15 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android ,iOS and PC [Updated]

Nintendo 3DS emulator is in use these days. Day by day, it is found that the Nintendo 3DS Emulator has become very prevalent due to its high features as well as an enhanced user interface. Nintendo is one of the best 3DS emulators while comparing it with similar other emulators available like iPhone emulator for windows or Window Emulator for Mac.

This is because Nintendo emulator has attained excellent response from different users and it delivers excellent performance. If you are among those persons who consider that gameplay is more vital as compared to graphics, it is most probable that you will become a fan of this Nintendo 3ds old console. It would be great if you could run those old masterpieces on any Android or iOS device.

This is now made possible by the utilization of this New Nintendo 3DS emulator. It is a Nintendo emulator for Android but it also runs on Windows PC  and iOS.

It is found that the emulator is not so massive in size and it requires minimum resources because it uses minimum phone resources as well as battery.

The related apps 3DS for Android, iOS, and PC are designed to be supported on all the system as mentioned; hence, there is no need to stress about running it on only one system. Also, Read Best Movie Apps For iPhone or iPod

Choosing any of the Nintendo game available in the market currently assures finest results and owns a similar interface. However, the only aspect you will need to differentiate is the feature as per your needs. Basically, this emulator is recognized as a handheld portable gaming console which is developed by Nintendo RED.

Moreover, it allows the gamers to Play Nintendo 3DS games in order to get a stereoscopic 3D gaming effect excluding the need for any extra accessories or 3D glasses. Also, Read Best Apps To Root Your Android Phones

It is known that the play station vita from the Sony turned out to be the first competitor of this console. Presently, this 3DS console has become one of the finest and preferred handled gaming consoles among users. Users also found that the console could manage a huge list of games in absence of any issues.

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What is Nintendo 3DS Emulator?

The Nintendo 3DS emulator was released during late February 2011. It is considered as the latest version of the famous series of video gaming consoles which was designed by Nintendo through lots of conventional and recent interesting games with its root tracing back from the ’80s.

Features of Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, iOS, and PC

Nintendo 3DS emulator APK for Android, iOS, and PC comes with lots of features as described below:

Blazing fast speed

This 3DS emulator for PC encompasses an enhanced and quick version of resources manager making this program operate on PCs at lightning speed.

Easy customizing options available

The finest aspect of this 3DS emulator is that it offers complete control to its users in order that you can make custom profiles, modify the interface as well as accomplish several other things.

High-resolution graphics

In case you are concerned regarding the game resolutions then now no need to worry because the games on the 3DS emulator could be played at a high resolution too.

Quick and responsive tech support

It is found that the technical support provided is extremely responsive and it is available 24*7 for supporting you in any types of concerns faced with the 3DS emulators for PC.

Download Nintendo 3DS emulator for iOS

Prior to downloading the Nintendo 3DS emulator for the iOS, a person should make sure that the IOS version must be 9.0 or higher with the purpose to run the program.

Let’s have a look at steps for downloading Nintendo emulator for ios:

  • Initially, download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator APK file available for iOS
  • Now after you download the Emulator file, focus on installing the file by simply double-clicking on it.
  • Now go to the Settings app and select General > Profiles or General > Device Management
  • Now just find the app having label entitled “Guangdong” and clicks on the “Trust” option twice.
  • After the app begins running on the iOS device and begins to download, you can play the games.

Download Nintendo 3DS emulator for android

Let’s have a look at steps for downloading Nintendo 3DS emulator for android:

  • First, download the Nintendo 3DS emulator APK directly from the play store available on the phone
  • Once the file gets downloaded, just access the downloaded file and then install it
  • Now tap on Run the Nintendo 3DS Emulator on the Android.
  • Finally, adjust the setting and you can then play the games you want to play by downloading it right on your Android phone.

Steps to download Nintendo 3DS emulator for windows 7/8/10

After having a look at steps for downloading Nintendo 3DS emulator for IOS and Android, focus on steps for downloading it on Windows 7/8/10 as described below:

  • Open the web browser and then go to the Official Site of Citra Emulator through the URL: https://citra-emu.org.
  • Now click on Download from the Menu. You would see two versions 1) Nightly Build, and 2) Bleeding Edge Build.
  • Select the option you wish and then download the latest version.
  • Now click on the Windows Symbol after which download would begin automatically.
  • Finally, install it after following the proper instructions.

15 Nintendo 3DS Emulator For Android, iOS, and PC

1. Citra Nintendo 3DS Emulators

Citra Nintendo emulator is considered as one of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android and PC. It is known that the user interface for this emulator is extremely simple to use which lets it stand unique. Moreover, the emulator offers you 60 FPS and also provides anti-aliasing options in order to play games or even to watch videos. It is important to note that you would need to have 64-bit OS installed right on your PC or Android system to utilize this emulator because presently it is incapable to support the 32-bit version of OS.

2. DraStic DS Emulator

This emulator is another most reliable Nintendo 3DS emulator. The emulator is capable to run a majority of the famous games with simplicity. Moreover, you can also relish high-end graphics right on your smartphone using this emulator. The emulator comes with lots of features like Google drive support, Screen layout customization, controller customization, fast forward, software, as well as hardware controller support, are few of them to name.

3. Desmume Nintendo 3DS Emulators



This desmume emulator is considered as a flexible kind of Nintendo 3Ds emulator presently obtainable for free. The emulator possesses its uniqueness to being accessible for nearly all the operating system like Windows (64 and 32 bit), Android and Mac. This is in addition to the recurrent (nightly) update activity of many developers with usual builds which are targeting to mend any bugs. Moreover, this is recognized as one of the finest functioning 3DS emulators in present time which allows running a huge majority of games.

4. AseDS Emulator

This Nintendo 3DS emulator android is identified as a newbie in the area of 3D gaming emulator. With the purpose to execute your Android 3D games seamlessly, this emulator has many useful features such as cheats, Customization of bottom layout, tricks and tweaks of performance, display alternatives, etc. It is found that throughout the experiment, this emulator perfectly played several of the 3D games which possess high-end configuration.

5. NO$GBA (Windows) Nintendo 3DS Emulators

Nintendo 3ds emulator for windows


The emulator is regarded as one of the finest obtainable Nintendo 3Ds emulators available for PC (Windows). Moreover, it could be effortlessly downloaded for free; however, for the recent update issued during July 2017, it is available at $2.5. Through the developers functioning on releases of a new update, the prior update turns accessible only for free download.

6. nds4droid

Nintendo 3ds emulator for Android


This nds4droid 3DS emulator for Android is essentially a gaming emulator which has been prevalent for a long period. The finest aspect regarding it is the point that it demands no charge. The tool faced few glitches within the run, but the team of a developer has been functioning efficiently in preparing the emulator for useful purposes. It is known that the outstanding feature of this emulator is functioning as frame skipping, speedup of gaming experience, performance tricks and tweaks, and more.

7. NeonDS Nintendo 3DS Emulators



This Nintendo 3Ds emulator for PC frequently comprises few bugs due to limited updates, the emulator functions seamlessly. Moreover, it provides almost no compatibility concerns with Windows XP, Vista, and several other platforms. This emulator is obtainable for free on softonic.com. Apart from being extremely light, so needing low space, it even supports certain commercial games. It is found that the recent update of NeonDS got released in 2011.

8. NDS Boy! NDS Emulator for Android



The NDS boy Emulator is essentially an Android-based emulator, capable to support the NDS game files formatted in a format like .zip, .nds, .7z, and .rar. The emulator functions excellently on mid to high range end device models. Besides, any user can now do save or quick save any game progress and could also load state for purpose of continuing. In addition to that, there is a feature to edit, autosave, as well as resize gamepad buttons.

9. Matsu PSX emulator



Matsu is acknowledged as a multi-emulator. This is one of the best Nintendo 3DS emulator accessible on Android. It is found to support Nintendo 3DS games as well as Nintendo 64 game files. In addition to Nintendo consoles, the emulator could load games of several other consoles including PSP, PSX, SNES, NES, and GBA. Also, the emulator functions to support various functions like game save/load state, and fast forward/rewind.

10. TronDS Nintendo 3DS Emulators

TronDS Nintendo 3DS emulator recognized as an older model through several updates, this Nintendo emulator for PC is generally out of the business at present and only some persons identify with it. Once upon a time, this emulator was even regarded in topmost competitors amid the 3DS emulators for PC available; however, presently it could be used to play several other games rather than easy and fundamental games.

11. RetroArch

Another Nintendo 3DS emulator for android is RetroArch which is one of the finest working Nintendo Emulator at present for several Android devices. Basically, this is regarded as a free open source type Android emulator which becomes useful with few of the appreciating features such as Play Station, Game Boy, SNES and Nintendo DS. It is found that the emulator is basically unique as compared to the usual emulator forms and also it is slightly complicated as compared to others. The emulator is accessible on Google Play Store.

12. R43DS Emulator

R43DS Emulator is considered as a powerful Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC and also it is extensively utilized as Nintendo emulator for playing different video console games directly on Windows PC. The emulator is found to be compatible with every windows version. With the help of easy controls, start as well as resume features, this emulator is regarded as useful one and also it is free to download. It functions as a flash memory hence it could enhance the visualization quality of any game.

13.  iDeaS

iDeaS are recognized as the finest Nintendo game emulator available for Open GL. Every famous, latest, as well as old video game, could be played by this software on PC. Whenever you download this free emulator, you would never experience issues of lagging, slow as well as freeze all through a game. Moreover, it would improve the full gaming experience.

14. 3DMOO Nintendo 3DS Emulators

3DMOO Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC was made available during the year 2014 for Windows and Linux. The emulator was recently updated during Feb 2015 and so it is not capable to play the most recent games as well as crashes very frequently. Moreover, it can be used for fundamental, easy homebrew at slow speeds.

15. Pretendo NDS Android Emulator



This Android 3DS emulator permits you to enjoy the experience of playing as a host of classic Nintendo games directly on our Android smartphones and tablets. Moreover, you get the facility of loading the ROMS inside.DS as well as.ROM formats along with RAR as well as.ZIP compressed formats. It should be remembered that the ROMS needs to be legally purchased as this emulator does not come with any preloaded ROM by default. It is found that the controls of this Nintendo 3DS emulator are very customizable and simple.

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Different Nintendo 3DS Emulators discussed here have the ability to offer you enhanced playing experience in terms of user interface and visualization on Android and PC. They are the finest options to consider whenever you are seeking to enjoy the wonderful Nintendo 3DS game experience without buying the game console.

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