Top 7 Profitable Ideas of Small Business With Low Investment

Today, we are going to share the best profitable ideas for small business with low investmentStarting a business with low investment is quite challenging for anyone. If you have a desire to earn money from a business. Then it is a great idea but do you have capital or funds or investments to start your own business?

Are you having enough funds to maintain your business, as you may already know that without investment we can’t start the business, but there is some business which you can start without investment, but they are not that effective than investment business?

When you are really having a desire to keep your own business and be your own boss then there is a lot to consider, but sometimes even after having a plan and team, we will not have money with them.

So the lack of money can be the worst experience for all who wanted to be entrepreneurs. Now, for those who are dreaming big and not having that budget to achieve their dream, here we will provide you some business ideas with small and minor investments.

Where you can earn money, and you can achieve your dreams, here are the business ideas with low investment.

List of 7 Profitable ideas of small business with low investment

1. Event Planning and event management:

Whenever we are thinking about small investments, then event planning will be a handy option, if you are a person who likes organizing parties and also having a hobby of going for some parties then this is the best business.

If you have unique ideas in your mind and you really enjoy parties then you can launch an event planning business.

By launching event planning business you can work on wedding, birthday, reunion, movie meets, audio launches and lots more. There are many opportunities in event planning.

All you have to do is showcase your inner abilities by planning an innovative thought and reach people who are interested in that plan. At the start of your business always start with a low capital and organize small parties and later move on.

Already many people used this event planning as an opportunity to make themselves as entrepreneurs and started startups as well.


Wizcraft world the best event management company in India.

ideas of small business with low investment

Marrily other startup company with low budget started by IIT Kanpur students.

 ideas of small business with low investment

2. Food Business:

It’s an evergreen business worldwide, and in countries like India, they were a hell lot of keepers who are already making money from their business.

For food business, you just have to find a good chef and if the food is rich in taste and quality then people will run to your business.

You may think that food business is a large scale business, but it’s not a large-scale business it just depends on your capital.

If you can’t manage chef and other cooking works then you can make a deal with some hotels and offer food by online delivery. It will not take that investment first start with small and increase them.

You can see many food-based startups in India with innovative ideas and they are already earning a lot from their startups.

Example: Food Panda online food order service.

 ideas of small business with low investment

3. Social media consultancy:

In this modern age, all are running through the advanced technologies and connectivity.  Social media has drastically changed lots of people life’s and now most of the time we just try to spend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There were a Hell of a lot of social media platforms, and depending upon the platforms, they are having their own craze of the audience.

Social media has become a marketplace for marketers and business, and this has become an opportunity to cover gaps between companies and people.

A business owner can’t manage each and every aspect of their business, so they often opt for social media consulting services.

And larger firms always try to hire an agency or full-time staff members to run their social media accounts.

Now, this has become a best and profitable business, because this doesn’t need massive investments all you need is social media reach and a website. Social media marketing has become the best business for lots of startups as you can see there are many startups already on social media platforms. Still, there is a lot of requirement for social media managers.

small business with low investment

4. Content writing:

The internet is made of content and each and every aspect we learn and we share on social media, and everything we do is simply content. Due to the growth in internet users and also in online business presence.

Freelance writing has been one of the best business in recent time, as there were the hell lot of opportunities over there on the internet.

So, you can start an online content writing portal, and you can make passive income from that as well. All you have to do is increase your reach and create an online portal just to showcase your abilities by maintaining your blog or website professionally.

online content writing portal

5. Ecommerce store:

If you have any products with you to sales or you can make any kind of goods which are smaller or bigger or any size it just doesn’t matter if you are having a product or anything to sell online then e-commerce store is the best.

If you are having any sort of interest in doing business effectively, then you can opt for e-commerce business. With small investments also we can keep e-commerce sites all you have to do is select the products which wanted to sell.

And then make a website and keep them for sale. E-commerce business is the best business ever, but here to drive best results and customer all you have to do is maintain the trust of your customers and make them return to your site by your kind offers and your quality.

Example: the Best example is Flipkart which was started with 4 lakhs by two brothers on their apartment and now it’s a million dollar company.


6. Online tutoring:

Do you have any sort skills, or are you passionate about any other hobbies like Banking? Web designing? Graphics designing? Etc.

If you know something that you can teach effectively, then you can keep an online and offline business on that aspect.

For suppose if you are having skills of search engine optimization, then you can teach others and earn money. You can make yourself as a startup of showcasing your talent and education to others. You can easily help others and increase your earning potential.

small business with low investment

7. Rental services:

Do you own any vehicle or property or house or building or some then you can rent them to other people, and you can earn money?

This is a rental services business where you can simply offer your rental services and timings and just make money by offering these services.

You can also find million dollars companies in this rental services. So, it’s the best business to earn money. If you have some capital, then you can keep extra vehicles or office and make it as your offline business as well.

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These are the few best business where you can make lots of money with small and low investments. If you have any other ideas, then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

We’d love to hear comments and conversations from our blog visitors.

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