How To Download An Embedded Video From Any Website

Confused about download an embedded video then let me guide you with a solution to download an embedded video. You can find videos almost everywhere – website, webpage, forum, etc.

There are certain videos that are ad-ridden trash; however, few videos are good enough to watch.

Many times it happens that you wish to download embedded video from any website. You may also like how to download Scribd documents for free.

It is found that the embedded videos are actually self-hosted and they are created into the web page. They are unique from the linked videos which are frequently hosted on the platform of YouTube or several other video platforms.

Later, embedded videos are built into a webpage through an iFrame or link. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that embedding is only feasible if you utilize a fast web host, and it fails to work excellently on shared hosting. Also, read how to download Kik on your PC.

If you are thinking about how to download embedded video, it should be kept in mind that the range of different web technologies, as well as video formats, implies that every method does not work in every situation.

Whenever you are confused about download embedded videos or ways to save video from the website then read below sections:

How to save a video from a website

How to save a video from a website?

The present section on how to save a video from a website will guide you thoroughly on this matter. It should be kept in mind that the videos are either uploaded to a website directly or they are actually embedded. In this regards, embedding implies that there is something available on one website; however, the same is not from that specific website. You can understand it as borrowing in easy language. Alternatively, you may consider that people can view videos on a site; however, that video either relates to a different source or to different sites.

Therefore, whenever you view an embedded video available on a particular site, you may feel to download it for the idea discussed above.

However, you may not the method to download embedded video online.

It must be kept in mind that there is no one perfect way for an embedded video download from a website because the videos are updated as well as embedded through many different methods as well as ways. This is because of the availability of different technologies. Let’s look at the below methods to download video from any website:

Download An Embedded Video With A Browser Extension

It is known that the easiest method to download an embedded file is by using a particular browser extension. If you wish to have download embedded video chrome or on any other browser, look at the below-described methods that work:


Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader is recognized as a Firefox add-on that works to add a tiny arrow to the window of a browser. The process to download an embedded video with this method is simple. Whenever that arrow becomes blue, you would see an embedded video on the page which the extension would download for you. You need to click on the arrow, choose the video and finally, download it. It is found that the addon functions well on multiple websites; therefore, it is recommended if you use the Firefox browser.

Video DownloaderHelper

Video DownloaderHelper

If you are confused about how to download videos from any website then Video downloadHelper is a useful extension. It comes with Firefox and Chrome compatibility. Similar to the Flash Video Downloader, this extension would include an icon to the browser bar which would alter the color whenever it identifies the presence of videos on the page it can function with. You need to click on the icon, choose the video and then download. This extension is capable to work with a majority of the websites.

Download Embedded Video on Android

If you are not a Chrome or Firefox user, you need not to worry about how to download embedded video firefox. There are many useful online tools which could help you. You can consider them as websites with extraction tools contained within them and able to work with embedded videos.

Download Embedded Video On Mac

Many are Mac users and they usually get confused on how to download a video from a website. For them, iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac, or iTube Studio for Windows provides an easy and effective approach for video download.  There are many key features of iTube Studio that makes it useful. It can support for a video download from more than 1000+ video streaming websites and it comes with the maximum normal download speed of 3X. The inclusion of multi-batching technology will enable users to download multiple videos simultaneously.

Download An Embedded Video With An Online Tool

If you are looking to download any embedded video using an online tool then embedded video downloader like would help a lot. It can work with many well-known video websites like YouTube. Moreover, it works well on many other web pages with embedded video. You only need to get the URL of the page, then paste it inside the page and hit search. Consequently, the page would process and recognizes the video if it could and after that, it offers options for quality. Finally, you need to choose the quality you wish and then click Download.


To rip video from website, VideoGrabby works well. After you get over the garish yellow color shade scheme, the website functions well. You need to paste the page URL within the box and click on Go. It is known that the extractor will recognize the video if it could and then present you with quality options. Finally, you have to choose the desired quality and then download.

Use A Screen Grabber To Record Embedded Videos

If you are confused on how to rip a video from a website and if the previous methods fails to work (in the rare occasion) on a website, there is an option to use screen grabbing software for recording the video. This method works well.

Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is found to be one of the finest approaches to this. It needs to be installed and requires slight configuration. When you are into streaming then you would perhaps have a copy and so, you can use it to download the video. In case you do not have it, it is found that the download is modest and the process of installation is simple. In case OBS is not preferable, you can try for CamStudio, a free and easy-to-use program for streamers.

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These all are the methods to download embedded videos from any website. If you made it certain to rip video from a website, keep in mind to make use of protection in the form of a VPN and then carefully choose your video source. All the discussed methods to download embedded videos work well and seamlessly for you to download embedded videos on Android and Mac as well.

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