Top 15 Mobile Phones Operating Systems 2018 [Updated OS List]

2018 is already here, and people are getting crazy over some brand new phones. But before we buy the next expensive Smartphone, we need to have basic knowledge of the Smartphone operating systems. There exist almost more than 100 operating systems of Smartphone, and I bet, you have not heard of the half of them.

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So, before you can make any decision about buying a brand new Smartphone, is it not wiser to have a list of best mobile phones operating system of 2018? Well, don’t need to say more! We have already made the list of best 15 mobile phones operating system of 2018. Let us have a look.

Top Mobile Phones Operating Systems

Top 15 Mobile Phones Operating Systems 2018

1. Android

Well, it does not matter what you do and what you choose, nothing can ever beat Android in the section of best mobile phone operating system. As of January 2018, Android is still the best operating system. With lots of hardware options, this android is an open source project that gives the users lots of options. Also, it lets the user decide about what app to action what. Basically, android does not dictate users what to do when and it is the most flexible OS out there. However, the con of this project is that it is only tied to Google and sometimes they cannot just provide the best reliability.

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2. iOS

The next most famous app there is the iOS. The operating system of Apples is very famous for its hardcore system. They work very well, even better than android sometimes and they provide everything out of the box. It is the best in camera features, video recordings and this operating system have been called the best option for trading as well. But the only lacking point of iOS is that it is not very customizable and highly expensive. But if you are using iPhone, iPad or iPod, iOS is the only option you have.

3. Private OS

PrivateOS is another great operating system that is a version of Android KitKat running on BlackPhone. And this operating system has been the best in the sphere of security control. It gives extensive controls to the user regarding their personal information which is not available on other Mobile operating system. It gives you great control on your information about which info to share to whom and which not to. So, if you are looking for such great secure OS, PrivateOS is surely the one.

4. Sailfish OS

Sailfish OS is a Linux based operating system which is targeted for the Smartphone. With the great secure system, this operating system is flexible and needs no button to operate it. Also, it has lower power consumption system that does not have your batteries drained after short use. However, the only lacking of this OS is that it has very few apps installed and for better access to different apps, you need to have the support of the Android OS.

5. Series 40– Nokia

I bet, everyone has heard about the Series 40 operating system of Nokia. Although it is an old version of Nokia, still it is one of the most recommendable operating systems of 2018. HD games, flexible multi-tasking; this operating system is one of the best operating systems to be run on Java application. However, at present not many phones are available there to run this OS. Nokia Asha Series, Nokia X2, Nokia X3, Nokia 6750 is some of the phones where this OS still works.

6. Windows OS Microsoft

Another best operating system as of 2018 has to be Windows OS. Just like the PC system, the Windows OS has been created by Microsoft just for the Smartphone. With all the characteristics of the PC Windows, the Windows operating system for Smartphone is surely one of best if you talk about their smooth-running procedure. Recently, they have declared Windows 10 OS for both PC and Smartphone. The great graphics of this operating system is one of a kind, and other designs of this OS is one of the best. However, the only lacking point of this OS is that it does not support every application. Samsung and HTC are also releasing some Windows-based Smartphone, and the whole Nokia Lumia series is based on the Windows OS.

7. Blackberry OS

Basically, Blackberry OS is the property of RIM, and it was first released in 1999. Till 2018, Blackberry is one of the best operating systems for Smartphone yet, due to lack of compatibility and phone models, Blackberry OS is not that much relevant today. The interference system and the design of this operating system are much more different than other operating systems, but it runs smoothly. However, it is a closed source OS just like Apple, and it is not available from any other manufacturer. It is one of the most immune and reliable operating system to date.

8. Symbian

The official property of Nokia, Symbian is a great operating system. Till a couple of years ago, Symbian was most used OS prevailed in India. It is still used in many low-end phones and. It has a user-friendly interface and runs smoothly. However, due to its decreasing popularity, recently Nokia has updated the versions of Symbian. Symbian ANNE and BELLE are the two recent versions that would be available to Nokia Smartphone. But still, it lacks in many perspectives and because of the immense popularity of Android and iOS.

9. Tizen OS

An open-source operating system and till now it is considered as one of the best operating systems for Android and iOS. It has a user-friendly interface and runs smoothly. Also, the camera and other features of this OS is great too. However, the only part is lacking this operating system is that the lacking of applications. However, the fast feature of this operating system outruns its lacking.

10. Plasma mobile OS

The new Plasma mobile OS is an open source is one of the best-operating systems in 2018. Based on Kubuntu, Plasma OS provides user-friendly interface and fast operating system. However, this operating system is still in experimental phase, and it is not that much popular in respect of Android and iOS.

11. Postmarket OS

Another great operating system for Smartphone is the new Postmarket OS. Although it works on Linux, it is still a great option for Smartphone. It is having fast service and it is user-friendly too. However, it is still on a very early phase of development and that makes a little unstable. This operating system is to provide a 10-year lifecycle to the Smartphone. The only lacking point of this operating system is that it does not many applications. For that purpose, you need android.

12. Lineage OS

It is an android distribution but it is now operating as a mobile OS. In a nutshell, Lineage OS can be called a fork of CyanogenMod. This operating system has been in the market since 2016 and now it is available in 178 Smartphones. With a user friendly interface, this OS is the win for all the users that are using it. However, it lacks in the perspective of applications.

13. Eelo OS

This is the new operating system that is new in the market of 2018. It is mostly based of Lineage operating system. It is another open source mobile operating system that runs faster and provides a smooth operating system to its user. Along with a smooth user friendly interface, this operating system is one of the most promising operating system of 2018. However, as it is a new operating system and new in the market, it has many lacking too. And one of those lacks are that it does not support every application that android supports. However, it provides you with free could storage and also email support too. It is still in an early development process.

14. Firefox operating system

Top Mobile Phones Operating Systems

The Firefox operating system is one of the most promising operating systems that can be developed in 2018. It is an open source mobile operating system that runs smooth and faster than any other newly opened operating system. However, this operating system was only opened for different underdeveloped countries like India, Brazil etc. and it is not available in every other country of the world. So, it is still a low-cost project but it is aiming to be big project by the next year.

15. Ubuntu OS

Mobile Phones Operating Systems

The Ubuntu OS has now spread its territory to mobile applications as well, named Ubuntu touch. Just like the above examples, this Ubuntu is an open source and still in an undeveloped phase. However, it is still made for the underdeveloped countries and it is still not available at every other corner of the world.


This is the list of the top 15 best operating system that is prevailing in 2018. Although Android and iOS are still the best operating system in app promotion, the other operating systems for Smartphone are slowly rising up. So choose the best one for you and use accordingly. Happy Operating!

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