept PayPal?

Amazon is acknowledged as a well-known online store and marketplace. Also, PayPal is identified as one of the biggest online payment platforms in the world. As Amazon does not approve PayPal directly, people often ask can you pay with PayPal on Amazon.

The question of how to use PayPal on Amazon is the curiosity among many people. The answer to why it does not accept PayPal traces back to PayPal’s origins. It is known that PayPal was initially presented during 1998 and it became a share of eBay in 2002. After that, it stayed as a part of eBay until the year 2014 when it was actually spun off into its personal entity.

Also, for a majority of the time, every profit gained from PayPal benefited eBay, known as a direct competitor to Amazon. Though becoming independent of eBay, the service of Amazon still does not accepts PayPal as a payment methodology. Also, read another interesting article Mobile Wallets for Cashless Transactions.

The other reason is that Amazon executes its own payment platform named as Amazon Pay. The platform is identical to PayPal; however, it has a narrow scope. It is primarily utilized for Amazon purchases and yet it is accessible external to the ecosystem, but not widely accepted. You may also like best payment gateway providers in India.

can you use PayPal on Amazon

Can I buy from Amazon and pay with PayPal?

The combination of PayPal amazon for the matter of paying PayPal credit on Amazon is important to know. It is true that Amazon does not professionally recognize PayPal payments, but there are still many ways available to use any PayPal balance that you may already have available on the Amazon website.

The fact is you can use PayPal on Amazon with the help of a PayPal debit card, PayPal gift card, or by a third party vendor to purchase Amazon gift cards. Moreover, you can purchase Amazon gift cards initially with the help of PayPal and after that, you may use the particular gift-card to get your products present on Amazon.

The process of using PayPal on Amazon is easy.

Can you pay with PayPal on Amazon?

The answer on how to pay with PayPal on Amazon is a curiosity of many people. It is known that Amazon approves PayPal credits through the below ways:

Make use of gift cards

PayPal sells out a wide range of gift cards which you could easily pay with the help of the platform itself. Out of many card types, one of them is the Amazon gift card. Now you can proceed to pay for it with the help of PayPal and then you may use it on the Amazon website directly. It is found that there are hundreds of card types accessible like Best Buy, Apple, Uber, GameStop, Airbnb, Applebee’s, and many others. For example, you can get the Amazon gift card in different amounts like $25, $50 or $100 amounts, just pay by PayPal credits and spend on Amazon.

Purchase gift cards from third-party vendors

You need not to purchase a gift card from PayPal directly if you do not wish to. Now Amazon accepts PayPal through gift cards purchased from third-party vendors. You can avail them from websites which specialize in this matter. It is often found that they sell them for an affordable price or even present special offers and discounts while buying cards.

The names of websites that provide gift cards are Gyft and eGifter. These websites function to buy many gift cards from prominent stores and then sells them to you. The option provides flexibility to pay the PayPal credits anytime and anywhere.

Use a PayPal debit card

Out of many ways available to pay PayPal credit on Amazon, this one is also a reliable way. The PayPal debit card is named as PayPal Access and it functions similar to other cards. Operated by Mastercard, the card is known to be usable at any place that accepts Mastercard. There is no hassle as there are millions of outlets present all over the world, including Amazon.

To pay PayPal credit, this card encompasses certain costly fees but considered a reliable way to pay for Amazon purchases with the help of PayPal credits. You need to apply for the card and after it arrives, you can just add it to the Amazon account, in form of a payment method.

It is known that as the number is offered by Mastercard, there are no issues in Amazon to accept it. This way is considered as a good way to expend your PayPal credits on Amazon products whenever you are already paid using this platform.


The discussion above mostly clears your confusion on can you pay with PayPal on Amazon. This is not possible directly, because of the reasons discussed, but the methods shown above helps to make it possible.

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