24 Small Business Ideas With Low Investment [Updated List]

A list of 24 Small Business Ideas with low investmentNobody is born with a wonderful business idea. A kid learns by imitating the elders, as a youth he questions and doubts the customs, as a grown up he starts developing a personalized and independent approach to living which then becomes his course of action for the rest of his life. Like the cycle of life, Large or small business ideas are not discovered; they are created, modified and matured aligned with cultures, society, consumer demands, resource procurement, and market scenario.

The key to successful entrepreneurship is working hard, learning to the bottom of knowledge, taking challenges, and then flying high – not so high that you lose your gear and ended up in a crash to never rise, but slowly, gradually – taking one single step at a time.

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The world today is a connected, free global village – where everyone is just a click away. The development of mobile technologies, the internet, computer and artificial intelligence have made is virtually very independent. So, even if you did not make-up to the expectations of your parents of becoming a doctor, engineer or least a public servant; you still can do quite well, sometimes earning more than the mentioned jobs, if you are agile, confident and realistic.

If you are resolved to live on your own, without any corporate barriers, free from office politics and devoid of any cyclic office hours; you are at luck. There are thousands of jobs or small business ideas with low investment which are ready for you. The best part? You can start them off right away without any huge investment. Our today’s article is dedicated to those entrepreneurs who are dreaming of doing something tomorrow but are lacking resources and guidance.

Read on and make a resolution to become a boss of your own by choosing any of these mentioned small business ideas with low investment, which you can join yet without being under of anyone.

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We wish you luck!

small business ideas with low investment

Top 24 Best Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

1. Personalized gift store

Gift industry is always in demand. If you are artistic, have quality ideas in mind to make people happy, start your own personalized gift store. You can start your own website or if you lack resources, you can join established e-commerce websites by uploading your portfolio.

2. Health club

Today everyone is busy in their own life commitments so much that they forget how to live well and maintain a healthy body. If you have specialized gym certificates or have had skills of making people feel healthier with workouts or other means such as diet courses; start your own health club is a good low investment business idea.

3. Event organizers

Events are always an in thing, they prevailed, they prevail and they will prevail. You can leverage on their demands by starting off your own event based company. To succeed, you, however, need manpower and special event organizing skills, which you can easily manage if you are resolved to succeed.This is one of the very popular low investment business ideas.

4. Interior designer

With the advancement of flat culture and demand in posh localities, supported by high net worth people, the popularity of interior designing is scaling high. If you love to decorate homes, know where to place what, and that if you are not bad at architect designing, this course is nice for you.

5. Kirana shop

 In English, you call it small grocery shop. This does not require any expertise. Just allocate a space, understand consumer preferences, and cater to the evolving demands of the market. That’s it. It has always worked in India and whoever ever started it never runs out of money, at least, the business promises average profit and a managed livelihood; of course, if you are not starting it up in a jungle.

6. Wedding planner

Matches are made in heaven, but you can help it materialize here. Becoming an expert matchmaker is not that tough. You can set up your website or just start off offline. If you are organizing the marriage of the wealthy folks, you can certainly earn much more.This low investment business idea is very popular in teenagers.

7. Tuition class

 Did you know the only profitable business in the world is actually education? Well, at least, a Hindi film has the dialogue and it stands value. If you are in the profession of teaching people, you always stay in demand.

8. Mobile shop

Everyone has a mobile today, well unless you live in the stone age. Their mobiles require doctors, by setting up a mobile store, you can easily cater to the evolving demands of those folks. The mobile shop investment is very classic if it is also supported by other things such as photocopying, photo printing etc.

9. Ice cream parlor

You can begin an ice cream parlor to attract people who have a likeliness for cold foods.

10. Bookbinding

Set up your photocopying, and bookbinding store near to any educational institutions and you can earn a lot.

11. Mobile food store

If you like food and have a penchant for making great foods, you can try this out or you can hire some people and manage the process. The mobile food store business is booming and the main audience they have is youth who like fast foods

12. Jeweler shop

Starting up a jeweler store is a great idea and it has always been popular. You can earn some good money if your store is strategically located.

13, Freelancer

If you write well, you can become a freelance copywriter. If you code well, you can become a freelance coder. If you can design, you become a freelance designer. The beauty of freelance business is that you can earn a lot of money while becoming your own boss.

14. Bookstore:

 You can start your bookstore and appeal the book worms.

15. Catering service

 If you have the manpower and want to help people manage the food part of any occasion, you can start your catering service business.

16. Computer trainer

 Although a bit outdated, but still if you have the basic knowledge in computer and internet surfing; you can start a training center. The most modern variant of the concept is to start an advanced computer training center. The basic stuff such as surfing and learning about word processor etc are today a kid’s game and everyone at a very early age can learn the basic at home.

17. Yoga teacher

Help people live stress-free. If you can yoga, let people do yoga. You can save someone’s life by helping them reduce tension.

18. Babysitting service

If you are women and want a home based business, you can tender a baby of the folks who are out of home for work.

19. Real estate consultant

 Help people buy, sell apartments and flats. The demand is always in high.

20. Game parlor

 Engage kids and youths by setting up a specialized game store.

21. Photographer

 If you like taking photos, you can become a photographer.

22. Motivational speaker

If you have skills to motivate people, become a motivational speaker.

23. Travel agency: 

Start your own travel agency.

24. Insurance advisor

Starting up a small insurance store and helping people solve their insurance questions is a good idea. People have money, what they want is to manage it.

Other than the mentioned small business ideas, there are many other low investment business ideas, you can also start a courier company, start a recruitment firm, security and spy agency, ad agency, fast food parlor, SEO consultant. That’s it for today folks. I hope you liked reading the article. If you have other small business ideas with low investment, do let us know in the comment section.

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Well, I’ve described creative and smart small business ideas with low investment, so, be self-independent, be your own boss, start a business of your own with low investment. Doing this liberates you from corporate.

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