Hosting24 Review: Pros and Cons of Using Hosting24

In present time, starting a website has become easy and it does not involve any rocket science to start a website for your business. It only requires domain and hosting. There are many well-known and reliable domain registrars so finding a Domain Registrar is very simple. However, when the matter comes to get a reliable web host, there comes difficulty. Hosting24 has proved to be an excellent hosting along with excellent customer support, domain checker & hosting plans. Moreover, it offers free domain with hosting.

 It is one of the best web hosting as basically, it is an unlimited web hosting which is designed to meet your requirements. Moreover, its packages are so carefully crafted that it includes the essential tools for beginners as well as for developers. Its team has studied the hosting market for more than ten years, so they are capable to present the cheapest prices as compared to its competitors.

It is usually observed that whenever you decide to create your website, selecting an ideal hosting pack is actually the finest part of it. In case you do not focus on this matter seriously, it is possible that you would repent later for hosting your website on a bad hosting company. Now, let’s have a look to the details of Hosting24, along with its features, pros, cons, etc.

What is Hosting24?

Hosting24 is a well-known hosting company which began its journey in the web hosting industry since 2004. The company is known to be younger than its competitors hosting companies like Bluehost, iPage, Namecheap, etc. Basically, it is a web hosting company that provides shared as well as VPS hosting services. Located in Cyprus, the company offers excellent service. It is regarded as one of the new players in the hosting industry, and still it is capable to present an extensive range of shared as well as VPS hosting packages at affordable rates. Many people also refer it as the best website builder because it allows building you the website in convenient and affordable manner. Moreover, it presents service of free domain; hence, lots of people get attracted to use its service. Also, it presents Cheap domain so the hassle of domain purchase is almost reduced.

Why hosting 24?

Hosting24 is known to be one of the finest web hosts on the market. The company exactly knows what the users need for their website. Since 2004, the company continues to provide its best service without any hassle. So, people go for it.

In addition to that, this hosting service has managed to reach 99.9% uptime and contrasting to similar other providers, it offers a link wherein one can easily confirm that by own. Its service of great support and instant live chat support with minimal wait time has made its hosting service popular.

The features of Hosting24 set it apart from its competitors. The hosting service comes with lots of useful features for the users. Moreover, the features are found to be easy to access and affordable as well. This makes it one of the best hosting service provider.

Now, let’s have a look at its features:

website builder of hosting24

Features of Hosting 24

1. Website Builder

The important feature is free website builder. This is because every site that is being hosted on a Hosting24 platform are WordPress ready as well as they are characterized by visual web builders.

2. 99% Uptime

This hosting service provides 99% Uptime Guarantee free. Hosting24 is extremely proud of the pros of their uptimes because it is actually 99.9%. In case when anything wrong happens in this regards, the hosting provider receives an instant alert through the help of their monitoring system. Moreover, they are standing by to address it directly. Its rock stable services make use of a premium datacenter, accompanied with zero network downtime. Its dual tech system architecture functions to backs up all the systems with the help of this high uptime. Many users its service because of the feature of 99.9% uptime guarantees.

free domain name


3. Free Domain Hosting

Hosting24 presents the feature of free domain hosting. It provides the privacy of an individual domain so every user has no hassles of use of the domain. Moreover, it provides ease of unlimited storage as well as unlimited bandwidth by its feature of free domain hosting. It also works as domain checker.

hosting24 domain checker

4. PHP

The hosting provides facilitates free PHP hosting. It allows support of an advanced version of PHP as compared to other web hosting and also on a free basis.

5. MySQL Hosting

Along with providing free PHP hosting feature, this hosting service facilitates free MySQL hosting. It supports execution of MySQL database in an easy way and also on free basis. Hence, the hassle of database use gets reduced.

cpanel hosting of hosting24

6. Free Cpanel Hosting

The hosting service offers free Cpanel web hosting admin panel. It is found that the customers are very satisfied by the Cpanel features as it provides softaculous, in association with instant backups, hotlink protection, an IP deny manager, web file manager, and many more utility. Hence, its cPanel hosting is famous.

7. Website Templates

It provides customers with free website templates. It is observed that the hosting provider presents you with thousands of stunning templates.

8. Billing Software

It provides billing software on free basis and this is very useful for accounting as well.

9. Proxy Server

Hosting24 also offers free proxy server.

Discussed above are the prominent features of Hosting24, let’s have a look at its other main features:

1. The hosting service’s swiftly functioning and loading servers enhance the customer satisfaction because expediency is recognized as a key in the field of web hosting business. Their assurance for fast and stable service is further improved by the greatest up to date software as well as hardware options.

2. Hosting24 works to implement the greatest advanced web development techniques. This includes thousands of stunning templates, website builders, and impressive features like PHP and Cpanel support.

3. In order to prevent the loss of data or information, the hosting provider implements RAID disk arrays, recognized as a method which is not always observed on challenging web hosting sites. Moreover, every account is being backed up on the weekly basis.

4. Its money-back guarantee is ideal for the risk-averse type of web hosting user. Besides, each and every customer is allowed to cancel service in a timeframe of 30 days, provided they are discontented with the web service.

5. In case your web content is accessible on an external service, you are allowed to transfer it the server of Hosting24 on free basis.

6. Apart from various website building features, this hosting service presents fine convenience of email service too and it is found that few web hosting competitors do not present this. The service corresponding to the convenience of email service includes many different email accounts, mail forwarding, spam protection, as well as autoresponders. It helps to simplify the procedure of communication because it facilitates you to use key mail providers simultaneously with accompany of the email service of your web host. In order to get finest results, this can be attained by forwarding emails from your key mail providers directly to the email account of your web hosting. So, this hosting service permits you to do everything in one go.

7. Its web hosting features comprise of unlimited bandwidth, free premium domain, unlimited disc space, sic space, free account setup, instant free activation, and other useful features. With a purpose to further improve these features, the hosting service provides a solid IP address, apart from the individual domain’s privacy.

8. The hosting community provides different customer service option, targeted to notify and instruct their users and clients. Among that the first is the frequently asked question option, providing answers to the typical posed inquires. Doing this enhances user experience.

cpanel hosting of hosting24

Hosting 24 Packages

The hosting service from Hosting24 usually ranges from silver to gold. However, a majority of services accessible on gold are even accessible on silver premium plans. Its package comes with a cheapest shared hosting plan. In order to understand its plan, for instance, in Single Web hosting plan, customers can have only one website with 10 GB disk space as well as 100 GB bandwidth. Moreover, it t supports 1 MySQL database as well a 1 email account.

The below table explains details on shared web hosting plans and details on VPS hosting account:

Shared Web Hosting Plans of Hosting24


VPS Hosting Plans of Hosting24

VPS x1$14.8410GB1TB111024 MB
VPS x2$29.6820GB2TB122048 MB
VPS x3$44.5230GB3TB133072 MB
VPS x4$59.3640GB4TB144096 MB
VPS x5$74.2050GB5TB155120 MB
VPS x6$89.0460GB6TB166144 MB
VPS x7$103.8870GB7TB177168 MB
VPS x8$118.7280GB8TB188192 MB

Hosting24 Packages

website builder of hosting24

Let’s have a look at Pros and Cons of Hosting 24

Pros of Hosting 24

Let’s have a look at the pros:

1. Pricing

The pricing structure of this hosting service is affordable to customers. The silver plan starts at less than $5 and it offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and unlimited emails.

2. BandWidth

Customers liked the aspect that it comes with large disk space and bandwidth. At an affordable price, unlimited disk space and bandwidth can be used.

3. Backup

It provides instant backups. This is because the hosting company is very concerned about the valuable data of customers, so they provide the backup service on free basis which backs up your content automatically every 7 days.

4. Cpanel Support

It provides excellent Cpanel support as it provides control panel license. The license is found to be simple to use, navigate and also manage the website. As it is available on a free basis, it helps to earn extra points for its fame. It is found that Cpanel is a very useful tool which Hosting24 offer to its customers. Irrespective of what type of hosting plan you select, like, Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting or Reseller hosting, you will surely avail the benefits of a single portal providing convenience to manage all your domains, make personalized emails as well as FTP accounts, while keeping in mind aspects of security, It also assist you with the software packages installation.

hosting24 unlimited reseller

5. AD Support

Customers are benefited from its ad support. It works to support a variety of ads.

6. Email Support

The service is popular for its email support because unlimited email addresses can be created.

7. MySQL & PHP 

You can get full PHP/MySQL support and also an advanced level of PHP is provided for use.

8. Customer Service

Hosting24 provides excellent customer support. It provides the support through the help of live chat, which helps to connect the customers instantly to one of their support agents. Customers can also connect with a technician or a customer service rep. Due to this, user reports are positive, because live chat simplifies the use of this site. Also, customers are benefited by the access to extensively regarded community opinions of this hosting service, provided by its community forum.

Cons of Hosting 24

Let’s have a look at the cons:

1. Remove Site

Some customers have noted that their website was removed without any notice. Because of this, they discontinued the service.

2. Usage

There were some problems with CPU usage initially.

3. Upload Limit

The issue of File upload limit is found among many users. The limitation to upload a file is annoying.

4. Security

As the domain and hosting are freely available, there is some concern regarding its security system.

5. Slow FTP

Customers observed slow FTP which implies that the client’s connection to the server is slow. As a number of clients use the service, and because of reduced input/output writeability of the server hard drives, the FTP is slow.

6. DNS

There is some concern regarding little DNS downtime of lower than an hour.

7. Database

Some customers experienced concern about database reboots which affects the use of a database.

8. SSL Certificate

There is no SSL certification.


The technological features of Hosting24 guarantee the function of the greatest complex websites as well. If you are looking for a site that can completely optimize your web hosting experience via help of different hosting, reseller as well as VPN options, then it is recommended to go for

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