15 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC To Run iOS Apps (2023 Updated List)

Looking for iOS Emulator for Windows PC/iPhone emulators to run iOS apps on PC/Laptop. Let me guide you with some of the best iOS emulators for PC.

First, let’s start with the Introduction of best iOS Emulator for Windows PC(7/8/10). If you are an iOS app lover but don’t have an iPhone or iPod?

Don’t worry you can use all apps using the iPhone Emulator for PC. Most likely Apple App store has a huge collection of iOS applications and games. Without a doubt, it is additionally genuine that not everybody has an iPhone or iPad to run the applications made exceptionally for iOS devices.

If you are the one who strives to know about best iOS emulators for Windows to run iOS apps then you are at right place. You may also like Best windows emulator for mac.

The iPhone emulator for Windows PC permits the windows system the installation and running of any of the iOS app or game within it.

Thus the process to run iOS apps on windows can be simplified. Now users can effortlessly access different iOS apps as well as games on their Windows PC similar to the way they run on different Apple devices.

By use of the best iOS emulator, you can test or run the apps in order to debug them or during the process of developing them. Also, Read Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones.

Now, people are often discussing which is the best iOS emulator for Windows PC which can be used to run iOS apps on window computers.

In this article, I am going to share with you some updated and best iOS emulator for window computers that come free of cost and has the capability to support every version of Windows Vista operating systems(7/8/8.1/10).

What is iOS Emulator For PC?

An iOS emulator for PC is a kind of electronic program that permits one computer system to perform like a diverse system named as ‘guest’ and can operate the apps and software of the guest system inside it.

Best iOS Emulator proves to be very valuable when you wish to run iOS apps right on your windows system without requiring having expensive iPhone through using iPhone Emulators.

These best iOS emulators are precisely intended for developers for testing apps and similar other programs. You can alternatively define it as the virtual machines that sustain the operation of apps that belong to some other operating system and function them perfectly.

How To Run iOS Apps on Windows (iPhone and iPod Apps)?

There are some of the best iOS Emulator for PC that is extremely fast and competent to run iOS apps with utmost simplicity. You only require installing an iPhone emulator for Window or for iPhone or for iPod, and then you could enjoy your preferred iOS app over them.

Difference between iOS Emulator For Windows and Simulator

An iOS emulator for windows(7/8/10) has the target of seeking the position of the real mobile device. This iOS emulator replicates every characteristic of the behavior of the original device, including hardware and software both. Moreover, it simulates all of the hardware which is used by the real device, permitting the similar app to run on it in an original manner.

On the other hand, a Simulator prepares up an indistinguishable secure condition to the first genuine real-life device’s operating system. Be that as it may, it really does not effort to simulate any real device’s equipment. Hence, the things that you would watch are the OS as well as the interface of the particular device that you wish to use.

It is important to note that you would not experience every issue which the hardware may create. There are few apps which might execute differently and this is the major cause of why simulators actually are not so reliable.

Advantage of using an iOS Emulator

An iPhone emulator for PC or iPod presents lots of advantages, which contains:

  • It is free to use.
  • It provides you with SDK as well as the release of a new IOS.
  • The process of installation is easy.
  • There is no need for high- tech systems or process.
  • The pace of programming is comparatively faster.
  • It is helpful during the development process meant for testing the apps.
  • It can effortlessly run on multiple devices that are running on the similar IOS.

15 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC(All version- 7/8/10)

  1. Smartface

Smartface is recognized as an iPhone emulator for window PC and tester that support you to develop cross-platform native iOS apps seamlessly. This is essentially a full-featured enterprise mobility management platform that cuts cost, upturns output, eliminates dependence and delivers strategic mobility solutions in less time.

The iOS emulator has the capability to provide full debugging options for iOS apps that will, in turn, help the app developer flexibility to operate with it and make new apps. The prominent features of Smartface are that it provides plugins support to extend its apps contains the library of javascript, and has solitary javascript codebase.

It is found that this iOS emulator works finest when you are searching to have an experience of an iPad, iPhone, and iPod and their native apps directly on Windows PC system.

For download click here

Best iphone emulator for pc

  1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio is known as an iPhone simulator for Windows PC as well as an emulator for iOS which operates for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS systems on windows. It is known that its apps are developed on HTML 5 hybrid app model with help of PhoneGap/Cordova open source framework. It has a capability to easily build native iOS apps as well as it can be used anywhere for any attuned device.

As it is an iOS emulator for Windows PC operating system, you can use it to form status notifications on the desktop, share app and web app links through email, app imprinting with custom icons, organize your app to run on iPhone and iPad, check status of your iOS app with the AppCenter progress view and download the app installation file automatically on system on accomplishment of a project.

This iOS emulator enables you to learn how to play iOS games on window PC so you can run all iOS games and applications free on the windows system.

The present tool is depended on a cross-platform concept to execute iOS apps directly on Windows PC. It is basically a Windows-based tool used for making cross-platform mobile apps meant for the iOS as well as for Android platforms.

For download click here

  1. iPadian Emulator

iPadian is an iOS emulator for window PC that has the identical GUI as of an iPad hence when you use it you will receive the same experience of using a real iPad on your windows computer. Through this, you can avail admittance to the app store as well as you can download apps flawlessly. In case, if you previously have apps pre-installed then iPadian will let you get benefits of them on your windows system too. It is known that iPadian is accessible in both free as well as paid version, and it is noted that the free version is too good to be implemented for any iOS games or apps.

This iOS emulator is well-known for attractive GUI, app compatibility, rich displays and the selection to download apps from the iOS app store creates it the most recommended and freely accessible ios emulators in this list. What’s more, as by simply clicking on the screen you get access to the buttons and the touchscreen instantly.

This one is considered as the finest emulator for your Windows-based PC, permitting you to execute the iOS apps on PC with excellent processing speed. Moreover, the emulator is extremely famous and owns positive user ratings along with decent download rates

For download click here

  1. Appetize.io

Appetize.io is another pronounced online iPhone emulator for window PC that facilitates you to operate iOS apps as well as Android apps on a Windows PC. Compatible to run Android and iOS apps, Appetize.io emulator is a recommended tool for testing apps, provided you are the developer.

This iOS emulator has many valuable features for users in-store through its free live iOS demo that can be retrieved to have a comprehensive appearance into the iPhone models (i.e. 4/5/6) with Google Nexus 5 as well. It is identified that the price of this emulator is free for an initial 100 minutes every month and then begins from $0.05 charge per minute.

Appetize is also an excellent online iOS emulator functioning in an identical way as the offline emulator. It is found that the finest aspect of this emulator is it is free which would support Adobe AIR framework. After you have launched the software, you would require clicking over the Upload option located on the homepage to begin the process of emulating iOS apps inside your Windows system.

For download click here

  1. AIR iPhone Emulator

AIR iPhone Emulator is one of the best iOS Emulator which available for window PC. AIR iPhone Emulator is essentially an Adobe AIR application that offers iPhone’s GUI and facilitates you to run iOS apps directly on it. It is known that this is the best iPhone emulator for window PC developed to imitate the graphical user interface of mobile. It is known that to run Air iPhone you would require the AIR framework for the application to the program.

Though this emulator is not a completely functional application, you will note a change in running apps in it as compared to the real device. AIR iPhone Emulator is freely available and it is compatible with Windows PC, android mac, and iPhone.

Air iPhone Emulator is gradually becoming favorite emulator among users, due to its simplicity as well as user-friendly interface. Basically, it is an Adobe AIR application which can reproduce the iPhone’s GUI within your PC. For its running, you only require the AIR framework.

For download click here

  1. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is another one of the best iOS Emulator for window PC which is a Google Chrome extension that functions in google chrome on Cloud operating system.

This emulator offers numerous noteworthy features that serve you an experience of Siri without buying an expensive iPad. Users are allowed to create your personal apps in few seconds, implement it as the screen saver, run and link to your favorite web services using just one click.   Noteworthy features include: you can get Siri without an iPad, you can access everything on the cloud, accessibility to form your cloud desktop with your chosen iPad apps and launch unlimited pages of apps. There is also a notable feature to easily search apps with the help of search and browse page.

best ios emulator for windows

  1. iPhone Simulator

Out of all the best iOS emulators for window PC, iPhone Simulator is the one that offers you iPhone interface before owning an actual iPhone, resembling its third generation. Its interface is such that you can try out default applications presented along with standard iPhone. Users have noted that it comes with excellent graphics quality and it allows you test iPhone’s features such as you can use notepad, clock, calculator, and iOS system preferences.

Using this iOS emulator, you can test drive underdeveloped apps to identify which are the principal issues in it. As buying the iPhone directs you to a key financial decision, you can use this as a virtual iPhone for windows system on your desktop.

iPhone simulator is dedicated to those users who require making a virtual iPhone directly on their desktop just in few minutes. The outcome is users would get chance to watch the real iPhone directly on their desktop. Moreover, users could access default apps including clock, notepad, calculator etc.

For download click here

  1. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is known to be another useful and best iOS emulator for Windows PC that offers the user-friendly interface and advanced support for the efficient running of iOS apps. You only require downloading and then directly installing this iOS emulator on your Windows operating system is that you can run iOS apps. Users have noted that every apps and game will be able to operate seamlessly on your windows system without any intermission. It is known that Xamarin Testflight is the principal approach to beta test your Xamarin.iOS apps and it is accessible to users only through the iTunes Connect. This Xamarian iOS emulator comes at a starting price of $25 per month and it is found to be compatible with mac, windows, iPhone, iPad, etc.

For download click here

how to play ios games on pc

  1. App.io Emulator

App.io is useful and best iPhone emulator for window PC obtainable to run iOS apps on a windows computer. It is found that its interface is very easy and allows you run different apps; all you require to do is upload the iOS.appi bundle or Android .apk file on it and later operate it. Users have noted that it is very simple to sync your iOS app pack through the App.io and later you can simply stream apps to any of your cloud storage device from mac, windows, tablet, to Android.  It is known that App.io provides you the feel and the look of an Apple device on free basis along with the similar appearance, keyboard interface, menus and much more.

App.io is regarded as one of the simple apps which are extremely simple to navigate. There is no requirement of custom code. All you need is to sync the iOS app pack of your with the App.io. Later, you can effortlessly stream the apps through the help of the App.io to any cloud storage device of yours from Windows PC, Tablet, Mac, to Android.

For download click here

  1. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Now you need not worry about how to play iOS games on window PC as Nintendo 3DS iOS Emulator is the excellent gaming console produced by Nintendo which was released in the year 2010. In the same year, this iOS emulator received the great response from iOS users all over the world.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator is known to facilitate all users to play this games which have great resolution and its excellent 3D graphic can play in your windows system. It is noted that this emulator is capable of running 3D effect games without requiring any accessories or 3D systems. This is included in the category that allows you to play all Nintendo 3DS games without any bugs in Windows PC.

Now you can load/access essential windows applications such as iOS emulators remotely from anywhere on any device(PC/Android/iOS) with a hosted virtual desktop from CloudDesktopOnline. For hosted SharePoint and other hosted software products visit Apps4Rent today!

Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC (Emulator To Run iOS Apps)


12. iMame Emulator

13.  Remoted iOS Emulator

14. iDOS Emulator For Window PC

15. Electric Mobile Studio Emulator


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This is all about the iPhone emulator or the best iOS emulator for PC. Many iOS emulators for window PC today come free of cost and has the capability to support every version of windows vista operating systems and advanced versions(7/8/8.1/10). Therefore if you are facing any issues with acquiring an iPhone or iPad and still you want to indulge yourself on iOS apps than these listed emulators are the finest substitutes for your requirements. If you know more iPhone emulator for PC then share with us.

iOS Emulator For Window PC: Readers FAQ

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