How To Download Music From Youtube to iPhone

Today, we are going to share how to download music from YouTube to iPhone. If you are a music lover or an audiophile, YouTube must be the most played app on your iPhone. There are thousands and millions of great music videos up on YouTube that we would like to play on a loop. But it is kind of irritating to play them in a video format, and you always wish that music as an mp3 file on your iPhone, right?

Well, it is not easy to convert a music video file from YouTube to mp3; especially if you are an iPhone user. You can do this easily with the help of any other converter app from your iPhone, but lately, there exists a great YouTube mp3 converter app for iPhone which can make your conversion even better.

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If you just Google it, you can find lots of websites promising you the perfect conversion of YouTube videos you are looking for. But they might not be a perfect choice, and most of the time these websites do not work very well. So, why rely on something so fragile when you can actually have a killer way to do it on your own? And if you are seeking for the answer ‘how to download music from youtube to iPhone’– here we have illustrated it for you. Have a look.

YouTube to MP3 iPhone Converter App

How To Convert YouTube Files To Mp3 for iPhone

There are various ways to do this tough job on your iPhone. Here, we are going to talk about some of the best apps to do this job and how to do it with the help of these apps. So, let us have a look.

Download Music From YouTube To iPhone Converter App

1. MyMP3 YouTube MP3 Converter

This is one of the most highly recommended apps to convert any YouTube music file to Mp3 on your iPhone. You can easily find this app on the iOS play store and download it without any hassle. And not only that, this app will let you share these mp3 files as an instant message or through email. So, how can you do it? It is quite easy.

Step 1 – First download this MyMp3 YouTube MP3 Converter on your iPhone from Play store or from an external link. Install the app on your phone and open the app.

Step 2 – Copy the link to the YouTube video you want to download on your iPhone.

Step 3 – Now paste the copied link of YouTube in the search bar of the app and click the little search button glowing beside.

Step 4 – After you have hit the click button, you will have the mp4 file converted from YouTube file to mp3 file. You can choose from the different options and download it on your iPhone.

MyMP3 YouTube MP3 Converter App

2. ‘File Converter’ Free

In the second place, there comes the app named File Converter Free. It is another great app to convert YouTube music files from mp4 format to mp3 format to be supported on your iPhone. Highly rated and downloaded for over a thousand times, this app is one of the most reliable apps to download your desired music files. How to do it? Let us have a look.

Step 1 – Just download this app on your iPhone from an external source.

Step 2 – Once it has been installed, open it, and you will see options to convert your YouTube files easily.

Step 3 – Now, you can copy the link to those YouTube videos that you want to be downloaded as an mp3 file. And paste the link in the right box of the app File Converter Free.

Step 4 – You will get an mp3 file of different quality, and you can choose any one of them to download on your iPhone.

And not only mp3 files, but this Free Converter file app is also one of the best if you are considering to convert anything. From documents to audios and videos, this app can convert anything. And once converted, this app keeps track of it so that you can find the converted file easily on this app.

‘File Converter’ Free App

3. Cloud Video

Another best app to convert your favorite YouTube music as an mp3 on your iPhone! Cloud Video is one of the best and the most searched app on Play Store right now. So, here we are going to prescribe how you can do it.

Step 1 – Just download the app from the Play Store on your iPhone.

Step 2 – After that, you just have to copy the link to your desired YouTube video and paste it into the Cloud Video app.

Step 3 – After you have copied the link, you need to press the download video you can see right at the bottom of this app.

Step 4 – Now, that it has been downloaded, you have to click the ‘Save to the memory’ and hit the mp3 converter link to make it compressed to an mp3 file.

This app is easy to use and perhaps the most used app as a YouTube converter.

Cloud Video Converter iPhone App

Download Music From Youtube to iPhone

4. Softorina

This can be called the gem of YouTube song converter one can ever use. Although this app is a little complicated to use but once you download it, you will understand the process slowly. Here we have listed the steps.

Step 1 – Just download the app Softorina YouTube Converter from any external source on your iPhone.

Step 2 – You cannot use it directly from your iPhone itself. You have to connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC via USB.

Step 3 – Once it has been connected to your PC or your Mac via USB, copy the video link you want to download.

Step 4 – After copying the link, you will have a pop-up button flashing at the bottom of this converter. Just hit the button ‘Convert YouTube to iPhone’, and you will have your video converted to mp3 on your iPhone.

Softorino YouTube Converter for iPhone

5. Free Make Video

And if you are not going to opt for any of the above apps, you can surely try this hassle-free app to have a seamless experience in converting mp4 to mp3 on your iPhone. Here’s what you have to do.

Step 1 – First you have to download Freemake Video Downloader on your iPhone. You can download this app from any external sources.

Step 2 – And once it has been installed in your phone, all you have to do is to add the YouTube link of the video that you want to be converted as an mp3 file on your iPhone.

Step 3 – After copying the link on your iPhone, you just have to hit the button ‘convert and download’. Now you can download it easily on your phone without any problem.

This app has a user-friendly interface, and it is also the most easily used app on your iPhone. So, if you do not want to deal with complicated YouTube converter, you can easily download this app and have your files converted.

Free Video Downloader App

6. Free Music Download

This app might have a little-complicated process, but it is one of the most reliable apps to convert your YouTube song to mp3 files on your iPhone.

At first, you have to download this app on your iPhone. Once it is downloaded on your phone, you need to process the YouTube app first. After running the app, you can choose the YouTube video you want to download on your iPhone. Now, you have to add this copied link in your app and download the converted mp3 file for free. It is easy to access and reliable too.

7. Video to audio converter free

Another great and easy to use app you can use on your iPhone. You just have to download it on your iPhone from play store, and it will be ready to use.

At first, you have to download and install the app from any internal or external source on your iPhone. Once it is downloaded on your iPhone, you just have to select the web browser and browse YouTube. Select the YouTube video you want to download on your iPhone and hit the button ‘Video to audio’. And once you hit this button, your audio will be downloaded in your iPhone and you just have to save it to the memory.

Video to audio converter free iPhone App

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Truth to be told, there exist thousands of websites and apps that can convert any YouTube music video to mp3 file easily. However, the apps mentioned above can do this fine job seamlessly, and you will not have to be annoyed by any unnecessary apps or pop up apps.

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