Guide to Guest Blogging for Backlinks

Today, we are going to share What is Guest Blogging for BacklinksSince Google has introduced a new algorithm update relating to link building, most of the online marketing professionals and webmasters are seriously looking for a smarter and more profitable way to build the backlinks for a website that ensures the best SEO results. Though there is a load of tips and advice is available from various sources that sometimes you can get confused and don’t know that what to do and how to do.

This is mainly aimed to discuss the right and reasonable methods of building the backlinks for a site and also tell that what kind of backlink practice can hurt your ranking.

The time in history when all types of backlink were assumed right for SEO. During this period, many online marketers and web technicians followed the sloppy techniques and used automated tools in developing countless numbers of backlinks every day.

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But, the scene is completely changed now. Today, the experts have accepted the value of the high quality and relevant backlinks.

Tips to build or develop good backlinks

Now the real question arises, how to build or develop good backlinks? The answer is the creation and implementation of right backlink strategy and well defined online marketing campaign. While working hard on developing the right backlinks for your website, you should consider the following tips:

Don’t rely on the unknown sources

Trusting any stranger can harm you worst and the going with the suggestion by any irrelevant and unfamiliar sources is not a wise decision. Can you trust someone who wishes to share his hard-earned secrets of the tricks and techniques for a successful SEO practice with the mere strangers? One should rely on its own researchers and test it on his own level. As an experiment, you can create a test website and put a little money, time and effort element to try all types of backlinks. This will give you a base to study and analyze the results.

Patience is the first priority

For a newly created website, it is very difficult to get a large number of fast and natural links such soon. The links from the established reputed websites can be earned through a great deal of quality and quantity efforts. Instead of wishing some miracles, you need to work on a strategy for building links and driving relevant traffic to your site.

But how to do this?

How to use guest posts for backlinks and blogging?

Guest blogging is a common and popular method where you write guest posts on the well known as well as relevant websites.

Guest Blogging for Backlinks

The expert’s advice to write any blog post or an article on the other website, not with the target of getting linked in an author bio. This is called the abusing method. But, by having a reasonable planning and right implementation one can stand apart from the crowd.

6 Points that can help you in building links by using guest blogging technique

  1. You should not focus only on the website with the “write for us page”. You need to get linked to the websites without having such a page. They are ideal for you.
  2. Concentrate on the quality website with significant reputation and good relevancy with your niche. Writing for the sites having lower domain authority is undoubtedly a waste of time. In this situation, there will be a very little value of such link and after some time, you might want to end up this link without any notice.
  3. To get the natural links and a nice reputation, you should write more often for each of the targeted websites. Your guest blogging efforts should not look like just a backlink building action.
  4. Never underestimate the No Follow links. They can help you better traffic and social media fan followings.
  5. Regularly monitor the links achieved through guest posting. There are some great SEO tools to keep track of all the backlinks you possess.
  6. In each of your article or blog post, you need to link it to the author bio.

A general mistake that most of the SEO professionals make while building backlinks is leaving the footprints. No matter you are building backlinks under your SEO strategy, they should seem natural and untraceable at the same time. While guest posting, you can change your author bio and the pen name more often. It is also suggested to not use the similar description for your site all over the web.

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At this point, let’s discuss the methods of building the good backlinks for your site. The links coming from the real websites with quality content and remarkably huge social media shares are regarded the best. They can be earned by yourself. The links coming from the authority website in your niche, bring a great SEO value with them. Different professionals suggest different methods as per their experience. You better go with your methods, try them and decide their suitability in your case.

Watching out for your competitor’s SEO strategy is also a nice option. You can learn from their experiences and experiments. If they are enjoying some nice results due to their strategy, you can get benefitted with their tricks and links.

The Methods Popularly Used For Building Quality Backlinks

  1. Guest posts on websites of the same niche.
  2. Use infographics for link building links
  3. Use broken link method
  4. Niche forums
  5. Influence of email outreach.

While working on backlinks building procedure, you also need to avoid certain types of links. There are pretty higher possibilities that there are some spammy one in your backlink profile and you have no control over them.

Following are some examples of bad and avoidable backlinks

  1. The links coming from the sites or pages with little or thin content as these types of websites carry a poor SEO value. Google often not consider such websites a valuable one.
  2. The website that doesn’t offer any value to the users should be avoided especially. This category includes social bookmarking site directories and the article directories.
  3. The spamming comments as everyone, including Google, hate the spams. Posting a spammy comment will result in the loss of reputation and as well.

As a practice to identify the backlinks to a site, one should log into his “monitor backlink account” and process the sorting out the backlinks by the citation flow and domain authority.

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A backlink building process for a website requires an adequate amount of care, caution, and understanding of ongoing SEO trends. It is also essential to monitor all of your backlinks and verify their SEO value. And stay away from the pages that are uncontrollable otherwise you have spent a lot of time in removing many unwanted and less valuable backlinks.

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