20 Mobile Wallets for Cashless Transactions in India

Today, we are going to discuss some best and Top Mobile Wallets for Cashless Transactions in IndiaThere is a huge discussion going throughout India just on one single topic that is about the cashless transaction. You can see many articles, videos and news coverage on this particular subject as well because India has taken some forcible step towards the cashless transaction.

Although this is one of the greatest decision of Indian Prime Minister to remove black money and to take India towards cash economy. This decision has created lots of troubles for Indians and particularly for ordinary people. This demonetization decision caused a huge debate throughout India from Nov8 2016, and it is going on.

Simply, after the demonetization process of notes, people are facing a hell lot of problems due to the ban of Old Currency Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes and also due to the insufficient new currency. Government and Indian Prime Minister has taken many steps to control it, but this daunting problem has caused more troubles for ordinary people.

As the problem is to rise, Prime Minister and government are taking some beneficiary plans to improve the cashless transaction in India, and they are offering some benefits for cashless transaction users mainly to take India towards a cashless economy.

People are also not having enough options to opt because there is no hard cash available to them. So the easy and main option for them is to transfer money through their mobile wallet. As people don’t have enough new currency to purchase their necessities they often trying digital wallets and mobile wallets to fulfill their needs.

Here comes the biggest problem most of the people don’t know what is the best mobile wallet? And Trusted mobile wallet services. So I have listed exactly that on this list, I have listed top 20 mobile wallets for cashless transactions in India.

This list is taken by three main factors those are security, easy to use, customer satisfaction. These three are crucial factors, so I have created this list according to those factors. The other best part of these mobile wallets is you can send and receive money through these wallets and along with that you can also pay the bill, shop online, book travel tickets, etc.

Now, let’s dive into the top 20 mobile wallets for cashless transactions in India.

Mobile Wallets for Cashless Transactions

20 Best Mobile Wallets for a cashless transaction in India

Here comes the list of top 20 mobile wallets readily available in India. Before going into this list always do remember many cyber threats are happening nowadays you can see most of the people falling into the traps of cyber hackers.

So, to avoid those never share your information with others and also never share your details on phone calls even if you get a call from banks or wallets services because banks and mobile wallet services never call to your mobiles and never ask for any information.

Let’s jump into the list

  1. Paytm Mobile Wallet

I bet you will hear this word Paytm because it is one of the best and largest mobile wallets in India. This Paytm has over 70 million users right, and it will reach 100 million marks soon.

After the demonization process Paytm has been a business-friendly mobile wallet for many businesses this includes the medium scale to small-scale business as well.

You can see Paytm cash accepted boards throughout India and mostly in cities all businesses are doing this including hotels, shops, grocery business, etc.

Paytm growth has enormously increased after the demonetization process, and the proof of that growth is its reach. It has reached 40 to 50 million orders every day.

This Wallet stays ahead from the other mobile wallets because this is the first mobile wallet which has received the license from the Reserve Bank of India.

You can do a lot of transactions on Paytm let’s see them:

  • People can quickly send and receive money to anyone by either entering their number or if it is business purpose then you do transaction by scanning their barcode.
  • You can easily shop millions of products which are available online.
  • Mobile recharges are done easily through PayTM.
  • You can make bill payments for DTH, Electricity, Broadband, Post Paid bills, Landline, gas, and more.
  • Easily book tickets for the flight, bus, train, flight, car, hotel, etc.
  • Paytm cash is accepted in buying almost all products from online.
  • This wallet also offers debit cards, saving accounts, online banking transfers, etc.

Paytm is used by millions of people because of its cash back option and also because of its deals you can find cash back on almost all transaction which is done by PayTM. Not only that PayTM is easy to use and it has a user-friendly interface.

  1. Mobikwik

Mobikwik is another mobile wallet which is slowly increasing its customers throughout India. This mobile wallet is just like the Paytm you can do all type of transaction with this wallet.

You can easily pay your bills for postpaid bills, water, gas, broadband, DTH, etc. Mobikwik is giving some best deals to improve their mobile wallet users, and it also contracts with the major sites so that you can get some quality discounts on those sites if you pay through the mobikwik wallet.

This mobile wallet also has more than 35 million users, and it is improving day by day. This wallet is easy to use and it has an excellent user-friendly interface.

Although this wallet is easy to do payments and other things, this isn’t preferred by most of the users to pay and receive money yet.

  1. SBI Buddy

SBI buddy is one of the smartest apps which is brought to you by India’s largest bank that is state bank of India.

It is the first mobile wallet of the State Bank of India, with this app you can easily do all things you like to do such as send money, paying bills, mobile recharge, buy tickets, e-commerce shopping, receiving money, etc.

The best thing about this app is, it comes with 13 different languages so that it can help all people who don’t know English.

This App is pretty handy and secured app because it has top-notch SBI based security and due to the advancements of security, it is charging 3% + service tax to fund transfer for any band account.

If you like to secure your transaction then this app is one of the best apps for you to make secure payments.

  1. ICICI Pockets

ICICI Pockets is one of the most efficient and smart VISA powered mobile wallets. You can easily do, Recharges, pay bills, send money and do more with this amazing ICICI Pockets App.

This app is an instant app which is useful to send and receive money in just one tap, and it is one of the most secured mobile wallets presently available. This ICICI pocket helps you to shop with over 60,000 merchants, and this list is increasing day by day.

You can easily download ICICI pocket and instantly create your wallet. This app is available everywhere you can easily open a saving account from your ICICI pockets app. You can even book and apply for a free pocket card; there are lots of advantages in getting this app.

A Person can deposit Rs 20,000 on their wallet daily, and there is a maximum limit of Rs 2000 per transaction.

  1. Free Charge

The free charge is a slowly evolving online mobile wallet in India. This company has stepped ahead after the demonetization process to gain a strong boost for their businesses.

This free charge is one of the best fastest mobile recharge apps which allows customers lots of deals and offers. But coming to the bill payments and other this company is a little bit slower, and it also causes few glitches in the transaction process.

The feature which got a decent reputation to free charge is its virtual master card from the yes bank this card allows you to shop at any e-commerce store and online store. This company is newly developing the money payment options, but most of its users don’t yet use them.

  1. Lime Mobile Wallet

Lime is one of the fresh mobile wallet apps which is brought to you by Axis bank. This app is a recent app which helps you to manage your money on mobile devices.

This app has advanced security measures to protect the customers’ information and apart from that, you can easily make payments just in a couple of clicks.

The lime app helps you to compare and shop along with that you can track your spending expenses. This is a new age digital app to pay quickly and manage money wisely from your mobile devices.

To use this app, you don’t need to have axis bank account you can use any banks and along with that this app allows Rs 10,000 every month for non-axis bank users. If you are an Axis Bank user, then you can deposit up to Rs 100,000.

  1. Airtel Money

Airtel Money is used by the number of users throughout India to do their recharge, bill payments, ticket booking and more.

Although Airtel money isn’t a complete mobile wallet, it has some best features to be one of the best mobile wallets.

This App doesn’t allow cash withdrawals and other redemption for the customers apart from that this app can be used to do recharges and also to make instant money transfers for all your contacts.

It can be used for online shopping, bill payments and other necessary aspects such as train ticket book, broadband services etc.

This is an excellent app with reasons support, but the main discomfort of this app is its usability. It isn’t that great than other mobile wallets.

  1. Vodafone M-Pesa

Vodafone M-Pesa is one of the largest cashout networks in India. This M-Pesa has more than 85,000 M-Pesa agents across India. This useful service lets you transfer money to anyone. Along with that you can also pay your postpaid Vodafone bills and recharge to all your prepaid numbers.

By the help of this app, you can shop online and pay your utility bills. This Vodafone M-Pesa has an inbuilt IMPS transfer which helps you to transfer money instantly, but it will take charges according to that amount.

  1. Citi MasterPass

Citi MasterPass is a mobile and digital wallet launched throughout India. It is brought to you by a Citi bank and master card.

This Citi Masterpass has all the features to help customers. You can transfer and receive money easily through this app. This app is having large e-commerce merchants with them. You can shop with over 250,000 e-commerce sites online, and it is the perfect mobile wallet for travelers.

  1. Oxigen Mobile Wallet

The oxigen mobile wallet is RBI approved mobile wallet which is having advanced security on its mobile payments. It is one of the safest and secured mobile wallets and also this wallet has more than 1 million outlets across India for money transaction itself.

This app money transfer has recently reached a constant 40 million mark transactions every month. It is one of the India’s first non-banking wallet system for instant fund transfers.

You can easily request for pending payment, or you can send advanced amounts along with that you can send money to any bank accounts. It doesn’t matter which bank it is you can send to all banks from this mobile wallet.

  1. Chillr

Chillr is a mobile wallet which is used to send money in a couple of seconds. It is one of the fastest apps which is having the capability to send money in a matter of seconds to your phone book contacts. You don’t have to know their account number, IFSC Code or you don’t have to wait for any the OTP SMS.

You can send money in a couple of seconds, but the problem with this app is it is only available for HDFC bank and a bank of Baroda customers.

This app lets you send and receive money only if you registered to Net banking or mobile banking.

  1. Jio Money

Jio money is the new and growing mobile wallet in India. This app has tied up with more than 50,000 e-commerce sites in India.

This app helps you to send an instant money transfer, online bill payments and e-commerce shopping and more.

Jio money offers two types of accounts that are basic account and advanced account. The primary account is having a maximum transaction limit of Rs 10000 per month. The advanced account is having a maximum limit of Rs 100,000 per month.

As the Jio mobile network, this mobile wallet also doesn’t charge any transaction fees. This is the smart app which is perfect for online transaction and payments.

  1. Citrus pay

Citrus pay is India’s best payment stack which is used for instant payments for all kind of businesses. This citrus pay offers wallet to its customers along with the solution to the businesses.

It is a simple payment option for business which is having a strong base of 800 million customers. It is one of the slickest mobile wallet apps with lots of benefits for business.

  1. PhonePe wallet

PhonePe wallet is one of the mobile wallets which is increasing it reach day by day after the demonetization process. The Flipkart launches it, and this app has a unique feature.

That feature is fetching details as soon as you enter the phone number. You can also pay bills, shop online and do many things with this wallet.

  1. Ola Money

Ola money is a mobile wallet for hassle-free cashless payments in India. You can use this app to shop online and book hotel, food, cabs and much more.

This app is an easy app with fastest and safest payments you can pay to all type of services with just one click payment.

But the problem with this app is you can’t send or receive money to your bank accounts. To be frank, if you are regular Ola cab users then it is best or else you don’t have to use this app.

  1. Ezetap

Ezetap is a digital payment solution which offers various business owners solutions, and it accepts card payments via all the electronic devices.

It allows all the transaction through different modes of payments like a credit card, debit card, UPI and a mobile wallet app, etc. It is moreover a merchant oriented mobile wallet.

  1. Mswipe

Mswipe is a digital wallet which is mainly used by the businesses it is not for regular users, but you are the business owner then you can make use of this Mswipe digital wallet.

It accepts all types of credit and debit card payments. You can see most popular merchants using these apps such as HDFC life, Bajaj Allianz, etc.

  1. Novopay

Novopay is mostly like the other mobile wallets, and you can send and receive money with this Novo pay. It is not having many exciting features, but it is useful in paying bills shopping and e-commerce payments.

  1. mRUPEE

mRUPEE is another wallet where you can send and receive money through your smartphones. There is a transaction fee for every transaction you do on this app, and also you can add up to 10 beneficiaries to your account.


JUSPAY is one of the payment browsers which is having 650+ transaction per day. JUSPAY offers payments quickly with the cards it only takes two clicks. It is best for the businesses.

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These are the Top 20 Mobile Wallets for Cashless Transactions in India. If you strive to use mobile wallets then these are the best and top-notch apps presently available.

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