Best Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques For Smart Marketers

Ultimate Guide for Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques: In today’s digital marketing world, technology and skills are evolving pretty faster than ever. We can see many innovative online marketing tools, expertise, and digital marketing technique, now if you are marketers who don’t know about the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.

Then you’ll face a lot of stress and workload in digital marketing. To relieve your stress and to decrease your workload you should make use of business marketing tools. Digital marketing tools always reduce your workload and stress. So, digital marketers should use digital marketing tools and techniques.

But, there are a hell lot of online marketing tools in modern digital marketing and many tools work efficiently. And there are many techniques which really work. But let’s see the best digital marketing tools and technique to relieve digital marketers stress and decrease his or her workload.

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Digital Marketing Tools For Digital Marketers

Here I’ll say about the best and the trending digital marketing tools in 2018, and I cover all the best and mostly used digital marketing tools by the experts.

Best Analytics Tools in 2019

Analytics is the most important in digital marketing, and marketer must analyze the sites statistics and other relevant factors to boost their digital marketing presence.

Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

Google Analytics is the popularly known analytics tool which is free to use. It offers many features to improve your website traffic, and also to learn about the behavior and other factors of the searches.

It is the essential marketer’s tool, where it is used and trusted by many bloggers and for new bloggers particularly if they don’t have any budget to buy premium analytics tools then this is the best option.

Kiss Metrics

Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques


Kiss metrics is the best analytics tools which are popularly used by many marketing experts. It easily tracks people and collects all the data from the people and it optimizes your marketing performance, and it quickly increases your ROI through the seven user-friendly reports.


Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques


Clicky is also one of the best analytics tools in 2016; it’s increasing its popularity day by day. It offers some unique features where you can easily see your page activities quicker than ever. It is the analytics software which shows the best real-time data.

Clicky also offers detailed information and the visitors and the actions performed. And you can quickly optimize your site with the help of the data provided by Clicky analytics tool.

Best Content Discovery Tools 2019

Content discovery tools come under the digital marketing tools category, these are the tools which help to find the trending content in the industry. So by using this tool, you can easily find the best topics and the topics where you have to capitalize on.

1. Buzz Sumo

Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques

Buzz Sumo is the favorite tool for any bloggers and marketers because it offers a broad range of features where you can easily find the trending content and along with that, you can find your competitors whose content is on the rise.

And you can do much more with the help of buzz sumo. It the easiest tool ever and also the perfect tool for any digital marketer to make an impact on this world.

2. Quora

Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques


Quora is the other site which helps to you to find the question which was asked by many users, and you can quickly search for your niche and write the best answers to drive the traffic. Quora is a question and answers site, so it gives the best and some unknown questions to answer and make a crispy article.

Best Content Creation Tools in 2019

Content is the crucial part of digital marketing and generally, creating a piece of content consumes more time for the marketers and bloggers. So, to make the work easy, there are some content creation tools which help to make your job easier.


Digital Marketing Tools


Everyone wants to read quality articles, but not only the quality they also prefer the language. So the article must be meaningful. So bloggers always try to proofread their writing and sometimes we may overlook few errors.

So, using Grammarly is the best option to find all the grammatical errors in your article, and it also gives the suggestion. By using this tool, you can even find the plagiarized lines and easily you can resolve the lines by changing the plagiarized lines.

Heming way App

Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques


The Heming way app is the perfect tool for content creation, it works pretty similarly to Grammarly, but it highlights the long and complicated sentence and for others. Heming way app is the perfect alternative of Grammarly.


Digital Marketing Techniques


Canva is the popular and widely used network by many of the marketers; you can make lots of best images in different sizes. It also had an inbuilt template which even makes bloggers and marketers to create images faster.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Now, in today’s digital marketing world, visually appealing infographics is driving more links and also more and more traffic and shares. So, bloggers wanted to create infographics. So to create infographics visually is the best infographics editor. Where you can also edit the templates and turn into your own infographics.


Venngage is the best and easy to use site where free templates of infographics are available which we can simply edit ad create appealing infographics.

Visme is also easy to use a site for creating infographics. On the off chance that you don’t have aptitude in configuration, making a powerful infographic, banners, item demos, and presentations.

Images can drive lots of traffic; it’s nice, but different platforms offer a different length of pictures. So, bloggers and marketers should crop their images accordingly. So is the best way to do all the work efficiently.

Best Email Marketing Tools in 2019

Email marketing has been the most effective form of marketing, it the best way to approach people and to promote company products and services. So, digital marketers always focus on email marketing to grow their businesses or business presence.


Email Marketing tools


One of the best email marketing tools in the present industry is Aweber, it is serving thousands of users. It is very easy to use Aweber. It has many ready-made templates where you can easily edit them and use on your own. You can also have compelling features like the review, advanced HTML, and other features in the Aweber.

Try Aweber

Mail Chimp

Email Marketing tools

Mail Chimp has been the industry’s best tool for many surveys; it is the best email marketing tool which is best for the newbies. Where it offers free services to all the bloggers, who are having less than 1000 subscribers. So it’s the best service, and it is trusted by more than 10 million people around the globe.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2019

When it comes to the digital world, the first word many people may hear is social media, and you may already that how social media has improved these days. So to lessen your efforts in social media you should use social media marketing tools.


Social media marketing tools


The buffer is the best and user-friendly tool which was presently trusted and used by millions of people. This tool helps us to post on your social media platforms at your desired time all you have to do is just make sure you schedule a perfect time. So take advantage of this tool to get desired promotion in Social Media.


Hootsuite is the perfect alternative for the buffer and it’s also the trending tool for social media platforms. Millions of people trusted hoot suite. And it offers its service for nearly 35 social media platforms to share.

Best Keyword Research Tool in 2019

The crucial step to success starts with the keyword itself so finding the best keywords will give you the perfect results for your site.  It is an important tool in digital marketing so let’s find about them.


Keyword research tool

SEMrush is the premium keyword tool but it is the best and far more popular than each and every topic. It’s just the professional keyword tool which gives you all the starters and details about the blog competitors and all the other factors. Marketers always prefer the SEMrush for their detailed plan.

Try SEMrush

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research tool

If you are a starter, then you can’t afford the high paying premium tools, so you can make use of the best free keyword research tool.

Google keyword planner is the essential keyword planner for any SEO and digital marketing geek, even after buying some premium tools many people also make use of the Google keyword planner to measure some metrics.

Best Digital Marketing Techniques in 2019

These are few digital marketing techniques which improve your digital marketing practices and the traffic and sales of your website.

Content marketing techniques

In, digital marketing the central aspect is content and so, the content is the best way to improve digital marketing strategy. Drop all the “keywords” which are trending in the content to boost your content. And also make sure to add some buzz words in digital marketing.

Use Call to Actions

Call to action is the famous digital marketing technique which is used by most of bloggers and marketers. So implementing a call to action (CTA) is an important aspect. Here CTA is nothing but the immediate response of the visitor by visiting a website.

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These are the few and best digital marketing tools and techniques, if you want to know more then please subscribe to our site. I hope you all understood the article. Now if you have any query and want to share more new digital marketing tools and techniques with us, do comment us below.

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