Top 6 Indian Bloggers You Should Not But Follow Now

Top 6 Indian Bloggers You should not but follow now!

Disclaimer – We have started a series covering different bloggers, mostly top bloggers from India and other countries; to help new bloggers inspire in the world of blogging. Today we are putting the limelight on top six Indian bloggers who are very much desi but blogging like pros anywhere in the world.

They are earning good, and developing fame of their own. While we cover them, it is also important to inform you that there are many other bloggers who are doing great, so we will cover them.

Many people blog, some become famous. They become so not by luck or coincidence.  Behind every successful blog, a tremendous amount of hard work, and dedication work.

The road to limelight for those successful bloggers is usually populated with challenges. They overcome these, and slowly but steadily rise; only to keep sustained and stay famous. Our today’s blog features top six Indian bloggers who are making their impact felt in the Indian blogging ecosystem.

They blog to inform, educate, inspire and engage their audiences, but above all, they are gaining a steady flow of income from their efforts – so much so that few respected and challenging careers in India promises as much money as they are learning; including the much-hyped careers of doctors and engineers.

Their blogging potential is not out of the mark, and they are not superhumans. They are like anyone of us around. Yet they have been so much famous and unique – perhaps because they do things uniquely than from most of us.

Top 6 Indian Bloggers Who Blogging Like Pro Anywhere In The World

Amit Agarwal's

1. Digital Inspiration from Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from I.I.T. and has previously worked at ADP Inc. for clients like Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. In 2004, Amit quit his job to become India’s first and only Professional Blogger, reads his professional blog’s About page.

Simple, and smart blogging has its own charm. Many things about a blog can be told just by looking at its interface. When you visit his blog which is very aptly-designed, and uncomplicated by look; you come in a world of uniqueness. The blog’s path to fame is not earned overnight. Amit has been working religiously on his blog to make it great. He is perhaps the first India blogger who has been helping others to follow the trail in India. Many people blog but they stop doing it once they think they are devoting much time to it. but Amit has always been very disciplined about his blog, which today has very useful content for technology folks. His blog covers different things; including marketing, technology, social updates, virtual media etc.

His blog is one of the most visited, most followed and most liked blogs in India. If you are a new blogger and want to learn how to blog to gain a steady base of devoted followers, Amit’s blog is the one you should follow.

Harsh Agarwal's

2. Harsh Aggarwal from

A very young blogger, and a man with ambitious blogging forte, Harsh is another Indian blogger who is unique for his blogging style. The blog has been one of the few Indian blogs that have drawn interest from devoted blogging fans followers from around the world. Harsh covers different types of topics such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, SEO, Make money online etc. Because of being a popular blog in India, and even in the world, it draws a great amount of traffic and earns a lot.

If you want to learn the different ideas about blogging, if you want to know the matured advice about how to blog actively to improve your forte and niche, Amit’s blog is the one you should follow. Amit has been very descriptive in his posts, covering a wide of topics. He is friendly and is always eager to inform his followers with a trusted variety of tips and tricks about blogging.

3. Imran Uddin – the man behind

Imran is the man who founded ALLTECHBUZZ – an informative source of regularly updated posts regarding technology. He is from Hyderabad and has been blogging with a professional niche. He is also an SEO consultant. His blog is different in the fact that it has very informative posts about technology and the way he writes content is simply superb. He has been able to maintain many other blogs, besides his own blog. The blog has received a massive number of dedicated audience, and social followers because of the tone and style of writing. If you want to keep updated about what is going on in India and the world in terms of technology, Imran’s blog is a great choice.

Jitendra Vaswani from

4. Jitendra Vaswani from

A very Indian blogger with a very popular blog, Jitendra Vaswani is a marketer, blogger, and SEO expert with a great deal of experience in blogging. His blog has a great variety of updated post about blogging and other niches. The most interesting fact about his blog is that it hosts a number of very genuine and informative posts which are a gem for new bloggers who want to learn to blog. If you want to reach new blogging milestones using a variety of trusted and updated tricks and tips from a blogger, read Jitendra.

Ankit Singla from

5. Ankit Singla from

A blog for bloggers by a blogger – read the tag line of Ankit’s blog. It is a great blog – fitted with most useful content. For new bloggers, Ankit’s blog is a gem of resources. The USP of his blog is that it is populated with a very useful set of content which a new blogger use to improve his blogging. If you want to read a very classy blog on how to be a good blogger, Ankit Singla is the name to follow.

Raju PP from


6. Raju PP from

Yet another blog with fresh content and useful source of information about technology, mobile devices and more, Raju PP’s blog is unique of its kind for it is updated with very useful and fresh content always. without delays. If you want to read an Indian blog which is a great source of useful content with technology, read Raju’s blog. His About me page writes – The brain behind this blog – Raju PP is an Electronics engineering graduate from Bangalore, India and has previously worked as a Technical Specialist in a leading IT firm. He quit his day job to pursue his passion of blogging in late 2009. He holds an Engineering degree in Electronics and Communications and has previously worked in Banking software domain.

Follow his blog to stay updated on technology.

Our analysis – How these bloggers reach to their success

There are many other blogs in India which are doing quite good. These blogs rise to fame because of their improved variety of ideas. They practically rise to new levels of fame because of their quality posts.

These blogs have very useful content and that they have the flair of informing their audiences in a light easy and humble manner. These blogs are earning quite a lot of money because of their improved variety of coverage. If you want to stay updated about latest news, and articles about blogging, these are the blogs that you should follow.

Also, Read some of the best resources for your blog.

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There are many other blogs which are doing a nice job of informing their audiences. If you need to learn the diverse variety of updated info about blogging, if you stay updated about the Indian bloggers, if you want to work with the improved variety of guided help to learn to blog, stay updated with our blog.

We have been publishing a set of informed ideas, new blogging tips and tricks to inform. If you have any ideas for a blog; please let is know of it. If you want to get guided help about how to blog uniquely with improved tips and ideas, please tell us.

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