11 Best Google AdSense Alternative For Bloggers [Updated List]

Today, I am going to share some great AdSense alternative that makes money for bloggers. Do you hate Google AdSense? Many people do, mostly because of the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Your publisher account with Google AdSense is not getting accepted for some reasons.
  • One day you woke up knowing your account has been disabled for no known reasons.
  • You are not happy with the earning potential with Google AdSense.
  • You dislike the Google AdSense minimum payout threshold and its mode of payment.

In such a case, you might want to try out Google AdSense alternatives. There are many options to choose from, some are very useful for high traffic websites. There are some pitfalls, though, like if your website is comparatively newer and it is yet to receive a major chunk of visitors daily, these alternatives might not prove immensely beneficial in terms of earning potential. There are many alternatives, we repeat, but in today’s blog, we will cover only 11 of them. For greater benefits, you might want to try them out individually or with Google AdSense, the latter is highly recommended, though.

11 Best Google AdSense Alternative That Makes Money

1. Revenue Hits

One of the best in its niche, Revenue Hits has some strong reasons for you to use it as a Google AdSense alternative. It enjoys a total of around 2 billion ad impressions daily, it has millions of active users, and yields you greater return out of investment, better than any other sources.

More reasons to use Revenue Hits:

Instant account activation – If you dislike Google AdSense because it takes ages to activate your account, Revenue Hits might actually be a surprise for you. Here, your account is activated upon signing up. No waiting in the virtual queue. Just get started!

Worldwide coverage – If you are targeting tea lovers in China; it is good. But what if you can equally target tea lovers of India, Russia, and even Iceland and beyond? Revenue Hits offers worldwide coverage of your content, irrespective of your audience’s demography. Create a footfall anywhere; including places you never thought you would.

Easy use of tags – Revenue Hits makes it immensely simple and easy to use tags. There is no need to be a techie to set up tags. Just set them up and start earning money.

So, in case you are looking to boost your monthly earning potential, start using Revenue Hits today.

2. Infolinks

If you are a blogger you must be an avid reader and in that case, there is no probability that you have not seen Infolinks ads. It is a popular in-line text advertising network; perfectly catered to high traffic websites. Infolinks features ads which are according to your website content. Their revenue share is quite decent. They offer up to 70 percent, a nice number if you compare it with others.

However, before you get started with Infolinks, there are some restrictions which you should religiously follow. If you are the new blogger and is yet to enjoy the patronage of massive fans; in other words if your blog does not receive massive daily visits, wait till it achieves the milestone. As we said earlier, it is good only for high traffic websites. Also, do not put more than 6 to 7 links per page. Overcrowding your content with links from Infolinks will not add any value since your visitors might find your content too promotional and complicated to read. So, the good idea is to write great content and add links whenever applicable.

Benefits of using Infolinks:

Free to use, easy set up – no need to wait for activation like Google AdSense.

Tightly integrated with your content – no additional spaces required.

No commitment, no risk:

Perhaps the number one reason for using Infolinks is that it features according to your website keyword. So, it is a fact that their targeting is more accurate and precise, resulting in greater scope to earn more money

3. Direct Advertising

It is perhaps the best alternative to Google AdSense. With the help of direct advertising, you can cut the need for any middlemen presence. Just you, your blog and advertisers of choice. You can directly contact advertisers or they will directly contact you to put their ads. That’s it. Compared to AdSense, Direct Ads yields greater benefits and result.

How to use direct ads?

To start using direct ads, you need to create an Advertisement page, in which you need to tell prospective users the benefits of connecting with you. You need to share the details of traffic, daily views, monthly readership, and earning potential. If you have been featured on top blogs or authority websites; it is good to mention that. When it comes to using direct ads, you can even earn money using paid reviews, banner ads, affiliate ads etc

4. Products selling

If you want to make money using different ways, without being restricted to Google AdSense and its alternatives, you can try out product selling on your own blog. If you have something on your own, you can start promoting it on your website. There is a great way to promote others products as well. By featuring products on your website, you can improve your popularity and if your audience thinks you are useful.

google adsense alternatives

5. Publish product reviews that pay you money for publishing.

6. You can try BuySellAds to buy or sell ad spaces on your website. However, your website needs to have a great number of visitors to start getting featured.

7. You can use Qadabra as another AdSense alternative. They feature rich media pop-ups and very logical ads.

8. Chitika is a great alternative too. It shows ads which are according to your website.

9. You can start making money online using Affiliates Ads from Amazon.

10. Bidvertiser is another great alternative to starting earning money.

11. ClickSor is a great alternative which is good to use if you need some great earning.

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These are some of the best Google AdSense Alternative for bloggers. If you want to have improved a variety of useful content on your website then these alternatives are used. There are a variety of ways with which you can use the products and features on your website. Google AdSense is a great value source, but if you have a great website with a number of traffic and useful links, you can start using the alternatives. If you need to use more info about how to use the website and how to get more ways to improve your blog traffic, you can simply visit our blog. If you want to add any ideas, please share with us.

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