How to Find ROMs For Retropie (Free and Legally)

ROMs for RetroPie is basically a program allowing you to run old video games over your Raspberry Pi. This program is either presented in full distribution or in form of an overlay of Raspbian. In both cases, there are no difficulties to set it up.

After the installation of your Retropie, with the help of essential gadgets, you just to need to find ROMs in order to add more games to your emulator.

If you follow the proper procedure, there are no hassles to find retropie roms.

In simple terms, ROMs are computer files containing 0s and 1s similar to any other computer files. There are many users who are looking for a proper place to obtain free games legally.

Now they can get the details about roms for retropie from below section. When you follow this guide properly, there are no difficulties regarding download process of raspberry pi roms.

Actually, the place to find nes roms for retropie comes with a big list and you can refer the list to get content for RetroPie. It is found that the downloading of the emulators is legal and even the downloading of ROMs could be legal based on what they actually are and the place you get them from.

The places to find the best roms for retropie is similar to find and download videos, music files or ebooks.

Every place included in this list to find these ROMs are legal to download and there are no difficulties. They are both moral and legal. Actually, there are lots of things available on the internet which is moral to download but they are no completely legal to download. You will not find such illegal places in this guide.  Look at the below section to get details about where to get Roms for retropie.

Find ROMs For Retropie

Types of ROMs For RetroPie

The RetroPie ROMs are available in lots of file formats and range. They actually differ between consoles; however, they are generally included in various legal territories. It is found that the common types of ROMs are copyrighted, public domain, abandonware, and homebrew. All these types are discussed below:


ROMs are possessed and authorized by people or businesses. There are many countries in which it is illegal to download these ROMs. Few countries permit citizens to take a backup copy of games or even the titles they possess. Before getting any such titles, it is advisable to first research the appropriate legal regulations. You can find ROMs on any torrent site but actually, you must not download any copyrighted titles because this might be illegal.


This type of ROM contains content in a type of legal “gray area”. In this, the people or businesses liable for the copyright are not available or they are no longer holding their licensing rights. In true sense, the term ‘abandonware’ is moral.

Public domain

The fact is the ROMs are legally made available to the public and they can be downloaded when needed. The below section will clear your confusion regarding where to download Roms for retropie and the process to download roms for retropie.


Generally, ROMs are created either by individuals or by the teams. It is found that a majority of these kinds of ROMs were created lately and they assist people a lot. To understand this, for instance, Little Sound DJ was launched in the year 2001 to allow the musicians to prepare chiptune music with the use of original GameBoys. You can consider these types of ROMs as retropie game roms. When you decide to use this type of ROM, it is important to keep in mind that homebrew does not mean that it is legal or free to download. Actually, you need to purchase it. The below list contain public domain material along with homebrew content without copyright restrictions.

List of public domain ROMs

This mentioned list contains a wide selection of ROMs that are available within the public domain space. This list will help you for raspberry pi roms download. In this list, major consoles are mentioned and you can get more names from the website sources.


  • Arcade/MAME
  • Gameboy/ Gameboy Color
  • NES
  • Dreamcast
  • Genesis
  • SNES

List of homebrew ROMs

In this list of homebrew ROMs, you will find free homebrew ROMs which can be easily downloaded and played. All the major consoles are shown in the list and you can get more when you look at the corresponding website sources. Some of the ROMs in the list are type of game roms for retropie. So it is possible to play retropie games.


  • Arcade/MAME
  • Gameboy/ Gameboy Color
  • NES
  • Dreamcast
  • Genesis
  • SNES

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It is always best to use retropie roms that are legally available. From the above sections, you can understand about the free and legally available ROMs in different categories. These ROMs are easy to find and there are no difficulties to use them.

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