Top 6 High Earning Alternatives to Google Adsense

What kind of advertisement a blogger should use to monetize your websiteBlogging has changed its appearance and value completely, today it is much more than just a geek domain; it is a “new media, quite cool and lucrative. Blogging is an interesting and a brand new method of earning some serious money. There are some great methods of making online income through blogging and Google Adsense is the well known and trusted source of income for many bloggers.

The newbie bloggers usually set up Google Ads on their website for attracting the decent traffic and earning the money. Undoubtedly, Google Adsense is called an ideal option for any blog post, but sometimes, there can be some problematic situations with it such as:

  • The Adsense account is failing to get the approval.
  • The account has been banned and disabled for some unknown reasons.
  • The blogger is not happy with the results achieved through Adsense and interested in finding out some other ways.

No matter what can be the reason and requirements, you may need some Google Adsense alternatives that can be your great help for any future use.

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Here are the ways or methods of making money with advertising on your blog other than using Google Adsesnse.

List of high earning alternatives of Google Adsense to make money online

  1. List of top 7 PPC ad network
  2. List of top 5 text link Advertising Networks
  3. List of top 10 best CPM networks
  4. List Of top 5 pop up Ads networks
  5. List of top 5 paid review networks

1- Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Pay per click is also known as CPC (call per click) and is the most used method of internet advertising. In the very simple meaning, here you will be paid by an advertiser when someone clicks on their ad placed on your blog.

List of top 7 Pay Per Click ad network

  1. Infolink: It is a great way to perform in-text advertising on your blog. Through it, a publisher can follow the PPC model and expect a 70% share in revenue. An in-text ad is a double-underlined word on a page that show up ads when clicked. The other options that Infolinks present are in search ads, tag ads and in frame ads. They offer you revenue methods by using famous methods like Paypal, Wire Transfer.
  2. As a big substitute of Google Adsesnse, is powered by Yahoo Bing Networking. Here the advertisers contextually concerned with the relevant keywords and it requires a bit of time before optimization. When you continue working on the network, you will get a suggested list of the best keywords determined by the algorithms that are based on the clicks made by your audiences. Unlike, Google Adsense, this model provides a  dedicated account reputation system that suggests you more ways of making more money.
  3. Chitika: Here, the advertising model only works with contextual ads and facilitates the CPC program. One can customize the ads and further use them along with Google Adsense with the whole convenience.
  4. Bidvertiser
  5. Adengage
  6. Admanage
  7. Advertise

2- Sell ads on your blog

While you are already getting entertained by a good traffic, obviously your effort will focus on taking things under your control and sell direct advertising on your website. There are various formats of advertising are available, you just have to insert an “advertise with us” page on your blog that also tells that how much it will cost per month. It is very important that you mention your traffic statuses, such as Alexa ranking, Google PageRank and some others for the knowledge of the buyers. But, there are some third party alternatives that can save you from the hard working effort to sell advertisement on your blog and they are:

  • BuySellAds: It actually works as a marketplace to list your advertisement for the others to buy. Here the low traffic blogs are not accepted so, a blogger has to wait till a good traffic start to come on the blog. The ad program offers a decent 75% of total earnings to its publisher and a decent payout through Paypal.
  • BlogAds: The model works similar to BuySellAds. After commission, they offer 70% of the revenue, and while you refer new users, a nice 15% additional earning will also be debited to your account.

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3- Sale text link on your blog

If there is a decent traffic is coming to your blog or website it is a nice opportunity for you to earn money through text link ads. Here, you link a piece of text on your website to another page on a different website. But a be highly cautious and use the Nofollow tag to combat any possible Google penalty.

List of top 5 text link Advertising Networks

  1. LinkWorth: This is highly applied text-link network that provides you many interesting blogs or website monetization options to use rotating text ads, paid reviews and many others.
  2. Infolinks
  3. Viglink
  4. Magnet
  5. Clicksor

    Top High Earning networks for blog

    Top high earning networks for blog

4- cost per mille or cost per thousand ad impressions (CPM)AD Networks

A CPC means that you are going to be paid by the advertiser when someone clicks on their ads. As a more beneficial alternative, CPM model is also very popular where you are paid for every 1000a impressions served.

List of top 10 best CPM networks

  1. PulsePoint ( A widely adopted CPM network that facilitates you to set your own  CPM prices. Having a good amount of quality content is the only requirement to be accepted by these websites.  Usually, they sell to the US-based traffic. While you are setting the price, you should make is higher than you make on your backup (Adsense or any other). If your price is unbeatable, your backup will be displayed. The revenue is paid by Paypal or check.
  4. Criteo
  5. Collective
  6. Technorati
  7. Adblade
  8. Vibrant media 
  9. Double click
  10. Propeller Ads

5- Pop-ups AD Networks

This method is usually not liked and preferred by both the bloggers and the advertisers but still is an option. Here one can display the ads as pop-ups or pop-unders.

List Of top 5 pop up Ads networks

  1. PopAds: The tool offers the pop-under advertisement and is effective while dealing with English speaking one can set his own price and the pop-under frequency for each visitor.
  2. Adcash
  3. Propeller Ads
  4. Popcash
  5. Exoclick

6- Paid Reviews Networks

Publication of reviews on the different products and services is also an option to earn good money online. It is highly required that you are presenting a fair and decent review. One is not expected to write only the positive reviews. As the biggest advantage of the method, one can command the price per review. No need to mention that the entire game depends on your rank, incoming traffic, and niche.

List of top 5 paid review networks

  1. SponseredReview: It facilitates writing the paid posts on the blog of a publisher to its network of thousands of advertisers. Through it, the advertisers get the backlink and bloggers earn money. It is a good platform to connect the publishers with SEP professionals, marketing experts, and advertisers seeking traffic building measures.
  2. PayU2Blog: It is one more decent alternative for making money through publishing the blog posts on your website. Here you sign up, submit your posts and wait till they are taken and you get informed. You are assigned to write on various topics such as retail, health, property, etc. Of course, you are not bound to write to glorify the product or service or to endorse it. A fair writing with an honest opinion, personal experience, and proper research is welcome. You get paid through Paypal.
  3. Payperpost
  4. Sponsor reviews
  5. Linkworth

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These all are the top high earning alternatives of Google Adsense to make money online.

Let us know if you have questions or recommendations, post your most loved network in the comment section with which you need to make money online. Thank you for reading.

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