Unplag or Plagtracker: Which Plagiarism Checker is a Better Fit for Your Web Content

Today, we are going to share Which Plagiarism Checker is a Better Fit for Your Web Content? Unplag or Plagtracker. Plagiarism is what causes a lot of rumors and may have a disruptive effect even for big names. And yes, it has long taken root in the web content too. No wonder that you come across posts about another penalty imposed for lifted blog articles, product descriptions or other content duplication.

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Penalties and bans are not the only negative outcomes of web content plagiarism. It can badly affect your conversion rate making choosy web visitors quickly leave your website without buying products or services. The truth is that meaningless or irrelevant content is often included in the SEO promotion strategy, which rarely works well.

That’s why selecting the plagiarism checker that would accurately spot any duplication is crucial for your reputation and income. Below is a quick overview of Unplag and Plagtracker for you to consider which of them is worth trying. Let’s read on to get the answer.

What sources are scanned?

Plagtracker checks texts only across the internet. That may be just enough, but the accuracy of search results is rather dubious. It often fails to detect all the matching sources. Besides, you may carry out a kind of test to make sure it is really so. Just try to check one and the same text twice. The tool may show you a bit different results with some sources missing.

In contrast to Plagtracker, Unplag is capable of running more thorough analysis of the submitted files. It can compare them with the ones stored in a user account as well as online sources too. Checking across all or only some of the selected documents will help you avoid duplicating one’s own content. As for the check against the internet, Unplag uses real-time web index. This means you get the only relevant source with matching the content.

Plagiarism Checker

Can search options be adjusted?

Getting similarity percentage alone is not sufficient to make judgments about the originality score of the checked text. Checkers that cannot skip cited passages won’t show you relevant similarity index. They simply consider even acknowledged sentences as plagiarized.

That’s why Plagtracker is of no help when it comes to citations and references exclusion, whereas Unplag can handle it. You can either choose to skip them manually or automatically. On top of that, you may also omit matching sources with the insignificant amount of content overlap. It will contribute much to your time-management, as you won’t have to scroll down a never-ending list of sources with matches.

Which Plagiarism tool proves to be more user-friendly?

When evaluating any plagiarism tracker, you’d better make sure it is handy. If the tool allows uploading several documents for check and running simultaneous scans, it will definitely speed up your work. These are the features supported by Unplag. It can also scan selected files in the background mode.

You may easily arrange uploads in folders, name, rename, move or remove them. It won’t take long to learn how to navigate the Unplag dashboard. All spotted text similarities, citations, and references are marked with different highlighters, which simplifies your work.

Plagtracker is very primitive compared to Unplag. It won’t let you store documents on its dashboard, neither will it help with running several checks at a time. Once Plagtracker completes scanning, it highlights unoriginality. But it won’t show highlighted matches on the web source itself.

The good thing about both tools is that they specify a percentage of similarities found for each source in the report. So, you may pay attention to the sources with the larger number of matches.

Unplag Plagiarism checker

Is there any free trial provided?

Yes, Plagtracker and Unplag let users test the way they work before signing up. Plagtracker allows checking an unlimited number of texts for free. However, it doesn’t say how big one text should be. The only option available is to copy and paste the text into the search box and click the check for free button. The report is delivered rather quickly. Though, should you want to run more than one check during the day, you are likely to be placed in the queue.

With Unplag you have three free checks. Each text should have up to 500 words. The report is also provided in seconds with spotted potential plagiarism and links to duplicated sources. The Unplag free trial suggests using limited functionality. But it is just enough for making your decision to subscribe or not.

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To choose the right plagiarism checker without going over your budget, you need to consider a few things. Price, quality of checking performed and an approximate amount of texts you are going to check a week.

Still, being tempted by the unlimited availability of free checks may put you at the risk of getting inaccurate similarity scores. As a rule, efficiently working checkers use web index, which is paid, therefore, letting users run scans across the web daily would negatively affect the company budget. So, the choice is yours.

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