6 Mind Blowing Ways to Make Money Online

6 Mind Blowing Ways to Make Money Online

You would have seen many times to the banners ads claiming to make money to you over a night.

What do you think?

Is that possible?

This is possible only when you win a big lottery.

However, not all the people are lucky equally.

If one of your friends wins a lottery then it doesn’t ensure that you will also get the same chance.


Well, I have a solution for it.

Yes, instead of relying on such uncertain methods, you can use some authoritative ways to make money online. These methods are being used by the many people around the world and give amazing results. Seriously!

I am sure you would like to know about them.

So, without doing more ado, let’s learn those methods to make money online.

6 Most Authentic Methods to Make Money Online

The following 6 methods of making money online are very powerful. I will give you an overview of them. Along with it, I will add a link to a comprehensive guide with each method to have in-depth knowledge of each method.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a fascinating method to among the internet marketers to generate passive income. Marketers like Pat Flynn and Zac Johnson are making huge money out of their affiliate projects.

There are many affiliate programs like Click Bank, Shareasale, Amazon Affiliate is already running online which are legitimate to join.

You can create the account there and most of them are free to join.

After joining, select a right product that you think can make money to you.

You can create a video and/or blog to promote that product. I would suggest you go through this blog. It has lots of amazing articles related to affiliate marketing.

  1. Offer Online Consultation:

Just suppose you are an SEO expert having more than 10 years of experience in promoting almost all the types of products/services.

You can use this expertise in consulting business ventures looking for the trusted Seo services.

By consulting businesses you can make huge money. With the frequent changes in the Google Algorithms, companies need qualified SEO consultants who can give them genuine advice to keep the constant flow of search traffic.

It’s just an example. You can start consulting according to your expertise.

Before starting this online business, you need to have the knowledge of every smallest aspect of your industry otherwise, you can’t survive longer.

Read this article on Entrepreneur.com to know more about the Online consulting business.

  1. Start Online Selling:

These types of businesses are growing very faster. People used to rely on the eBay, Amazon, or Flipkart to sell their products. Now they love to start their own online stores for selling.

You can also create any digital good like EBooks or a physical product and can sell it online via your own platform.

You get the power to decide the price of your own product. This way, the marginal profit increases surprisingly.

However, if you don’t want to spend on your own online store, there are multiple e-commerce websites (Amazon, Snapdeal, etc) platforms available. They offer various features to sell your product online.

This is an amazing resourceful post to learn direct selling online. You must read it.

  1. Join Freelancing Sites:

If you have expertise in any field that others can use to make their work easy, then Freelancing sites are the most appropriate way to you for making decent income each month.

Many legitimate websites like Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr have produced loads of opportunities for the skilled group of freelancers.

We have spotted people making millions out of these websites only.

These sites are the best option if you want worldwide exposure because they employers who are placing the projects on these sites belong to different areas of the world.

On these sites, the employees are always in the search of a skilled freelancer who delivers the quality work on time. Hence, to improve the chances of being hired, you should only start your freelancing career once you acquire expertise in a particular field.

To make money online as a freelancer this post will help you.

Most Authentic Methods to Make Money Online

  1. Create a Blog:

Blogging gives an opportunity to live the life with full freedom. Blogging is in the core for many online businesses. Every business owner adds a blog section on his or her website. It builds the brand for the company.

People love reading the knowledge that companies share on their blogs. You can also build your business with a blog. It also shares a wonderful opportunity to collect the user data for retargeting existing clients.

There are many ways to make money online via a blog. Anyone having a blog can earn via offering products, use advertisements programs like Adsense, sell ad space, sponsored posts and so on. The options are endless. An article on Amylynnandrews.com is very informative to know about the money making opportunities. It lets you know the power of blogging.

  1. Buy-Sell Domains:

Domain selling business is a most trending option for those looking for a decent income generation sources.

A domain is a website address (e.g. http://abc.com) with various extensions like .net, .com, .org, etc.

Once you get to able to fetch a bundle of premium domains at a lower rate, those could be sold out at a good margin.

Build a list of premium commercial value expired or new domains. Then you can sell them via your own site, social media, or personal contacts. There are many sites like Sedo.com offering listing for your domain. The domains can also be sold through.

Mostly buyers show interest in expired domains, so you should more focus on such domains.

Find below some good sites to find expired domains:

Read the following articles on domain selling:

Final Words:

Not only are these methods of online money making. Making money online is possible through several different methods. You just need to align your skills according to the demand. One primary cause that might affect your online success is the Trust. Build online trust by being active in different online communities. Once you gain the faith of buyers then it becomes the game for making money online.

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