How to Make Money by Selling Your Art Online in 2018 [Updated]

Today, we are going to share some great ways to make money by selling your art online. We hope you liked our yesterday’s blog, in which we described the different ways to make money online. Today’s blog is an offshoot of yesterday’s post, however with some differences. While yesterday, we discussed many different sources and scopes to earn money online, today we will cover in details the money earning potentiality of one specific sector – Art and Creativity. If you are the artist, have some great portfolio ready to showcase, and are looking for newer ways to make money by Selling Your Art Online, this blog is certainly written for you.

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The Internet has changed the way we work. It has reduced the unemployment rate to great low because it has given a massive number of skilled folks a great way to monetize their talent. Other than that, the Internet has virtually changed your work ecosystem. You can sit at your home while working for any client from anywhere in the world. Thereby, other than gaining on an improved ecosystem to launch your skill set, you can even save your valued time and effort. If you can write well, you can become a freelance writer. If you can market digital products well, you can become a digital marketer. If you have creativity honed offline, you can still monetize and avail the so many wonderful benefits online. For instance, if you are an artist with a number of great portfolios, you can host them online, and get a chance to earn money. There are a number of ways you can earn money online as an artist by Make Money by Selling Your Art Online. With this article, we are introducing you to those ideas –

  1. You can earn money by developing a custom-designed portfolio blog, which can even be populated with news, and custom articles around the topic
  2. You can join stock websites, and different other potential sources to host your portfolio there.

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Make Money by Selling Your Art Online

Let us guide you the process of Selling Your Art Online

Process Of Selling Your Art Online

1. Earn money as an artist by developing a blog

You can earn some great amount of money by developing an art-only blog. The blog can be used to host your original artwork. You can even make the blog popular by writing art-specific articles and covering latest trends and news about the industry. The blog can be made popular if you consistently work around it.

You need to post daily articles on it and make the posts go viral by posting them on social networking websites. When it comes to earning money, you can earn money online from the blog in the form of PPC ads, paid advertisements, promotional articles etc.

You can even sell the blog on website auction websites after a specific time and earn a nice yield from it. However, while working on the blog, ensure that you are protecting your artwork with proper licensing. Make sure no one can use your work for their own benefit without having you to give credit.

2. Earn money by hosting your work from specialized sources

Here comes the lengthy part. There are a number of websites which offer you the possibility to host your work on their website. As a user the benefits that you earn are you can sell your art or work with them, you can develop a dedicated fan base on those sites who always keep waiting for new uploads from you, you can even become a thought leader in those websites etc.

However, the most direct reason for you to join those websites is to sell your artwork.

There are a variety of those websites which offer you the scope to host your work and Make Money by Selling Your Art Online, this article covers some.

Make Money by Selling Your Art Online

13 Best Places To Make Money By Selling Your Art Online

1. 500px.comStore, share and sell your photos here. The website has some really cool entries from some great artists. It features work of newcomers and experts. To sell your artwork, you need to open a store account, which can be free or paid.

2. AbsoluteArtsThe website is touted to be one of the most visited websites for artists. It offers free to premier levels of engagement for artists to sell their artwork. As an artist, you can feature your bio and portfolio with a shopping cart.

3. AftcraThe websites says proudly “the place to buy and sell one-of-a-kind goods proudly crafted by American hands” You can freely set up a storefront here but product pricing must be $10 and higher. They charge a nominal fee on the sales made of your account online.

4. AmazonInitially requires an invitation, once you are in, possibilities to earn money is so much more. You can sell any number of art and connect with so much more buyers. Amazon is the lord for artists who want to sell their original artwork to a great number of audience.

5. – A very highly valued website, it is highly popular among artists. Features such as Artists Rising and print on demand service gives artists added scope to evenly promote and sell their artwork.

6. ArtHogThe website showcases work with new talents. They usually charge a nominal fee.

7. ArtidThis is an exhibition space where as an artist, you can sell your artwork Each artist gets his or her own online gallery and blog. This is an inexpensive website with the relatively very little effort required on the part of artists to sell their work, albeit you need to be very creative.

8. ArtIndianIf you are an Indian artist want to promote your artwork for free, you can join the source.

9. Artistically SocialThe website is a great blend of e-commerce and social. Free to use, you can create your profile, upload your artwork and sell your work. They take a commission out of the sold artwork.

10. Vango-  One of the great websites which are usually recommended for new artists with talent. They have a great interface and the use of features is too simple.

11. EzebeeIt is yet again a free platform where you can sell your original artwork. They have offered all the necessary help for artists such as creating an account, social media, blog etc. Becoming a user and selling your work to a dedicated base of growing audience is ted simple and fun.

12. Touchtalent  – An Indian website, you can upload, manage and sell your work. There is both paid and free membership to choose from. You can even join events to promote your work of art.

13. EtsyEvery artist knows it. Talented folks can set up their own store and start earning money from the sales. Vintage goods and supplies are allowed. Listings and transaction fee applies.

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List of 21 Websites to Make Money by Selling Your Art Online

  1. Fab
  2. Folksy
  3. FotoMoto
  4. Gallerizt
  5. GalleryToday
  6. InkyGoodness
  7. MakersMarket
  8. MySoti
  9. Pinterest
  10. RiseArt
  11. SaatchiArt
  12. SellUrArt
  13. ShairArt
  14. SiOTTGallery
  15. Skreened
  16. SpartaApp
  17. Vida
  18. WallSpaceExchange
  19. Zazzle
  20. Zibbet
  21. Craigslist

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These are some of the most popular used websites which you can use to make money by selling your art online. If you need more advice as to how to start earning money online using your skills, you can read our earlier articles.

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