10 Ways To Increase Google Adsense CTR and Revenue

Today, we are back with some important tips to increase Google Adsense CTR and RevenueWe all know about the Google Adsense is a prime advertisement program for bloggers as it offers many advantages to the newcomers in the field. A blogger can increase its revenue through Google Adsense in a very smart and interesting manner.

The latest interphase of Google Adsense has combined many simple and attractive features to boost up the advertising revenue as well as quality betterment. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips or tricks for earning online money through this leading advertisement program(Google Adsense).

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Top 10 ways to increase Google Adsense CTR for higher revenue

1. Size or location of the advertisement

This is the factor that determines the level of success or the failure of the advertisement campaign and attaining the desired CTR. A blogger needs to place the Google Adsense ads within the content or at above the fold. Here a thing is specifically be noticed that above the fold ads are more effective in comparison of the below the fold ones. It is also wise to develop your website design that can simply blend the both styles.

A thing that the bloggers often avoid and underestimate is the “link-based advertisements”. If you manage to properly optimize them, they won’t let your CTR of the main ads decreased. While you are designing your website, you need to determine whether it is aimed to be earning income through Google Adsense. If yes, then keep a Google Adsense heat map in your concentrate and craft some themes and designs for your website which can easily suit to the Google Adsense optimization procedures.

While in the Adsense world, the size really matters, have some idea of the best performing Adsense sizes:

  • A large rectangle of 336 * 280
  • 300 * 250
  • 728 * 90
  • 160 * 600

2. Organic traffic

If you are entertaining your most of the traffic through the search engines, there are better possibilities of the performance of the Google Adsense ads. Such ads simply have the remarkable preference over interest-based advertisements. It is a common complain that there are very low CPC and the low Google Adsense income despite a number of monthly impressions is in the millions. A possible reason for this can be the traffic sources and the CPC. You need to focus your efforts towards the major countries like UK or USA so that you easily end up getting higher CPC.

3. Add an extra revenue source as “Adsense for search”

With Google Adsense there are many ways of monetizing a website, you just need to try all the provided ad types and figure out the one or the set of some really beneficial ones for you.  While you are using Google Adsense for Search, it not only facilitates you to monetize your website but also gives an additional advantage with user navigation. Here, it is essential to have the adequate knowledge of the basics of setting up Google Adsense for Search.

4. Make the ads more relevant to the Adsense section targeting

Google Adsense actually provides a fine contextual ad network that works oriented to the content of your web page ad also combines the header and the footer of the page within it. In this way, the Google Adsense presented ads are highly relevant to the context of the subject matter of the article.

Here comes a quick technique called Adsense section targeting that simply adds the two code lines before and the content in order to target the ad to the content.

Google Adsense CTR

5. Text or image ads

Though there is a huge discussion between the people who like or dislike the image ads with the Google Adsense programs (some protest the image ads as they believe that placing of image ads can block an ad type and also decrease the competition on your ad and also the CPM), the experts advocate to apply the images and the text ads equally on your website.

6. Ads between the posts

In order to increase the income through Google Adsense, you can think about matching the Adsense with the page background and color. You furthermore can add the 468 * 60 image ads as well as the text links in between your article. If you want to entertain your readers with a good user experience, you can attach some relevant pictures also. One thing that is special needs to be considered that there must be enough space between the ads and the content on the web page so that there may be no violation of the Google Adsense policies and guidelines.

7. Placement targeting

This is a simple, most beneficial yet, not very popular idea among the bloggers. Whenever a channel is created, the creator has the option to add the details regarding the ad type, when done with it, the ad is put up for the auction in the market by opting for placement targeting. This simply increases the competition and naturally the ad value on your website rises. Here you are suggested to improve your capability to customize every channel manually. The suggested process for this is:

Log into the Google Adsense account > My Ads > Custom > Custom Channels.

Now click on one of the names and wait till a screen pops up. Carry on with easily add the details and put a check mark at the placement targeting.

8. Adsense blacklist URLs

There is a big number of advertisers who use to pay a very little amount for per click. If you can identify the websites with poor performance, you can easily block them by using the Google Adsense ad “blacklist”. It also can be used in blocking your competitor’s advertisements to be shown on your website.

9. Adsense category blocking

It is a rather new Google Adsense interface and is very easy to apply for category blocking. Now it is very convenient to identify the ad category that is performing very poor and needed to be blocked immediately. It is always good to block the category which is getting a good number of impressions but a very low earning percentage. You can adjust it by the “block” or “allow”.

10. Experiment

While you are highly depended on over Google Adsense for your revenue generation, then the above-described tactics will surely be helpful to meet your goals. Always be open to trying the different things available in your surroundings and figure out the best one or the combine some more in it.

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Well, I’ve shared with you 10 best techniques to Increase Google Adsense CTR and revenue. If you have any suggestions then share with us.

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