Top Bloggers In The World and How They Made It

Top Bloggers in The World and how they made itBlogging as a career can help you improve your writing. To get a dedicated base of loyal fans your blog, you should understand what works and what to do to make the blogs popular. You can take advice and guidance from different bloggers who have made blogging their career.

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Whether you are an inspiring blogger or just looking for some inspirations in your life, here is a list of top four bloggers in the world. They all started like us, as a blogger, and then made it big. They have been in the blogging ecosystem for some time now and have been very actively blogging with a trusted record. If you want to learn newer ways to blog and actually improve your skills and qualities as a blogger, it is a great idea to follow their blogs. If you have any ideas to improve the list or if you want to add on to the list, please comment. You can also read our earlier posts about top bloggers.

Here is a list of top four bloggers in the world

1. – Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is a very experienced blogger who has built a great number of fan following with his blog posts. He is even an author. He is a lecturer. He is credited for heralding the popularity of internet lifestyle – or the ability of entrepreneurs to work on their laptop from anywhere in the world. His blog is very articulated and designed with very crucial ideas. If you need to start off very well with ideas that work, as a blogger, you ca begin reading his blog. Tim Ferriss is a great blogger and has inspired a lot of people to think about blogging as a career.

2. Matt Marshall – VentureBeat

Matt Marshall is the founder of VentureBeat, one of the top blogs in the world that cover a range of useful topics, including technology, business, startups etc. The blog has been ranked very well in different rating surveys. If you want to scale on new popularity and if you want to start off as a blogger and see how things work out, Matt’s blog teaches a lot of things. The improved topics and the way the topics are covered make the blog a top in its niche.

3. Jake Dobkin –

Gothamist blog is one of a top in its niche in the world. It covers a range of topics including genres of food, events, and art and earns him quite a good amount of money. If you are planning a trip overseas and want to know about the local foods at a certain place, Jake’s blog is a good place. He earlier used to be a photographer. His blog is an inspiration that if you have matter and substances, and words to define them; you can become a great blogger.

4. Tech Crunch – Michel Arrington

Do you read a lot about technology? You can turn to Tech Crunch. Michel has founded the blog, Tech Crunch. It is simply one stop source to get updated info about technology. He has become a top blogger and his blog is simply the best in its niche. There are blogs which teach you new ideas and news about technology, but Tech Crunch is simply the best in its niche. It has developed a standalone edge in its niche.

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What can you learn from these blogs?

There are unique things which as a blogger you can learn. These blogs have become popular because of a unique variety of reasons. These have become popular because of some reasons. If you are a new blogger and want to start off in the blogging ecosystem, you need to come up with an improved variety of ideas.


One of the top ways to improve a blog is to write catchy content. Before you work around some of the improved variety of facts, it is very important to compose a quality blog. Content is very important and that you need to write logical content. If you keep on writing great copies which can help solve the issues of your audience, your blog can become popular. The great blogs in the world are usually populated with updated variety of blogs which are good. If you need to pull in an improved variety of traffic and that if you want to solve the issues of your audience, you should write great content.

Social Media

These blogs are of the value of great customer relationship. If you want to build a loyal base of audiences who read your blog, you need to understand their preferences. You need to be very active in understanding what works and what needs to be done. There are unique varieties of ways to help improve your social media. The more you are active and working to help support your audiences, better are your chances to ensure that your blog can become good and improved.


One of the important reasons why these blogs are popular is that they research and understand their audiences. They have to understand how to practically improve the blog. A researched blog is more important.

top bloggers

Other than the mentioned stuff, it is also vital that your blog has a great design. It should be linked with good blogs. If you need to work on a number of ways to improve your blogging ecosystem, you need to be a very active blogger. These blogs are updated and are populated with very useful posts. These blogs cover a unique variety of useful topics and that it actually has a great variety of tips and tools. If you need to promote your blog, you need to research. The more you are active and understanding, more you could build a great fan base.

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