Top 10 Best iPhone Tracking Apps 2024

Looking for phone tracking apps like GPS, Family Locator, Location tracker etc Let me help you with some of the best tracking apps. The iPhone series of Apple is considered one of the most effective smartphone series all over the world.

Before almost 10 years, the iPhone series was introduced. Various models of this series come with lots of appealing features. You may also like Android system webview app review.

With the assistance of iPhone tracking apps, you can easily get to know information regarding the device remotely. These Phone tracking apps work as cell phone tracker and let you track your cell phone uniquely.

Let’s get familiar with few of the best free tracking apps as well as paid tracking apps for iPhone:

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iPhone Tracking Apps?

It is a kind of tracking app that allows you to track details of your lost iPhone. Moreover, these apps allow you to track the iOS device of your dear one. These apps are useful to get details about the whereabouts of your children and verify whether they study at school or not.

The apps are commonly used by parents to check whether their children are secured or not.

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Majority of these apps offers check-in and check-out alerts, which helps you to track an individual’s location without requiring calling him/her. The major objective behind using these apps is to track your lost device. You can always show a message over the lock screen; however, with the assistance of iPhone tracking apps, you can attain the precise location of your lost iPhone. Also, read best free music download apps for android.

Let’s have a look at the 10 best tracking apps for iPhone in 2024:

Best 10 iPhone Tracking Apps For iOS Device 2024

1. Find My iPhone (and Find My Friends)

find my iPhone tracking app

The find my iPhone tracking app is the best tracking app if you do not wish to utilize any third-party free iPhone tracking apps. It is a kind of the native solution by Apple. In order to simplify the experience for users for discovering their smartphones, this app helps uniquely.

You just need to navigate to the iCloud settings of your device and then turn on Find my iPhone feature. During the instant when the device is lost, visit and choose -Find my iPhone. Doing this would help you to track the device on a real-time basis.

2. Glympse Tracking App

Glympse Tracking app

Whenever you are looking for a social alternative to share the location with your family and friends, it is recommended to try this Glympse Tracking app. With the help of this mobile phone tracker, you are able to make invite-only groups within this app to share locations through help of a single tap.

The app works to support global location sharing as well as automatic check-in alters. An advantage of using the app is it offers the precise location of your iPhone devices.

3. Family Locator App

Family Locator app

Family Locator is also a well-known solution to precisely track the real-time location of different family members. It is found that the basic features of this app are freely available, but it has some in-app purchases.

With this geo tracker, you can quickly share your location among family and friends. The app works to maintain a record of locations as well as routes for the last seven days. It comes with a built-in SOS alter as well as an emergency feature.

4. GPS Tracker App

GPS Tracker app

The mobile GPS tracker is essentially a lightweight, simple-to-use, and reliable iPhone tracking app which is freely available. The app operates in the background when consuming less battery power.  

You are allowed to locate the real-time location of any iPhone or observe the previous location’s records for previous 12 hours. The app works to support a permission-based GPS tracking and it is perfect to track information of your children, family members, friends, and employees.

5. Phone Tracker App

Phone Tracker is regarded as one of the best phone tracker app free on iOS devices. This app allows you to easily track the real-time location of a particular iOS device with the help of another iOS device.

With certain cheap in-app purchases, this app is freely available. You can easily follow the real-time based location of maximum 10 users. The app offers an extensive route along with a detailed map.

6. CocoSpy Cell Phone Tracker App

CocoSpy Cell Phone Tracker

The CocoSpy Cell Phone Tracker allows you to share your location in a quick and straightforward manner. With the help of GPS tracking, along with your friends or family members, you can create a group to utilize its features.

Moreover, it comes with Apple watch app as well as iMessage extension. For using the app, there is no need to sign-up. You can do real-time location sharing, and can share with any individual. The app functions globally, and can find friends and relatives at any location.

7. Simple Location Tracker App

Simple Location Tracker

Simple Location Tracker is capable to map the hotel, car, and other locations. If you forget the place you have parked the car, this app helps a lot.

Available for iPhone and iPad users, the app comes with navigation support of GPS map and hotel location tracker feature.

8. LocaToWeb Tracking App

finest iPhone GPS tracking apps

LocaToWeb is one of the finest iPhone GPS tracking apps that work in real time. Your friends and family can track you at a website:

The app shows the duration, distance, speed, and altitude. It comes with features like sharing the position to the web, display of exact position, image tracking, track some participants, live screen during tracking, etc.

9. InstaMapper GPS Tracking App

InstaMapper GPS tracking App

With the help of this iPhone tracking app, you are allowed to track and share the precise location with your friends and family.

This InstaMapper GPS tracking App is accomplished by sending them a link and whenever they use the link, tracking becomes easy in real-time. Moreover, there is no need to sign up.

10. MobiStealth iPhone Spy App

This MobiStealth Spy tracking app is found to be one of the most reliable apps for monitoring. It assists you to control the targeted device and for recording live talks.

The app works to monitors several apps like Viber or Whatsapp. Moreover, you can get to know contacts in a device. It comes at a price of $99.99.


Different iPhone tracking apps discussed above guarantees efficient tracking of location and other details. They allow easy sharing for effective tracking.

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