Upcoming Trends Of Digital Marketing In The Year 2018 (Updated)

UpUpcoming 11 trends of digital marketing in the year 2018 – Predictions 2018

The scenario of digital marketing is complex and full of uncertainty; keeping up with market moods and modern trends is the only way to stand in the competition. Every year the business and market welcome much new hardware, software, companies, user preferences and other trends that either become the part of the mainstream or ignored because of their unsuitability to the business. The upcoming year looks to be another important one for digital marketing.

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The experts are predicting that the market will shake up with the digital marketing trends discussed below:

11 digital marketing trends for 2018 (Updated)

  1. Video advertisement will be the chief player

    It has been already accepted as a popular method of online promotion of any brand. YouTube and several other social media channels are presenting a great platform to the billions of the internet users to share their ideas and promote their business through online video advertisement. Also, Facebook and Bing are providing the video advertising option to the users. During the upcoming year, the trend is expected to continue and develop further as Google has decided to consider the video advertisements as  an element while determining the SERP of a brand or website.
    While the audiences are getting attached and influenced by the online video ads and as the trend is expected to go on, we can expect a great variety of video advertisements in the terms of type, techniques and popping up places. And when Google owns YouTube, the possibilities, potentials and opportunities are beyond the limits.

  1. App indexing will lead to an explosion of apps

    The App Indexing is a rather new term offered by Google and people find the app ranking highly complex process. But if we listen to the experts, more and more business owners are going to realize the benefits of online visibility of a dedicated app and its indexing. An app is quite capable to easily replace a mobile optimized website and can perform in more intuitive convenient and accessible manner. Though it will take a time period of many years when the app will completely replace the website as a medium, the year 2016 will play a landmark role in this direction.

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  2. Mobiles in, Desktops out

    During 2015, we have witnessed the beginning of the domination of the mobile over the desktop. The fact was proven when Google announced that “in 10 different countries, the desktop traffic a been completely overtaken by the mobile traffic ”. The sites not optimized for mobile applications are paying for it as the algorithms are changing. More than it, a mobile-only site is perfect for the new generation of the internet users and can attain the desired success. The online market is expected to be highly mobile oriented in the upcoming year.

  3. A whole new optimization due to digital assistance

    Until today, SEO and PPC were the most preferred strategies for getting your site seen by millions of unknown visitors. But the terms are changing because of the rise of digital assistants and some very new type of optimizations are being developed. Siri and Cortana are the examples of digital assistants who utilize the ongoing search engines but occasionally when they require getting the information. In this new format, the key to optimization is developing a guarantee that your business information can be easily accessed to the assistants. It discourages the method of trying to funnel audiences to a specific site.

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    2016 Upcoming trends of digital marketing

    2018 Upcoming trends of digital marketing

  4. The emerge of virtual reality

    A new era of the digital revolution is waiting for us during these following years; a great variety of virtual reality devices can be expected to release during this period. They could be either dedicated to specific applications such as video games or to the general applications. It will start when “Oculus Rift”, the most hyped VR device is set to be released in the first quarter of 2016. This release is the introduction of an entirely new medium of online advertising which will integrate the people, the popular social media platforms, the video channels and forms of direct messaging.

  5. Wearable technology and the internet of things

    In the year 2015, apple watch was introduced as the first generation smart watch, now we should desperately wait for further developed smartwatches and similar wearable technologies / devices to be seen in the year 2016. A whole new world of virtual reality is waiting ahead. One side, these devices will change the complete landscape of the local market and on the other side create the situation when there will be no fine line between real marketing and online marketing.

  6. More expenditure on advertising

    The competition and complexity have reached to the heights in the past couple of the years and trends are not showing any relief in this field during 2016. As per basic rule of economics, the increase in demand goes hand to hand with an increase in price. So, the hike in completion will simply reflect in the cost of online advertising. No doubt, online advertising is cheaper, but due to increasing price many smaller companies will be forced to be out of the landscape.

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    2016 Upcoming trends of digital marketing

    2016 Upcoming trends of digital marketing

  7. Simplification of big data

    The experts are suggesting the companies to obtain decreased yet specifically effective, valuable and plentiful data. The term big data will be highly preferred as the qualitative value of the content.

  8. Content will rule on

    The SEO tactics are highly observed by Google and with each update of Penguin, it cracks down the tricks in violation of the policies. In the same manner, each algorithm upgrade in RankBrain and Panda, it steps further in rewarding high-quality content.  So the writers and webmasters will focus on the quality and reliability of the content much more than before.
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  9. Relationship marketing

    The success of any digital online marketing campaign will depend on many things and relationship marketing will the key factor here. The main emphasis will be on building the stronger loyalty and long term consumer engagement to establish the emotional connection with the customers. We can expect a whole new level of transparency and trustability in the data providers and processes followed by the companies.

  10. Ephemeral marketing

    The year is going to be the year of Snapchat and similar kind of tools, which can be smartly applied as the platform where the users can be flocked to in order to digest social media in real time. While the younger generation of customers prefers the exclusive content with a regular upgrade. So ephemeral marketing is concerned about providing the shorter and highly pointed communication. Adapted by some leading names such as ESPN, Vice, and Comedy Central, Snapchat is offering the huge opportunities of ephemeral marketing by connecting the audience quickly and uniquely while using very less amount of their time.


So, I think this is the digital marketing upcoming trends for 2016 Predictions. With this digital marketing article, we are trying to cover what upcoming trends for 2016 are going to bring for us. Please note the digital marketing trends are just expected ideas, there is no assurance that these will rule or even exist If you have any recommendations running in your mind for digital marketing 2016 trend then please share with us.

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