Linksmanagement Review: Organic and High PR Backlinks service

Looking for backlink service then linksmanagement is best for you. Today, we are going to discuss where to buy backlinks for your site. So, start with the introduction of Linksmanagement Organic link building service

Linksmanagement is a sole approach known for its transparency and using it, you will avail the option of viewing the website even before any of the links is purchased on them.

Additionally, you will be paying only for the backlinks which pass the Page Rank (briefly as PR) to your blog and aids boosting SERP value on google.

If you target to remain high on the google search then you have to boost your counts of backlink and for this linksmanagement is the recommended tool.

It is a backlinks marketplace that lets a webmaster buy high PR6, PR7, pr8 quality backlinks at affordable rates(starting from $1 per link). It is completely a white hat method and you would not be placed in any danger, once you buy backlinks from linksmanagement.

Linksmanagement offer PR6, PR7, PR8 Backlinks from actual PageRank Pages.

As Linksmanagement provides relative backlinks, you can merely discover relevant links from links’ directory accessible and can add maximum of 500 characters relevant to your link. This must be followed as it is useful to reduce the risk of getting penalized by Google.

linksmanagement seo service

Get High PR Links Now

Step By Step Guide To Using linksmanagement High PR Backlink Service

Getting an appropriate, worth, and relevant backlink is a lengthy process as you will need to search for the websites which avail backlinks.

Then you need to look for the metric of these websites after which a webmaster checks if the site is genuine or not.

So to cut out that lengthy and hectic process, linksmanagement accomplish all this work through steps which are explained below:

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1. Make a semantic core: A list of appropriately targeted keywords

Initially, you need to carry out keyword research and make a huge list of targeted keywords that are relevant as well as useful.  Forming these keyword lists will simplify your tasks by eliminating unnecessary keywords to degrading your PR.

2. Estimate the cost of Top 10 for your keywords

After judiciously choosing keywords, now you need to carry out competition research with a determination to find and focus on those keywords, which you can afford. Without identifying the cause of low ranks, you will not understand the probable ways in the steps of linksmanagement.

linksmanagement backlink service

3. Build links slowly and steadily

After estimating the cost, you can start for getting backlinks. For this, you need to buy backlinks, but don’t hurry up, in order to look normal to Google, your link building must be carried out slowly and steadily. For this, start to build links maximum of 5 links per day at the initial stage and then keep on increasing this number.

Acquire backlinks with unique, different anchor texts and different keywords:

Organic link building service

If you want to get high PR6, PR7, PR8 backlinks, then you must follow 4 sub-steps as explained below:

a. Acquire links for different and unique anchor texts

This step focuses on getting backlinks that contain unique anchor text unmatched from the rest and implementation of different keywords. For instance, if your keyword is ‘link building strategies’ and you deliver it mainly for America business owners, then your anchor texts might look like this:

  • Link building strategies for America
  • The American link building strategies
  • Link building in America, etc.

b. 25% of your anchors should contain the URL of your website or even just consist of your URL only

This step suggests that you should include URL as a part of your anchor text.

For instance:

  • offers high-quality link building
  • acquire quality links through

c. 25% of your anchors should contain your brand name or domain name of your website

This step explains that you should include the band name or domain name of your website, you are targeting as a part of the anchor text.

For instance:

  • Linksmanagement offers high-quality link building service
  • Linksmanagement focus on Organic link building
  • Llink building service available at

d. Use multiple different keywords in every link building campaign

This step suggests that for your promotion to seem natural, you must always make use of various different keywords in every link building operation. For this, you can make use of synonyms or close terms, matching with the targeted keywords.

For instance:

4. Include content into your links

It is typical that links enclosed with some meaningful content appear more natural to Google. If not done so, increasing ranking with the target of backlinks may seem very doubtful to google and might levy the risk of penalties. If this content highlights your targeted keywords, then it will include an additional link combined to your backlinks.

5. Get backlinks from pages with various SB Rank

As PageRank is no more updated, linksmanagement has now formed its own approach that helps to comprehend the value of the certain page i.e. SB Rank. SB Rank can be easily computed on the basis of DA and PA index after you determine page rank.

buy backlink high SB Rank and PR

6. 20% of links must relate to the inner pages of your website

This step suggests that you focus on 80% of links to point to the homepage and the remaining 20% of the inner pages of your site. This approach is particularly significant for large sites with several web pages included. It is observed that sites that have backlinks pointing to every page of a website, containing inner pages, have far better rankings than those that contain all backlinks pointing towards their homepages. This also helps indirectly in getting high PR backlinks through this 20% devoted to inner pages.

A backlink from some sites like CNN, CNet, and Yahoo is a huge signal to Google. For the purpose of link building, for high PR backlinks target on getting more than PR2 or PR3 backlinks from registered as because higher the PR better is the link management.

Buy Backlinks from High PR

7. Consider the implementation of on-page optimization

Presently, linksmanagement is imperfect without an appropriate on-page optimization strategy. For this, create at least 50 pages with non-plagiarized content in which each page must include a minimum of 500 words with optimization of keywords.

8. Lastly, track the outcomes and go through these 2 things

This last step suggests once tracking the entire process and going through these small 2 steps:

  1. You must anticipate for rankings improvement from your link building strategy and not on increasing traffic.
  2. You must routinely track variations of the site ranking all over the first 100-200 search results using tools available, but not manually.



The above described are important steps in the process of linksmanagement recommended to be followed. Following these steps, you will observe simplified backlinks management and greater PR for your website.

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