10 Smart Ways To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

Do you want to get famous? There’s an easy way out. Showcase your talent, wrapped up in a beautiful video and upload it on YouTube.

All you have to do is to wait, and millions of likes and views will keep pouring into your channel. But if it is this easy, how come not everybody on YouTube is not famous? Because most of the people often forget to take a little bridge and that bridge is ‘marketing.’

Without proper marketing, your YouTube channel videos will be just another post in the crowd of so many videos.

So, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to promote your videos. Now the question comes, how to promote YouTube Channel? There are many simple methods without spamming everyone’s news feed. Let’s follow.

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How To Promote A YouTube Video & Get More Traffic & Views

YouTube video promotion does not have an easy way out. And if you are fighting for getting more and more views, it needs lots of hard works. So, before answering how to promote YouTube video, it is important to know where to promote YouTube Videos.

Where To Promote YouTube Videos

Where To Promote YouTube Videos?

All Social Media should be included! If you do not have an account, you should first open an account on other Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are some of the leading Social Medias from where you can get your views.

So, first reach out to a great number of followers on other Social Media and start promoting your YouTube videos over there.

How To Promote YouTube Videos?

  • Add descriptive and rich keywords.
  • Use tags and post it on other Social Media where you have a great number of followers.
  • Try to catch out the viral content as a subject of your video. It could be educational or anything else.
  • Use Autoplay for your videos.
  • Work harder on your end screen.
  • Use hashtags.

And the last thing to remember is to be patient. You cannot have millions of followers just in one day; you have to build that up brick by brick.

However, for a better help, we are going to explain many other killer ways for YouTube video promotion that will drive higher traffic. Keep following.

Ways To Promote YouTube Videos

10 Killer Ways To Promote YouTube Videos For Higher Traffic

And if you want to create more traffic for your YouTube video, that cannot be achieved from the mere promotion. You have to go beyond and dig deeper for such purpose.

Here are 10 ways to promote your Youtube videos for better traffic. Have a look.

1: Video Title

Just like any other blogs, videos, too need a good title. Without a great title, your videos might not go famous. The titles of your video are one of the major factors whether it will be wildly seen or not. So, how to get a perfect video title? Let us keep up with the following suggestions.

  • Keep them short and add current year.
  • Include keywords and use power words such as ‘best,’ ‘fantastic’ etc.
  • Capitalize your title.
  • Try to add some emotionally triggered words as well.

Let’s say your keyword is Hindi moral story then here are the best example hindi moral story.

2: Video Tags

Lots of people sabotage their videos by using incorrect tags. Video tags are the organic promotional factor. However, the tagging systems of YouTube videos are slightly different than general blogs. Have a look.

  • Use your unique brand name tag in all videos.
  • Find tags used by other high ranked YouTubers and use those.
  • Include the main keywords.

3: Custom Thumbnails

A good custom-made thumbnail stands out of the crowd and easily attracts the attention of the people. Depending on your thumbnail image, your videos can come to the surface of other’s ‘suggested videos’ feed as well. All you have to do is to add a 16:9 ratio image of 2mb size.

4: Focus on branding

It is important to introduce your channel as a brand. And there’s no better way to do it than in the introductory part of your videos. It should not be more than 3 to 6 seconds and add something similar at the end of your videos as well. YouTube intro and outro are one of the greatest ways to drive more traffic.

5: Share videos on Social Media

As I have said earlier, promoting your YouTube videos on other Social Media can help in driving higher traffics easily. It will create a community niche outside your YouTube channel, and it will attract the attention of the viewers too. You can use a tool like Buffer to schedule your YouTube videos to get shared on different Social Media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc.

6: Start a blog on your YouTube channel

If you are planning to be full-time YouTuber, you should not miss the opportunity a blog as a support for your YouTube channel too. You can easily create a blog using WordPress.

If not WordPress, you can use other platforms such as Tumblr, Blogspot, etc. If you are doing any educational videos, you can create blogs related to such topics, stuffed with other information. It will promote your Youtube videos even more.

7: Create a playlist

When you are done uploading your video on your channel, add it to any other existing playlist, or you can create your own playlist as well. Include your main keyword and create a playlist. It will not only create higher traffic, but it will also bring in more views as well.

8: Ask people

At the end of the video, you have to ask people to like, share and comment on your videos. It will not only promote your brand name, but it can actually drive people to like and subscribe to your channel. Most of the famous YouTubers take advantage of this little call for action system.

9: Interview influencer of your niche

It might not have a direct influence on your YouTube promotion, but it surely driver higher traffic. Interviewing an influencer gives you an opportunity to get liked by a certain community niche which in turn brings in more views to your videos. Also, you will be noticed by other industries too.

10: Never Stop learning

Do not just create and post videos but learn from YouTube as well. YouTube is one of the fastest changing platforms, and if you do not keep you up, you might be left behind in the competition. YouTube has many tips and tricks under the creator’s academy, never miss out those.

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YouTube promotion is a vast ocean, and the above ways are some drops of it. But once you are famous, no one can stop you from undoing it. Just follow the above 10 ways and get more and more traffics every day.

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