Download Hotspot Shield VPN 7.15.1 For PC Windows 10. 8 and 7

Hotspot Shield VPN is recognized as the virtual private network which is trusted by the Windows users to access their preferred websites. There will be utmost security regarding their data transactions for unknown browsing, streaming, and process of downloading. Once the hotspot shield download is completed, you just need to set up Hotspot Shield Premium and receive unlimited data and server changes. Hence, you would receive your preferred content wherever you go.

The hotspot shield for pc is considered as versatile internet security and privacy solution. It works excellently to protect the user from the online threats but it even protects your privacy. Moreover, it allows you to easily access any blocked websites and/or content. A virtual private network (VPN) will be set up between your device and the corresponding Internet gateway. It works as a hidden tunnel to avoid hackers, snoopers, and ISP‘s from continuously spying on different activities.

These include instant messages, web browsing activities, credit card details, downloads, or something else you broadcast over the network. The free download hotspot shield will serve you with many benefits.

Hotspot Shield VPN 7.15.1

Hotspot Shield VPN 7.15.1Hotspot Shield VPN 7.15.1

Hotspot shield VPN features and benefits

Implementation of the VPN technology allows the user to send encrypted data on the unencrypted networks. The hotspot shield for pc offers you with secure and private web browsing. When compared to a web proxy, this technology presents excellent security and privacy online. In the entire world, the Hotspot Shield VPN is a reliable VPN with more than 500 million downloads. For different devices like Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, etc. this app is supported. Once you complete the download hotspot shield for pc, you would get internet privacy, malware protection, security, gain access to the blocked websites and many more.

There are many benefits of the Hotspot Shield VPN. These benefits are useful for the hotspot shield free download for windows 7 and hotspot shield free download for windows 8. Below section would highlight these benefits:

Unknown surfing

Due to the security and privacy concerns, you might wish to anonymously browse the web. The Hotspot Shield Free VPN generates an encrypted tunnel amongst your PC and servers. This will allow you perform some online activities like visiting the websites you want, perform online transactions, the process of file download, and many more.

Unblock websites

This VPN based app is used to unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the library, or your office. It is possible to bypass filters and firewalls that are set by your network administrator in order to avail access to your preferred content.

Hide your IP address

In present times, the Internet consists of snoopers, hackers, and spammers. They may secretly monitor your online activities and also rob your sensitive data. These include credit card information and passwords. After you download hotspot shield and connect it with Hotspot Shield enabled, it is easy to acquire a latest US IP address. This would mask your IP address and surf the Internet secretly.

Outstanding Wi-Fi security

Whenever you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot to browse the Internet, anybody present on that network could easily monitor and scout on your web activities. Regardless of the place you make a connection from, a personal VPN works to secure your web browsing session. Moreover, it would keep your private data more private.

Offers malware protection

The Hotspot Shield VPN would instantly inform you whenever you visit sites which may contain malware. After you are informed, it would block the site. This application is able to identify and block over 3.5 million phishing and spam sites from damaging your device.

Hotspot shield VPN technical details

The technical details about the hotspot shield for pc are shown in below table:

App Download Version 7.15.1
Last Updated On February 28, 2019
App by AnchorFree, Inc.
File Name HotspotShield-7.15.1-plain-773-plain.exe
File Size 18.42MB
OS Requirements Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit


License Freeware
Languages Multiple languages

Hotspot shield VPN 7.15.1 free download latest version for pc

The latest version of the hotspot shield free download is available from the below link. To get the hotspot shield for pc or to get the hotspot shield free download for windows 10, the below link will work without any problems.


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Now you can get the desired content online without worrying about the online threats. The hotspot shield for pc is useful to serve you with excellent data protection and security.

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