Best 12 Travel Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

An introduction to Travel Affiliate Programs:

Presently there are several travel affiliate programs available through which you can promote as an affiliate or as a travel blogger and for this certain individual companies charges their own commission rate.

In order to start promoting them, it is a good advice to identify one or two finest travel affiliate programs and then join them. These programs have affiliations with travel companies in order to promote their services in lieu for purpose of commission.

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Field of travel blogging can be a lucrative and popular niche, especially if you use the appropriate monetization techniques.

List of 12 best travel affiliate programs for travel bloggers:

1. Expedia Affiliate Program:

Expedia Affiliate Program is actually a partnership which is commission-based that permit affiliate to deep-link to global travel products, like, Dynamic travel packages (the price is discounted up to 50 per cent). You can join Expedia Affiliate Programs and later control the Expedia offers for purpose of monetizing traffic of your blog.


  • This travel affiliate program pays competitive commission rates starting from the initial sale up to 6 percent based on the travel products.
  • Using Expedia Affiliate Program, affiliate has right to access every leading car rental companies available in more than 20,000 locations as well as different 150,000 hotels globally.
  • When you join it, you will acquire 24/7 access to the leading Expedia links, banners, and booking engines through exclusive Expedia affiliate network partner.

2. affiliate programs: is one of the major and famous names in the travel business.

They additionally have an affiliate program that is open for anybody with a blog/site, an application, or a travel organization. For whatever length of time that you can offer the best selection of facilities, this program is for you.


  • Free and simple join handle.
  • Offers look box, profound connecting, and standard coordination choices.
  • They have an offer-based, commission split model.

3. TripAdvisor Affiliate Programs:

TripAdvisor is an American travel site giving reviews of travel-related quires.

Getting on this partner program will be profitable as you can source content from their site and connection your users back to the original content


  • 50% commission
  • World’s Largest Travel Site.
  • 500 million+ unbiased traveler reviews.
  • Search 200+ sites to find the best hotel prices.
  • Monthly Payout

Join TripAdvisor affiliate program here

4. STA Affiliate Program:

This is a Travel Affiliate Program that allows an affiliate to gross commission online after aligning your site with the leading international leaders in travel for teachers, students, and travelers within 35 years of age. STA offers an extensive range of travel products and using it affiliate can earn extra cash on adventure tours, student ID cards, hotels, hostels etc.


  • Using STA travel affiliate program, you can avail offers for an extensive range of monthly promo codes to help with conversion.

Join STA affiliate program here

5. Agoda Travel Affiliate Program:

Out of many travel affiliate companies, Agoda travel is renowned among the finest travel companies all over the world. In case, if you are looking for the best travel affiliate program, your search ends through Agoda travel program. Out of all, they are one of the high paying travel affiliate programs.


  • This travel affiliate program offer affiliate up to 60% commission.
  • It is continually optimizing conversions, implying that great part of your traffic will transform to bookings.
  • It is found that its promotional tools are quite easy to setup and you will be able to run it in few minutes.

Join Agoda travel affiliate program here

6. Lonely Planet Affiliate Programs:

This travel affiliate program permits you to gross commissions whenever visitors buy a printed travel guide as well as a digital e-book through their website. It is found that the suitable way to promote their books is through including links to the content providing additional information like downloadable ebooks.


  • When you use it, you get paid a fixed percentage of the entire sale you carry out with help of their website with the average percentage as 15% per sale.
  • It is found that you can earn more if you are sending thousands of sales per month.

Join Lonely Planet affiliate program here

 travel affiliate programs for travel bloggers

7. HCCMIS Affiliate Programs:

HCCMIS travel affiliate program delivers tools to benefit affiliates for their blog monetization. You are allowed to promote their program with help of customize banner ads as well as using the text link. It functions with an affiliate to increase click-through rates as well as helps in website content optimizing to enhance sales conversions.


  • It is found that affiliate earns $200 by referring new affiliates and the program even present new promotions as well as bonuses.

Below you will find monthly performance based commissions:

  • 8% for each sale
  • 9% per sale at $5,000
  • 11% per sale at $10,000
  • 12% per sale at $15,000
  • 13% per sale at $20,000

This is one of the greatest paying affiliate programs that starts from 8% to 13% along with some noteworthy benefits.

Apply for HCCMIS affiliate program here

8. Travel Payouts Affiliate Program:

Travelpayouts is included among top rated travel affiliate programs, hence placed on this list. Travelpayouts affiliate program is dedicated mainly for travel bloggers for their blog monetization. It is recorded that affiliates can gross stable income just from selling flight as well as hotel bookings and some travel services.


  • The program pays their affiliates up to 80% earned from revenue for every sale. This means that the more you sale, the greater the affiliate income grosses.
  • It covers the entire range of travel services namely hotels, flights, insurance, car rentals, transfers and much more.

9. Dohop Flight Affiliate Programs:

With help of Dohop’s flight affiliate program, you can effortlessly transform visitors on your travel blog into earning in less time. It is found that it only takes a few minutes to set up Dohop’s unique flight search on the website and later you can initiate earning money whenever visitor visit website and registers a flight. Its system runs perfectly and not only forward visitors away from the site whenever you are uploading your affiliate links.


  • Using this travel affiliate program, you can suppose an average booking commission of around 5 EUR, meaning that for all 10 bookings registered on your website or blog, you gross 50 EUR in comparison to competitor’s travel affiliate programs.
  • It is found that you can set up with Pay per Click for pronounces return.

10. Tixik Hotel Affiliate Programs:

Tixik Hotel Affiliate Program is known to have more than 600 thousand accommodation amenities in 221 different countries all over the world. This travel affiliate program integrates offers from principal global suppliers in Hotels and accommodation services in 8 different languages.


  • This travel affiliate program funds affiliate 65% of their premium commission as well as it offers lifetime cookies.
  • When you use it, you can pay their affiliate with help of PayPal or simple bank transfer

Apply for Tixik Hotel affiliate here

11. Cruise Direct Affiliate Program:

Cruise Direct is a travel affiliate program that makes it easy to join and gross commissions for all purchase made from the site. Cruise Direct offers affiliate different and unique travel content as well as traffic-driving banners that have the capability to land high converting pages.


  • Cruise Direct pay 3% commission of the gross sale using 45-day cookie –affiliate and you can avail credit for bookings up to 1 1/2 month after any customer has visited it.

12. Go City Card:

Go City Card is a travel affiliate program that offers multi-attraction passes that boost the savings, as well as offers the convenience of tourism. This convenience of tourism is through flexible purchase options for any kind of traveler.


  • It is found that affiliates earn 6% commission on the entire sale along with 45-day cookie set.
  • In this way, you can earn money after the click and the average Order Value is more than $300.


If you are a travel blogger and targets to monetize your blog to boost your income, these listed travel affiliate programs can help you. You are allowed sign up to three or even four travel affiliate websites to boost your profit.

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