5 Popular Affiliate Programs and Their Pros and Cons

5 Popular Affiliate Programs and Their study

In the modern concept of marketing, affiliate marketing programs are known as the multi-billion dollar industry that is being utilized and practiced by a large number of online entrepreneurs as a primary source of earning a good amount of money.

Today, this field does not represent the online merchants, instead of this, it is now led by a whole new generation of affiliate bloggers and web publishers who have recognized the opportunities to promote offers.

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In this article, we are going to discuss some top listed affiliate marketing programs and their particular pros and cons. Hopefully, this study will help you to understand the fundamentals of these best affiliate programs and make up your mind to select a right one you or combine two or more.

Pros and Cons of 5 Popular Affiliate Programs

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most popular affiliate programs. Normally known as Google AdSense, is owned and run by the leading search engine Google and is the most profitable affiliate network of the date. The publishers who have signed up for program network are provided here the advertisement units and they are invited to make money from the ads posted by Google on their site or blog using their account. Each of the AdSense publishers is given a unique code to generate ad codes for his site and start earning. Here are the pros and cons of the Google Adsense program:

Pros of Google Adsense program

  1. It requires a very little traffic, 100 or more per day, that is easily achievable if your website contains a good quality content.
  2. You are offered multiple options for monetization like searches, feeds, mobile sites, online games, videos and not just limited to ad posting.
  3. There are 30 different languages other than English that you can apply while working with Google AdSense.
  4. It facilitates you to work with a different variety of ad formats such as text ads, display ads, link media ads and video ads.
  5. In the comparison of other publisher networks, Google AdSense assures you a great opportunity of earning money as its revenue share is much better than the others.
  6. You can also choose the payment option as per your convenience and readily availability of your specific country.

 Cons of Google Adsense program

  1. Google is highly strict about the uniqueness of the content as even the single time issue of plagiarism can ruin your chances to be an AdSense publisher.
  2. You cannot withdraw any amount under $100 that is sometimes not familiar with smaller business or newbies.

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Pros and cons of 5 popular affiliate programs


2. Amazon Associates

This is reputed as the vastest affiliated program covering 1,6 million products from different vendors and millions of affiliates around the globe. It is a highly convenient and user-friendly mechanism that is an ideal online money making an option for people with a non-technology background. It further provides the advanced and sophisticated features to the publishers such as APIs. Amazon Associates offers the small ticket network as well as high ticket affiliate program as per the choice of the publisher.

Pros of Amazon Associates affiliate program

  1. It is very easy, intuitive, uncluttered and ideal program for beginners and pros alike.
  2. A great flexible program to work with more than a million of products to put on your website.

Cons of Amazon Associates affiliate program

  1. It gives you a very small commission (nearby 4%) so you have to gather a remarkably huge amount of sales for earning a nice amount.
  2. The payment model is another point as you won’t be able to claim the money before passing 60 days after the sales take place.

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Popular affiliate programs

3. Commission Junction

Commission Junction or the CJ affiliate is the most expensive affiliate networks and covers the major listings or the merchants of a high class. It is like a one-stop shop of the online retail industry. You get a great variety of creative sizes provided by the advertisers and can have a solid control over the performance. Due to such an extensive network, it is one of the most popular and best affiliate networks of the time. Unlike the set and forget method of  Adsense and Amazon Affiliation, this one requires a constant monitoring/management.

Pros of Commission Junction affiliate program

  1. You have a great benefit of the vast network, thousands of merchant partners and a good number of flexible terms.
  2. You get net 20% commission on the deals made through at the end of each month.
  3. It is empowered with an impressive reporting capability for remarkable performance optimization.

Cons of Commission Junction affiliate program

  1. The strong monitoring and reporting are sometimes not, found familiar by the beginners.

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4. Clickbank

Clickbank is a program is specially designed for the affiliate program set up for the people having a solid background in the digital field. What makes it a good option of earning online money – more than 12 thousand vendors, a million affiliates, nice record in the terms of time and payment. It does not work as an affiliate program, it is actually a payment processor with a successful affiliate marketing element.

Pros of Clickbank affiliate program

  1. With this, you get more than 6000 products for promotion on your site. Once you have an ID, you don’t need to register each product separately.
  2. Most of the products sold here are of the digital category, so you can expect a higher commission rate on them. This can be sometimes 50 to 70% of every sale.
  3. It assures a timely payment through cash deposited in your account in every one or two weeks.

Cons of Clickbank affiliate program

  1. Your very first payment is affected by two basic requirements: customer distribution and payment threshold.
  2. If there are any cases of product scam or the products sold through your site, it will certainly harm your own reputation and earnings also.

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5. ShareASale

Now let’s get familiar with another top most online affiliate program on the internet empowered by approximate 3800 merchants listed with it. Most of these merchants are the ShareASale exclusive whose products are not found anywhere else. With this premium affiliate program, you get a good number of interesting options such as Earning Per Click, Average Amount Sale, Average Commission and Reversal Sale. These options offer you a suggestive illustration of the uniqueness and attractiveness of your specific campaign.

Pros of ShareASale affiliate program

  • Here you can work for more an expansive network of more than 3800 merchants and make thing more interesting, most of them are not found on the other platforms.
  • There are many options are offered to compare and choose from. ShareASale is the only affiliate program that facilitates you to it.
  • Rapid payment is another attractive feature here. You get paid on the 20th date of each month while having, at least, $50 in your account.

Cons of ShareASale affiliate program

The only con with this program is its reporting interface that seems outdated and also less intuitive than the other programs in the market. You need to own some special guts to deal with it.

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Well.I’ve described some pros and cons of 5 popular high paying affiliate programs which help you to make up your mind to select a right one you or combine two or more.Let us know if you have questions or recommendations, post your most loved network in the comment section with which you need to make money online. Thank you for reading.

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