Web Design A Key Component Of Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

The world may be entering a recession as countries begin to overcome the peak of COVID-19, but one industry that is booming is that of web design. As reported recently in Fortune, COVID-19 is changing the entire notion, not only of how offices work but also of how businesses can offer their products and services to customers via an online experience.

Marketing agencies offering web design services are seeing a big uptick in interest, with companies from a wide array of industries seeking to offer their clients better, more intuitive websites that play an important role in their business branding.

From Science To Fashion

The vast array of industries that are now considering online sales as the main point of sale range from publications to medical centers, right through to retail stores. In the realm of publications, for instance, many print publications (now unable to distribute owing to COVID-19) are going online, and this necessitates a big switch-up in website design.

If these once uploaded their issue to online site ISSU, these days, they are relying on interactive features, visually stronger layouts, and embedded videos to keep clients on their page for longer.

In the healthcare field, many centers formerly offering in-person consultations are now offering telehealth services to great success. Tampa web design firms and others dealing with a plethora of people from different cultures know that the nature of optimal web design differs according to industry type and client expectations.

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Easier Payment

Impactful visuals, video, and innovative layouts may attract clients to your website, but you should also pay heed to more practical features, incorporating easy payment systems such as bill pay. This allows customers to make purchases easily and safely and involves heavy encryption to prevent fraud and theft. Features to incorporate include the provision of various payment options – including Paypal.

Even though online security is considerably more sophisticated, many customers simply do not wish to share personal or financial information, and these users should be allowed more anonymous means of payment. The design should be seamless so clients can see what is in their cart and easily modify sizes, quantities, colors, and the like. 

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Voice User Interfaces In Web Design

Web design will require more sophisticated, innovative tech if companies are to attract customers in what is bound to be a more competitive, challenging market post-COVID. Voice-user interfaces were already enjoying a boom pre-COVID, owing in no small part to the popularity of Siri and Alexa-compatible devices.

Companies wishing to provide clients with a warmer, more ‘human’ experience – the kind a business foregos when it decides to take the leap to an online environment – can help establish the brand vision and strengthen customer loyalty.

This will involve a greater investment, but one that is bound to reap big rewards, bearing in mind that in the U.S. alone, some 5.44 million adults have transitioned to voice search to make regular purchases.

Companies form a plethora of industries that may be reeling as the COVID-19 epidemic makes its way through the globe, but savvy businesses are making a quick switch online.

For some of these companies, the switch is temporary and can be made via simple changes to online content. For others, online may be a more lucrative long-term choice, in which case, investments should be made in visuals, video, and voice-compatible web design.

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