Smarter Way To Earn More Visitors To Your Blog

The creation, development, and launch of a blog are a tiring, time taking and highly hard work requiring task. Once your blog is established and launched online, the next stage of the blogging process starts and that is getting high and higher amount of visitors to your blog. Based on the suggestions and recommendations of the market experts, here are the most effective strategies that ensure the increased traffic for any blog.

5 Smarter way to earn more visitors to your blog

1. Clear and well-designed content strategy

This is the very first condition and a requirement for increasing the blog traffic. If you successfully develop the best quality content and become more strategic in planning and implementing the content marketing efforts, your half battle is won. Now, what is the definition of a high-quality content? The answer is the one who has the potential to meet with the specific needs. It should be relevant, oriented to the title or the keyword, well presented, useful, educational yet far away from boredom. No doubt, such a content is what an average audience looks for.

The success of the strategy supremely depends over the idea generation. With the regular observation of Quora, you can get the broad idea about the subjects about whom there is mostly being asked. On the other hand, Buzzsumo ( can be used for knowing that what the other writers are writing about so that you can present your opinion and better solutions on the topic.

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And then comes the presentation, you should adopt an attractive yet decent content styling, input the smart statistics, use the beautiful infographics and also should add some videos for a storytelling effect. Your target must be the creation of a powerful stuff that the people may love to link with and share with others. Some characteristics of a sound content are:

Increase visitors to your blog

  1. Develop long lasting or evergreen content that may be useful for the audiences for a long time. The post with the nominations for the annual Grammy awards is rather useless after a few weeks of its publishing.
  2. The headline is an important part of a content so try to make it more attractive and capturing; don’t be afraid to experiment with it.
  3. Promotion is the essential part of your content strategy so you can think about launching a newsletter that showcases your best blog posts and sends them to your existing d potential readers.
  4. The sound content is only successful when it is thoroughly oriented and crafted around the keywords. It helps the SEO search spiders to recognize the worth and value of your content. So that your targeted traffic may easily reach to your post.
  5. Even today, most of the webmasters and content creators are confused about the long tail keyword phrases. Actually, these long keywords with minimum 3+ keywords in a single set, simply improve your chances to get visible on the Google SERPs and gaining the attention of the targeted audiences. There are many free ad paid tools that can be used to research and come up with both the ordinary and long-term keyword ideas.

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2. Use WordPress plugins for Search Engine Optimization

Today, you have an option of many efficient plugin options which are designed for helping the bloggers to deal with SEO. By using them it becomes easy to setup a URL slug accurately, craft the really working meta descriptions, setting of Sitemaps and fulfilling many other SEO compatibilities.

The most popular WP plugins are:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  2. All in One SEO Pack

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3. Actively launch the promotional and interaction campaigns

It is very essential to analyze your strategy on the points that where you are spending most of your time, is it really fruitful, and if not, then what reforming steps should be taken to make it more sharpen and effective.

Your social network presence is very crucial in this matter. Find the best suitable site or sites to promote your post; figure or is the Facebook a right place to publish it or it will be more effective on LinkedIn. Though it seems very difficult to understand the hanging around the tendency of the users, there are some tricks that can be very helpful in finding the flock. You can build the sound referral links to the relevant sites with nice reputation and great fan followings. Guest blogging is the next method here. Google analytics may prove a great help in finding out the list that which sites are driving higher referral traffic. Make engagements and step forward for conversations.

Social sharing is the great tool for earning a decent traffic towards your blog. It is a smarter move to add the social sharing buttons along with your post, but be careful about the limit of its number as the too many choices can make your overwhelmed. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and one or two more options re more than sufficient here.

One more thing, don’t hesitate about asking your audiences to share and promote your post. If your post provides them the informative and entertaining satisfaction, they will surely love to share it, you just need to motivate them.

how to get visitors to your blog


4. Pay attention to the load speed and the mobile responsive designing

Though these are the technical issues, yet play a significant role in the success and failure of a blog. If your page is not coming up fast, nobody will wait for this long and surely will hit the back button. To measure the speed score of your age, you have the Google Page Speed Inside Tool.

On the other hand, the new generation of internet users is spending its more time on mobile, smartphones and tablet so it is quiet and obvious for the bloggers to make their page optimized for mobile devices. The most popular WordPress plugins to facilitate this task are:

5. Playing nice

Though the market is full of competition if your target builds the sound relations and getting the decent traffic, you have to be well behaved. By showing respect to the other writers, sometimes teaming up with the enemies also you can get more chances or sharing, retweeting and linking also. Having the positive relationship in the industry always help in the long term.

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Well, these all are the smart ways to earn more visitors to your blog, If you have any suggestions or ideas that increase more blog traffic then share with us.

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