40 Unique Ways To Make Money Online Fast and Free [Latest List]

Today, we are going to share some popular ways to make money online, fast and free Guide! This is 3000 plus words long article on how to make money online. A very lengthy article indeed, which will consume at least half an hour of your valued schedule if you are a fast reader and more if you are a slow reader. If you are looking to read short article populated with the traditional boring and quick tips to make money online fast and free, we recommend you to look elsewhere.

If you are dedicated to slowly but gradually improve your earning potential or make money online using valid, legal and easy process, you should read ours.

We have tried to be as much detailed as it requires, and clustered the tips in bold faces for your easy understanding. If you have liked reading our article and let us know about it in a comment, we will think our purpose to train and guide you in the process of monetizing your skills online has been fulfilled.

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easily and freely make money online

40 Free Unique Ways To Make Money Online Fast

  1. PTC websites
  2. GPT websites
  3. solving captcha
  4. doing surveys
  5. advertisement networks
  6. affiliate networks
  7. selling your skills on a freelance basis
  8. Virtual assistant
  9. Freelance writer
  10. Web designer
  11. SEO
  12. Youtube channel
  13. Make Money online by Sell products online
  14. Domain trader
  15. Website flipper
  16. Smartphone
  17. Photos online
  18. Selling old stuff on classified websites
  19. Make Money Blogging
  20. Teaching
  21. Writing ebooks
  22. Sell merchandise online
  23. Translator
  24. Lending voice
  25. Website tester
  26. Selling music
  27. Guest writer
  28. Online researcher
  29. News summary
  30. Sell old books
  31. Read emails
  32. Answer questions and give advice
  33. Write articles
  34. Tweet
  35. Renting
  36. peer-to-per landing
  37. Newsletter marketing
  38. Play games
  39. Mystery shopping
  40. Crypto Trading

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quick ways to make money online

Now, let’s summarize the points:

1. Earn money online from PTC websites

PTC websites offer you the scope to view, click advertisements and in return, they monetize your efforts. You can earn as low as $200 by becoming an active member of PTC websites. Most of the PTC websites are free. They charge from advertisers for featuring their advertisements and invite people from distant places to click the advertisements. It’s a great way to multiply your earning potential.

2. Earn money online from GPT websites

Another great way to improve your income online is to join GPT websites. These websites usually reward their registered members with a specific amount of money for doing a few activities such as taking small surveys, watching videos, playing games and engaging in work. These websites pay you on time using bank transfer, cheque, and Paypal. There are quite a few of those websites, but we recommend only a few because they never fail to pay on time. We will list them out in an upcoming article.

3. Earn money online by solving a captcha

If you are not afraid of reading the puzzled mix of evenly structured letters, characters and symbols for as long as you can, you can actually become a captcha solver and earn a good amount of money. There are websites which pay you to solve captcha; as much as $2 or even more per 1000 captcha you solve. Sounds a lot of work? It is, but then it pays!

4. Make money online doing surveys

You can earn money online by joining surveys which are being featured by companies. Depending on the type of survey and the level of an act required, the websites pay. Earning something between $1 to $20 per survey is not a big deal if you become a member of a credible survey website.

5. Earn money online from advertisement networks

You can join different ad networks such as Google’s Ad sense and start making money by placing their ads on your website. Every time a visitor clicks on those ads, Google pays you a penny. Earning a good amount of money is, however, a little time-consuming in this regard and you need to be specialized and the sources where you place the ads need to have a dedicated base of audience. Also, read Top CPM Ad networks for Blog to make money online

6. Earn money online using affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are a network of websites and blogs that promote each other’s products and services being defined and articulated about some rules. Earning money from affiliate marketing is easier but you need to be choosy and need to build a robust marketing plan around how to yield value out of the affiliates. Promoting wrong products can be negative for your brand. Also, read Most Popular Affiliate Program Sites for Small and Medium Sized Blogs and Affiliate marketing basics for beginners

7. Make money online by selling your skills on a freelance basis

There are a lot of ways you can earn money if you are skilled. You can freelance your skills and market yourself to potential people who can use your skills for their own benefit. For example; if you are a programmer and need to have your own business from home; without having to be bound by the corporate red tape, you can become a freelance programmer.

8. Make money online by becoming a virtual assistant

The world is a global village today, Thanks to the World Wide Web. You can virtually connect with anyone from anywhere and you can use the scope to earn money. If you are skilled, you can market your potentiality to people who need virtual service.

9. Make money online by becoming a freelance writer

If you can write good, you can become a freelance writer. The possibility to earn good amount of money as a freelance writer is immense. You, however, need to be decisive about choosing good clients.

10. Make money online by becoming a graphic or web designer

If you can design good, have a good portfolio you can actually become a good web designer who works online. You can sell your design ideas, make the logo, brochures, websites, templates etc., at a good cost. There is a huge demand in the market for skilled graphic and web designer.

11. Make money online by becoming an SEO

If you understand the online ecosystem, and know how to rank a website at the top of search engine results pages and have had a working history as a good search engine optimizer; you can start making your own money without having to be under anyone. Making money is simple. You may also like how to start your SEO business.

12. Make money online from Youtube channel

Youtube offers great scope to earn money. If you can make a great video which has a viral potential and gets viewed by many people; you can actually make some good amount of money from the advertisements feature on the video. There are specialized people who only do this activity and get paid quite well.

13. Earn money online by selling products online

Earn money by selling your product. If you can feature your product online and can attract a number of audiences, you can simply start earning a lot of money. Using and selling skills online is a great idea that you leverage.

14. Earn money online becoming a Domain trader

You can buy a custom domain for a price from web hosting service providers and then park them only to resell them when someone with the interest in the domain name wants to use it. You can earn some great money from the process.

15. Make money by flipping websites

Develop a great website, make it real great and then sell it on auction website such as Flippa. You can earn some great amount of money out of the website you designed when you sell it. Trade in stocks.

16. Earn money from your smartphone

You can use your smartphone to make some good money. Use it to install some applications and tools which pay you to use them. You even can earn money by doing some activities on those applications. That’s it. Simple to do, easy to use.

17. Make money by selling photos online

You can earn some good amount of money online if you can take good photos. There is a huge demand in the online eco-system for good photographers. If you can take great pictures, you can upload them on a picture and stock sites and earn money when someone buys or uploads your picture.

18. Earn money online by selling old stuff on classified websites

You can sell your old stuff on classified websites and earn money out of it. Selling products that you do not actually require can be someone else’s value. So, upload your unused or unwelcomed stuff online and start making money online.

19. Make money online by Blogging

Blogging has always been a very important tool to earn some great amount of money online. If you can develop a great blog, you can simply start making money out of it. You can display ads, write advertised posts, and promote a premium variety of content of affiliates to start earning online. Also, Read Steps to make money through blogging

20. Make money by Teaching online

Teaching is perhaps the safest and most credible opportunity you can leverage to start earning some great amount of money online. The demand for a teacher is paramount, and if you can join a great website that connects you with students, your earning potential can be multiplied.

21. Make money online by writing e-books

E-books offer you a great scope o earn some good amount of money online. You can write a great ebook around topics people most often search or, in other words, you can solve someone’s problems by writing specialized e-books and feature them on ebook websites. When people buy them you earn money. E-commerce websites also have their book division, where you can upload the ebooks to start earning money.

22. Earn money online Sell merchandise

If you are creative at heart, you can design your own merchandise and then sell these online. You can create a valued startup around the concept. Uploading your craft products and merchandises can be easy and one can earn money online.

23. Earn money online as a Translator

The whole world is connected today, of course with some differences. You can reduce the linguistic differences by becoming a translator. Specialized translators who are great at a language, can earn thousands of dollars.

24. Make money online by Lending voice

As a leading voice specialist, you can use your voice to earn money online. You can simply upload your voice samples on websites that entertain voice specialists. You can lend your voice to companies who need a voice for their artwork such as videos.

25. Earn money online as a Website tester

If you understand the website eco-system and have a grasp on ideas about what creates a great website, you can earn money by becoming a website tester. Advising and suggesting on measures to improve websites then yields your money.

26. Make money online selling music

Like music or are you a singer who never could make it big? You can still earn a lot of money by selling your music and giving the rights of the work to the buyer. There are music production companies who are always on the lookout of great music scholars, including those who never received a chance to showcase their talent worldwide.

27. Earn money as a Guest writer online

If you can write great articles, you can ask for guest post submission work. You can charge some great money by becoming a guest blogger and writer for specialized blogs. You, however, need to be an expert in the niche since top paying blogs who entertain guest bloggers only require the experts.

28. Earn money as an online researcher

If you can spend time doing research online, you can earn money from the skill. It involves doing work related to consumer preferences and understanding what is a most important thing to do for a brand to attract consumers.

29. Earn money online by writing news summary

Writing good summary can yield great earning. As a writer, you need to write news capsules. There are some improved variety of ways you can register yourself as a news summary writer and then earn money by writing news capsules or news.

30. Make money online by selling old books

You can sell old books you have already read on websites. The money you earn might be small, but if you have a large inventory of books which you need to sell, the earning potential is great.

31. Earn money online by reading emails

Read emails to start earning money. There are service providers who ask for readership for reading emails and in return, they credit some money back to the account.

32. Earn money online by answering questions and give advice

There are communities where ailing and needy people come, club and seek guidance. If you can solve their issues and can help them, you can earn money from the advice and answer questions. There are websites which pay you to become their expert guide. So, all you need to do is to find out those websites and help people and while doing so, earning some good amount of money.

33. Make money online by writing articles

If you can write really great content, such as articles, you can start monetizing the skills. There are companies and agencies who require expert writers to write content for their source websites.

34. Earn money online by Tweeting

If you are thinking it can earn you great money, you are not wrong, but then you will need to be an influencer. Big brands pay a lot of money to those who have a great fan base so that their message can travel places. But if you are new and yet to build a solid fan base, you can still earn some money using some sites that pay you to tweet, retweet.

35. Earn money online by renting Renting Product online

If you have a product which someone does not want to buy but wants to use for a specific time for a sum of money, you can earn money. By renting products online you can earn a steady flow of money.

36. Earn money online with peer-to-peer lending

Peer-to-peer lending means helping your like-minded people with funds when they need it. You can help someone with loans with an assurance of getting money back with interest.

37. Earn money online newsletter marketing

You can market a company’s newsletters to productively earn some good amount of bucks. The easiest method to earn some good money is to partner with brands that are important.

38. Earn money online by playing games

You can even earn money by playing online games. The sites that pay the money usually have a set of rules which users need to follow.

39. Make money online by mystery shopping

A new idea, mystery shopping involves going to places, ordering a product and then doing something such as writing product reviews for the service. The company then pays back by paying for the service.

40. Make Money Online By Crypto Trading

You will make money online by doing Crypto Trading these days. This is one of the popular and unique option to make money online these days. Just become a crypt trader and start making money through margin.


These are a few of the core ideas that you can do to make money online.If you liked the article and want to share more ideas on how to make money online, please write to us. If you have not, we still welcome your comments.

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