Top 10 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tool and websites For New Bloggers

In this list of best plagiarism checker tool. We included the term ‘New Blogger” because if you are an experienced blogger, you might already have known those great sources. Since our blog is an extensive coverage mostly beneficial for new bloggers, the term fits apt. Anyways, even if you are a blogger with substantial knowledge and looking for top plagiarism websites which can help you detect the wrong-achievers, we are glad to serve you with some useful information you can use. You may also like best free plagiarism checker online.

Read on, our extensive coverage of top 10 plagiarism checking websites. In case you think we have missed on any references, do let us know of it and we would be glad to include that. Happy reading!

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What is plagiarism?

Why is plagiarism a threat?

How to detect who copied your content?

Top 10 Plagiarism check websites for help!

What is plagiarism

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an unlawful act of copying someone’s website content – be it in any form – and republishing it without giving due credit. It is a very degrading act – and in no way dissimilar than cheating someone’s hard effort and repackaging it as original work. People who are lazy, and want to take benefits without doing anything copy someone’s website content. Google has a stricter policy in place to detect and penalize those websites. Despite that, there are folks who are so lazy and bad they would simply copy and paste content from other websites only to publish it as their own.

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Why Is Plagiarism A Threat?

One of the most crucial issues bloggers and online marketers face these days is plagiarism. Perhaps the most crucial challenges are faced by new bloggers, when they try to build up their blog with fresh and useful content, plagiarism not just demotivates them, it also puts their hard effort in a trash. Plagiarism is a threat, and it has been treated very seriously. There are legal actions that can be taken against it. But before that, you can do a lot of ways you can protect your copy from being plagiarized.

 plagiarism checking websites

How To Detect Who Copied Your Content?

As an informed blogger, you can put a copyright page. This will keep copier’s away from your website. You can even request Google to ban a website who is copying your content. You can use Google Alerts to stay informed if anyone is using your content. You can use DMCA license to safeguard your website.

Top 10 Best Plagiarism Checker Tool and Websites 

1. Plagiarism Check

This is one of the most useful free online plagiarism check websites out there to help you detect who has used your content on their websites. The plagiarism checker tool is great, offers free facilities to check an unlimited number of work. Some of the benefits offered include – Promptly generated plagiarism reports, Unlimited number of papers to check, a Large number of Internet resources to compare with, Helpful service for FREE, Constantly improving plagiarism check engine All standard file formats accepted.

2. Article Checker

Article Checker is an amazing online plagiarism checking tool, but then it is not classic, unlike other products. Unlike other websites you need not register on it to start using it, you can copy and paste to see the comparisons.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Typically very good plagiarism check website and online tool for checking if a plagiarized version of a thesis or educational documents exists elsewhere on the Web, Article Checker provides some interesting variety of reports. You can use it free of cost for accessing some wonderful result.

4. SearchEngineReports

Another best online plagiarism check tool for content writers and students, this plagiarism check website lets you view who has copied your content. This plagiarism check website has been a vital source to track the originality of website. If you don’t want your content to be used elsewhere and take an action on after an idea of where it has been published elsewhere; this website is a bonus.

5. It’s education

It is another great online plagiarism website and tool for tracking the website content sources. Other than the plagiarism service, it also offers educational support such as tuition. However, the website is more inclined to the students of Hong Kong.

6. DupliChecker

You need not register to start using the website. On the top of it, this plagiarism checker website also offers the variety of useful articles and tips about plagiarism. Although it is a great source, it offers a certain specific number of words to enter when you search for copied text.

7. Plagium

A great online plagiarism checker tool free to use website, its USP is in the fact that it tracks your copy from the web, including social media sites and news pages so even if someone had used your copy anywhere, it tracks it.

8. Dustball

The basic plagiarism checking feature on the website is free, but you need to pay for advanced features. The paid version of this plagiarism check is accurate than the free ones, still for simple checking stuff, it is a great source.

9. SmallSEOTools

It is one of the most used online plagiarism check website and tool. It has become a very known website for a range of tools such as grammar checker, plagiarism checker etc. The website is simple, and it takes a little time to track the results.

10. DocCop

The plagiarism checker tool is good for people who are worried about privacy. It does not retain any record of your search. But it does not always support all file formats. The plagiarism site has certain limited features, although it offers great results

Another one on the best plagiarism checker list is Copyscape – the industry leader in plagiarism checking if your website content is copied. But you need to use its premium features for an advanced feature.

These are some of the plagiarism check websites and tools which you can use to start tracking who has used your content. If you are defined and use these online plagiarism checker tool logically, you can track. If you have any other plagiarism website which you think is useful to add on to the list, please add it in the form of say.

Plagiarism Check websites

It is very important to use these plagiarism check websites and tools to stay updated on your website. If you have spotted on anyone has copied content from your website content, you should immediately act. After all, you write after so much research!

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