1and1 IONOS Web Hosting Review: Pros and Cons Of Using 1&1 Hosting

If you want to know about 1and1 IONOS web hosting than let me guide with a 1and1 IONOS hosting review which is one of the most popular web hosting in the hosting industry. It is not every day you come across a good web hosting company, is it?

With a new website forming now and then, it is essential to find good webs hosting company first like 1and1 hosting. There exist millions of web hosting company on the internet and many use them on a ‘trial and error’ method. However, not everyone likes to move around, and some want stability with one web hosting company only.

Thus to meet your needs, we have brought the exclusive 1&1 IONOS web hosting review to your doorstep. Check Out 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Plans

Let’s start with the 1and1 hosting introduction. Being one of the largest and oldest web hosting companies in the whole world, 1&1 IONOS web hosting is now eyeing the position of best web hosting company in the world. This Germany based company was founded in the year of 1988, and the company is owned by ‘United Internet’.

Although there cannot be a one and only ‘best’ in cases of web hosting companies, there can be a good analysis of 1&1 web hosting regarding topics like why it is good and why it is not. And if you have not used 1&1 hosting ever in your life, keep reading.

1and1 Web Hosting

1and1 IONOS Web Hosting Plans and Features

But before we start analyzing the pros and cons of 1&1 web hosting, let us have a look at the features and plans of this web hosting.

1&1 IONOS Hosting Features

1&1 web hosting has many great features that attract a lot of users daily. We have enlightened some of those great features here–

  • Shared Web hosting option where you will be entitled of one free domain.
  • Offer VPS web hosting
  • Offers WordPress web hosting
  • Great Email setups
  • Attractive email marketing options
  • Lots of security features such as SiteLock etc.
  • Keeps up with Decent Uptime
  • It has a satisfactory customer service
  • 1&1 offers money-back guarantees.

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Plans

With 1&1 IONOS hosting, you will get the options of three plans mainly– Basic plans, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Pro. All three have many attractive features and offers. Have a look.

Plans of 1and1 Web Hosting


The basic plan for 1and1 IONOS web hosting starts from $7.99 a month. However, for 12 months you can use it for $0.99 a month. The basic plan is great for anyone who is new in

The basic plan for 1and1 web hosting starts from $7.99 a month. However, for 12 months you can use it for $0.99 a month. The basic plan is great for anyone who is new in the market. The RAM of the basic plan is 2.5 GB and the storage limit is up to 100 GB. With the help of the basic plan, you can only manage 1 website only. Apart from that, it offers many other features as well such as SSL certificate, 1 domain, 25 Database, 500 E-mail accounts, and 24X7 services. Also, you will get one domain free and 2 GB email storage per account.


Perfect for one or several big projects, 1and1 IONOS hosting unlimited plus comes at $9.99 a month. However, for the first twelve months, you can get it at $4.99 a month. With up to 6 GB RAM and unlimited storage, this plan has many great features such as unlimited websites, unlimited database, unlimited email accounts, 1 domain which is free for the first 12 months, SSL certificate and 24X7 customer service.


If you are about to open an online shop or you are involved in any intensive web projects; this plan will be perfect for you. It comes at $14.99 a month; however, for the first twelve months, it will be only $8.99 a month. With up to 9 GB RAM and unlimited storage option, you will also get many other features as well such as unlimited websites, unlimited database, unlimited email accounts, 1 domain which is free for the first 12 months, SSL certificate and 24X7 customer service. As this is a pro plan, it has other features included too such as SiteLock Basic, CDN with Railgun etc.

Check Out 1&1 IONOS Hosting Deals

Pros and Cons Of 1and1 Web Hosting

Every product has their own line of pros and cons and 1and1 web hosting is not an exception. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of 1&1 hosting.

Pros and Cons Of 1and1 Web Hosting


Apart from the world’s largest and the oldest brands in the case of web hosting, 1&1 has many other pros as well. Let us have a look.

  1. Price

    1&1 hosting plans are more affordable and cheaper than any other web hosting company. They provide 12 months of introductory offers in every plan which makes their service more affordable. Also, they provide unlimited offers for every plan except the basic ones and it helps lots of users who are on a tight budget. Also, their space and multipurpose options are something you can never expect on such a cheap plan.

  2. Relative Options

    One of the greatest pros of 1&1 hosting is that they provide many other services besides web hosting. Although they started as a web hosting company, now they provide many other relative options as well such as daily server backups, many apps to install within their backend e.g. WordPress and Joomla etc.

  3. Relative Performance

    1&1 hosting has a decent uptime and they are claimed to have verified 99.9% uptime. Apart from that, 1&1 web hosting is capable of sending files to a browser at a very fast speed which is one of their pros. Also, the servers of 1&1 web hosting respond almost immediately. Besides the immediate responsive quality, they provide customers with unlimited storage options which are a great relative performance on their behalf.

  4. Customer Support

    Last but not the least, the customer service of 1&1 hosting is truly great. They have a very responsive customer service board that almost responds to your queries almost immediately. Unlike many other web hosting services, 1&1 hosting has a 24X7 phone service and live chat option. So, it is a great web hosting for amateurs who generally have many queries.


Just like the series of pros, 1&1 IONOS hosting has many cons on their bags too. And if you are about to use 1and1 hosting, it is essential to know about their cons first. Have a look.

  1. User Experience

    The first ever con of 1&1 hosting is their user experience. 1&1 has a very complicated frame to work with and the whole process is frustrating. You will face many problems while using 1&1 hosting. In case of domains, it provides a never-ending upsells which is annoying, to say the least. Also, the DNS system of 1&1 is complicated which only gives a bad impression. Apart from that, 1&1 makes all the super-technical features more available than the necessary ones. Overall, the user experience of 1&1 hosting is not quite good at all.

  2. Backend Setup

    In case of Backend Setup, 1&1 hosting use CPanel which is their own customized backend setup. And the whole experience of their own backend setup is not good. They have a complex technical facet and also they do not provide many options to those who have their domain name registered with other domain name providers such as Namecheap or GoDaddy. Also, the CPanel use only makes the whole process much complicated– setting up a profile to use too, everything is much more complicated with 1&1 hosting and their backend setup system.

  3. Performance

    Although we have discussed earlier that 1&1 hosting does a lot better in case of performance than any other web hosting company, it still has many lacks too. They have a relatively slower speed than any other web hosting on the internet. Also, they make your other system go slow too.

  4. Customer Support

    Customer service is one of their pros, but in some cases, they just lack in providing a good customer service experience. The customer service providers of 1and1 hosting are not well-trained as expected and their service takes a lot of time to resolve any situation. It can be pretty good for those who are well acquitted with such web hosting situation but not for the first time users.

1&1 Web Hosting Best Deals and Plans

1&1 IONOS HostingComparison With Other Web Hosting Solutions

If you compare 1&1 IONOS web hosting with other web hosting solutions, 1&1 may excel in others in various aspects such as pricing system, customer service, features etc.

However, if you want to have a web hosting solution that goes for a relatively less complicated technical feature, you might go for other web hosting solutions such as InMotion Hosting or Web Hosting Hub etc.

Although no two web hosting service can ever be compared perfectly, 1and1 hosting has lacked in some serious cases which are hard to overcome. But 1&1 hosting is perfect for anyone with a tight budget.

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This is all about the 1and1 IONOS hosting review. In the era of digitalization, the internet has a pool of web hosting companies, and you can choose anyone from that bunch, no? And most people go for that solution that has the largest and the oldest name tag on it. But it is not always wise to go for the oldest one. However, in the case of 1&1 web hosting, it is swift and cheap. If you are just a start-up and have a cheap budget, 1&1 hosting is perfect to go with. But if you are looking for a more simplified version, it is better to go for any other web hosting service. Apart from that, it solely depends on you. Choose wisely according to your purpose.

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