Top 7 Payment Gateway Service Providers in India

Top Payment Gateway Service Providers in India

If you want to set up your online businesses in India, you certainly need to use the best payment gateway for an easy and effortless transaction. With a staggering number of so many service provider now available in India, and some serving Indian customers from abroad, it is very tough today to choose an ideal service provider that can cater to your custom requirements yet offer you the services at an affordable price.

With this article, we will cover the points which you as a small or medium-sized business looking to start off online sales need to understand.

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What is payment gateway?

What is a great payment gateway system?

Top features of a good payment gateway system in India

How to choose a good payment gateway in India?

Challenges of a good payment gateway system

List of top payment gateway systems in India


For the smooth and effortless functioning of an online store, it is very important that your web store and e-commerce website has a payment gateway system installed. It easily processes your payment and sends it to the third party. It authenticates and secures your payment processing tasks. Without an automated and easy to use and properly devised payment gateway system, you cannot make and earn sales, let alone improving your process. This article covers some of the important points regarding payment gateway in India. Read.

What is payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce application service provider that authenticates credit card or other types of electronic payments. It facilitates the transfer of monetary information between a payment portal and the front end processor or bank. Without a payment gateway, you cannot authenticate the payment. In other words, a payment gateway maintains the role of the middleman – between the payment generating authority and payment making authority.

What is a great payment gateway system?

There is diverse feedback from different consumers as to what is a great payment gateway. The competition in the field is massive, so every company claims to be the best. So, as a consumer, you need to be choosy. Some are equipped with some features whereas others are not; whereas others have some features that some lack So, it is extremely difficult to say which payment gateway is just great. Still, if you want to consider the features, you can zero in on the monthly fees, transaction fees, countries they operate, currencies they work with, card types they facilitate, transaction limit they have, whether they entertain on-form payments, whether they have recurring billing and do they support mobile payment etc. If your service provider has all these features and even more, which we will cover, you can trust it and it can be termed as a good, if not a great payment gateway service provider.

Top features of a good payment gateway system in India

A good payment gateway system ensures that its customers let its users make payments using its source with ease. In other words, a good payment gateway integration allows your company to offer your customers a good experience when it comes to making payments with confidence. Whether it is a payment made using a credit card, debit card, electronic check; the payment system should be easy and simple enough for anyone. A good payment gateway should securely carry out any amount of transaction for your users. Some of the features of a good payment gateway include the below-mentioned features.

Let us know some of the questions which you should learn.

10 Questions to ask before integrating your payment gateway

1. Is the payment gateway supported on your e-commerce platform?

2. Whichever e-commerce source you use to design, host, manage, maintain, customize, alter, modify, add, edit, include, support your content – be it WordPress, Magento, Shopify etc; you need to ensure your it has enough off the shelf plugin to host your payment gateway.

3. Do you want your customers to enter their payment details directly on your website?

4. Depends on your process and website integration. But for added security, you can let your customers enter their data in a secure ecosystem.

Other questions to ask:

5. Do you want a payment gateway and merchant account or an all in one service provider?

6. Would you want to have PayPal?

7. What are the fees?

8. Which are the contracts?

9. How reputed is your payment gateway service provider?

10. Does the payment gateway support the payment methods of your target market?

Other vital decides to consider while choosing a payment gateway service provider in India

1. Does it offer improved types of payment processing?

2. Does it have a good customer care team?

3. Does it have a fraud screening feature

4. Does it maintain a secured server for safely processing the payment?

5. Does it offer free add-on features?

6. Does it have speedy processing system?

A typical process of payment gateway system:

The payment gateway system processing is a tough task, it needs to be improved, and that it has to easily safeguard your customer’s data, Integrating an easy to use and safe payment gateway system is a time taking task, but if you are defined and ready to tackle up the challenges and easily integrates the system from a good service provider, you can easily manage the process.

best payment gateway in india

List of best 7 payment gateway service providers in India

1. InstaMojo

If you are a budding entrepreneur or freelancer with a specific amount of money earning capability month wise and that you sell digital e-books, music, videos, and tutorials, InstaMojo offers a great help for you. It is an Indian payment gateway company with an to provide seamless payment collection system at an attractive rate. It hosts your digital content and you can integrate the Buy button. By clicking that specific Buy, your customers can make a payment without having to leave your website. The company charges 1.9 % of the transaction. If you want to host your content on their website, they charge 5%. InstaMojo collects the amount on your behalf and sends the amount back to your bank account within 3 business days. InstaMojo does not charge any setup fee. InstaMojo is one of the fastest growing payment gateways.

Their pricing structure:

Pricing & Payouts

No setup fees and no surprises

Only 2.9% 1.9% of every successful transaction.

5% on digital products and we host them for you.

Payouts to your bank account in 3 business days.

2. PayUbiz

PayU India is a subsidiary of the global firm PayU. PayU has an active presence in different countries and is trusted by millions for its great features. It can process money with Visa, Debit Card, and other top rated cards accepted from different banks in India.

PayUbiz pricing chart:

Payment Mode Startup Plan Platinum Plan Comments
Debit Card 0.75 % 0.75 % 1% above  2000. RBI Mandated Pricing
Credit Card, Netbanking, PayUmoney, Wallets 2.95 % 2.25 % Visa Master
EMI, Amex, IVR, International Cards +0.75 % +0.75 % Over and above credit card pricing
Integration Fee  4,900/-  19,900/- One time fees

3. Citrus Pay

Citrus Pay is one of the well-known service providers from India that offer robust security features, world-class technology. They have an interesting commission fee. They claim to capture every payment and, therefore, have a good conversion rate. The company has been able to develop an edge for it in this competitive segment. Signing up with the company and subsequently installing the code on your website is very easy. Out of all the leading payment gateway systems, Citrus Pay is perhaps the most unique, and functionally superior compared to others; well, however, the rest of the services are also coming up with unique to features to compete with the company.

4. CCAvenue

CCAvenue is perhaps the biggest payment gateway service provider in India, with a total of 80% of e-commerce merchants use its platform to make and receive payments. The platform is popular for integrated set of features, it accepts currency of different countries, and another crucially vital benefit of it is that it offers multilingual check out page so that whoever you are, if you are a local shopper or a remote villager who has just started using e-commerce store, you can be immensely beneficial using it.

All MasterCard & Visa Credit Cards (Domestic)

7 Major bank’s EMI options

SBI / ICICI / HDFC / Axis / Kotak / IndusInd / HSBC

100+ Debit Cards

MasterCard / Visa / Maestro / RuPay

53+ Netbanking

4 Cash Cards

ITZCash / ICash / Oxicash / PayCash

5 Wallets

40 Plus banks IMPS

Different language support:

These are just some of the most popular features of the payment gateway. But their processing and commission charges are higher than others. But they say they are the best payment gateway service provider. Perhaps the popularity they have received is a testimony to it.

5. EBS Payment Gateway

Originally a company with France origin, EBS is a world leader when it comes to offering improved range of secured and popular payment processing system. They have different plans and have offices in different places in India. They charge a fairly normal fee, set up is paid and the annual maintenance charge is quite more than others. They have received mixed reviews from users, if you have ever used the payment gateway, please let us know your views.

6. PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal is a great idea, in fact, it revolutionized the entire concept of sending and receiving money during the dot-com revolution. For small businesses located anywhere in the world, PayPal is perhaps the best choice. It is easy, simple, and does not cost you a bank. Very simple to use and operate. The user interface and help guide are very simple, and anyone can set it up and start sending and receiving money without having to worry about anything. The robust security techniques, improved value additions, and feature make PayPal once of a great choice.

7. Another top payment gateway in India

The mentioned options are perhaps the most popular choices in India when it comes to a payment gateway. These are market leaders and have been helping Indians send and receive money with least hazards. Other than these, PayZippy etc is other choices which are gaining a foothold because of their improved features.

In addition to the above most popular payment gateways list, I also like to recommend the Payoneer payment gateway. This is also one of the best payment gateways.

Which payment gateway service should I choose? Can you recommend me?

See the number of payment gateway service providers are just scaling up. It is because of people’s use of Internet shopping and services has increased. These companies earn a lot of money depending on the number of sales they generate every day.

So, it is natural for you to expect them to lure you with improved features and discounts. As a consumer you are the king, so you have the scope to compare, choose and opt for the best service. When it comes to deciding which payment gateway you should choose, be defined by your core expectations. The service should support your e-commerce system, it should be according to the custom requirements of your audience, it should have a robust security feature.

Add to that, the payment gateway system needs to have a set of solid features. It should be simple to use. The payment processing charge, set up charge should be nominal.

So, you should choose a system that offers you an improved variety of custom features. Payment gateway service providers should offer you discounts and improved variety of benefits.

To learn more about payment gateway features, to opt for a payment gateway service provider, you need to be defined by your objectives.

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