4 Mobile Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

More individuals than ever are launching their own small businesses, whether it is to run a side hustle or a desire to work for themselves. However, not all of these companies survive, and while there are many reasons for their failure, the inability to tap into a mobile audience is a common one. If you are ready to start your own business, there are several strategies you can use to strengthen your mobile marketing skills and find the right audience that could help you grow your company by leaps and bounds.

Mobile Digital Marketing Strategies

Top 4 Best Mobile Marketing Strategies

1. Invest in a Mobile App

A 2017 survey noted that smartphone apps are becoming more significant for consumers and that each software platform has at least two million apps, with Google Play leading the way with well over that number. This suggests that many businesses are investing in apps for their customers, and with so many people living a digital mobile lifestyle, your business could benefit from one as well.

Your mobile app does not have to be complicated. You can offer a streamlined variety of services through it, from service information to coupons to showcasing which products you might have on sale for that week. The latter may be especially useful if you have a brick-and-mortar location. The better your customers can access information and services via your business app, the more they may use and share it with others.

2. Run a Smart Email Campaign

You may already be aware that email marketing is a major player in the digital marketing game; however, this does not mean any type of program can add up to success. Most people now access their email via their smartphones or other mobile devices, so using a template or program that is simple to view and interact with can be an important sticking point for pleasing your subscribers.

As you craft your email campaign, you may want to test how your messages look to your recipients first. Use a program that makes it simple for subscribers to interact with the email and ensure that your template is responsive for any size screen so it can be viewed easily on a variety of mobile devices.

Mobile Digital Marketing Strategies

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can offer you the chance to advertise at no cost, especially if you create a marketing program that encourages followers to share your content. While there is no one way to advertise on social media, appealing to how mobile users these sites might help you gain popularity.

One way to catch the eye of a mobile social media user is to run contests designed for his or her lifestyle. For example, if you design and sell custom pet tags and collars, offer a discount coupon to the first three followers who can send you a photo of them and their pet at a dog park or some other pet-friendly location, along with a hashtag of your company name. Running contests for your followers while they are out and about can enhance their user experience and give your digital marketing a boost.

4. Offer SMS Discounts and Deals

If you plan to use a website builder to create your business site, consider adding a button that allows users to sign up for text messages that qualify them for daily coupons, deals, and other freebies. Sending out group texts can be accomplished easily with an SMS business app or platform, and you can change the types of messages you send based on your customers’ responses. Encourage your subscribers to share your messages and offer loyalty rewards to those who do.


It may take you some time to craft a viable digital mobile marketing campaign. However, with patience and effort, you can hit upon a model that earns you customers, followers, and profit.

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