Semrush New Pricing: Killer Platform Features That Make It Worth Its Price

Search engine optimization is crucial in recent times. For any website, it is important to perform SEO for the proper results. One of the best SEO tools is the SEMrush.

Basically, the SEMrush tool is an all-in-one tool suite that is useful for boosting online visibility and exploring marketing insights.

It is helpful for digital marketers who work with SEO, SMM, PPC, keyword research, PR, competitive research, content marketing, campaign management, marketing insights, etc.

It is a solid SEO that offers all the important data you will require for a successful SEO.

semrush pricing

Regardless of the Semrush high prices, the money is worth every penny you pay for it. Firstly, visit the below link to get in touch more about the Semrush plans & pricing.

Once you have proper knowledge on the plans and pricing, you can pick the suitable plan to fulfill your needs.

To try it for free, you can click on the below link to receive access to the Semrush for a period of 30 days.

Click on the below link to benefit from 30-day free trial of Semrush:

SEMrush Free Trial

Click on the below link to know about Semrush plans & pricing:

SEMrush Pricing

 We have already written several detailed reviews of Semrush. It is a platform that we consider as the most widespread suite for anybody who is curious about online platform and willing to make a strong position in the digital race.

A lot of our readers will surely ask something or the other about the latest Semrush pricing increment.

Every new user who sign up to the Semrush platform in 2021, they need to play a bit more than us since we are old users.

But this increment results from the fully new packages and Semrush features for which we did not have access earlier.

Hence, we have decided to make a separate post on the Semrush pricing and the powerful features of the platform.

By doing this, it makes sure that Semrush offers the valuable benefits of each penny you spent. So, it is completely worth the new price.

How Did Semrush Pricing Change?

First of all the below post will discuss the new prices of the platform and notice certain things. Apart from pricing, some other things have changed with different Semrush packages.

It is known that the plan breakdown stays the same. All you need to do is signup a suitable plan among Pro, Guru, and Business account:

semrush pricing

The below section now discusses the main points of differences between these 3 packages:

Pro user

If you have already signed up for the SEMrush Pro account in this year then it is necessary to pay $119.95/month. The price increment is 20% compared to the old price.

But, the latest Pro Semrush account includes many new features. So, now you can easily set up 5 projects which earlier allowed only 3. Also, you get to use the option to easily share PDF templates and your projects in form of “read-only”. 

Guru User

The new Guru users needs to pay $229.95/month which is actually 15% increment from the earlier price. Now the Guru plan contains the integration with the Google Data Studio, offers the option to easily set up 15 projects, monitor 1500 keywords, and obtain access to the historical data.

Also, you can use the all-inclusive Semrush’s Content Marketing Platform which includes the whole content marketing workflow.

Business Account

The new Business account in the year 2021 comes with a fee of $449.95/month. The price increment found is 12%. One of the unique benefits is that now the Business users can make maximum 40 projects and obtain estimates on their online share of voice (SoV).

It is important to clear one thing –the price changes only affect new users. Hence, if you already own a Semrush account which you signed up earlier to increase then can advantage from all the latest package benefits at the old price. 

An important note: The pricing per additional has now reduced. So, if you are willing to add some extra users to a Pro plan then now you need to pay 36% lesser than before.

So, you have to pay $40. In Guru plan, the price is reduced by 43%, so you need to pay $80. In the Business plan, the price is reduced by 30%, so you need to pay $100.

Click below link to know in-depth about Semrush plans and feature comparison

Click here to know more about SEMrush plans

Semrush: Key Differentiation Points From Other Tools

When first heard regarding the semrush pricing increment at semrush, I instantly thought that are there free/cheaper tools that include similar features of digital marketing?

Yes. Now the question is -are they as powerful as Semrush? No

Is there any new comprehensive solution that offers the same value? No!

Semrush includes the broadest range of the digital marketing features ranging from SEO, content marketing as well as competitive research to digital advertising, market analysis, and social media.

Through the help of an extraordinary portfolio of different tools, several of them are the finest ones on the market. 

But in the present post, the discussion is on something else. It focuses on several aspects of the Semrush platform which attracts me to discuss more about it.

1. Mobile databases are available for all users

In the recent times of mobile-first, getting access to data for the mobile web is very much essential. So, mobile data is of prime importance.

The majority of the tools we know usually lack this portion of the digital marketing intelligence. On the other hand, the ones that contain mobile data, usually gives it away at an extra, and expensive price.

But, Semrush makes mobile databases accessible for every user, irrespective of their plan. This is very beneficial if you want to create a latest and cutthroat digital strategy for your company.

It is important to keep in mind that data on mobile competitor and desktop competitor keywords sometimes differs hugely.

semrush domain analytics

2. Semrush has the biggest keyword database on the market

Through keyword research being present at the center of all your SEO efforts, it is necessary to use a tool which holds the biggest possible keyword database.

Semrush possesses 20B+ keywords for Google. Moreover, the database continues to grow every year. Only in the year 2018, they have twice less keywords. Hence, this growth level is exceptional. 

However, what is even more significant is that it is not only about the volume of keywords but it is also regarding the quality.

It is known that Semrush is continuously updating its database with a view to make sure they possess the latest keywords included. Also, they get rid of those terms that are no more relevant.

3. Meaningful Integrations with Google Services – Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business

Several of the tools inside the Semrush suite are flawlessly combining the data from the Google Services. Actually, this is an expensive feature which is hardly observed in other tools. It does demand huge investments and new skills.

Fortunately, with the Google data, Semrush usually reflects things that other tools never would. The same holds true unless they have invested money, time, and some intellectual resources into these kinds of integrations.

This aspect is important to note because without investment of above factors, the Semrush tool cannot offer more benefits which are not found in other SEO tools. For example, with the Google data, with Semrush you can:

  • Precisely assess your own backlink profile as well as obtain relevant and precise link-building ideas. Though Semrush is implemented with the powerful backlink analysis abilities, in case you integrate your GSC data along with the Backlink Audit tool then Semrush will perfectly analyze your full real-time backlink portfolio. Moreover, it makes use of its personal toxic backlink detection abilities. The same guarantees that you are timely rejecting any harmful links to your website and also preventing any possible Google penalties. 

By making a connection with your GA account, the user also benefit from the eferral traffic counts and also from the reflected right within the Backlink Audit tool. So, it becomes quite easy to your efforts.

After attaching your GSC to the Link-Building tool, it is certain that the Semrush provides link-building ideas in absence of providing prospects you are already obtaining referral traffic from.

  • To explore the ‘not-provided keywords’ your website already ranks for, it is important to connect your GA to the Organic Traffic Insights tool. After his connection is made, the tool automatically shows which search queries (including those that Google Analytics does not display) and keywords drive the largest traffic numbers to your topmost pages.
  • Semrush’s exceptional on page seo checker is a success of comprehensive page as well as content update strategy ideas. It is found that this tool collects lots of page improvement suggestions ranging from backlinks, technical SEO, and SERP features to content improvement, semantics, and strategy. Hence, it becomes easy for you too enhance your rankings per target keyword. 

But, if you attach your GSC account, the corresponding data will assist the tool to make more precise page picks related to the prioritization and greatest-impact.

When obtaining data from your GA account, the tool collects your internal bounce rate, page load time counts, and time on page. As a result, it gives you practical enhancement ideas in respect to the user experience which is the keystone of higher conversions. 

semrush on page seo checker

4. The Semrush suite includes the best-on-the-market tool for position tracking

The Position Tracking tool of the semrush tool provides you with the daily SERP position updates for every target keywords. The same is accessible for all users, irrespective of the plan.

In case you are targeting users in varied locations then it is necessary to use a new unique feature called the Devices and Locations report. This tool enables you to make comparison of the keyword metrics from different locations.

If you have created several pages which target the same keyword, it will result into self-competition. So, the latest Cannibalization report of the tool will find out this and let you easily update your site as well as content strategy.

The Position Tracking tool from Semrush also includes the most all-inclusive range of SERP features. It contains 3-pack (local pack and hotels), displays mobile and hyper-local (down to the Zip code) search volumes. Also,  it supports multiple of languages. 

After connecting your Google Analytics account, you get more benefits. For example, you can directly import keywords from your GA account within the tool. Hence, there is no need to increase the manual effort.

5. Top-notch Site Audit tool with unique site health checks

Another powerful and famous Semrush tool is the Site Audit. This semrush tool site audit is known to be the best one in terms of health assessment of site.

There are more than 120 checks for all aspects ranging from HTTPS, AMP, and International SEO to the structured data, performance, and internal linking problems. It shows the deepest level of the site audit.

Once your Google Analytics is connected, you can go deep inside and fix better prioritization to your efforts for fixing SEO problems. Moreover, the data from your GA leads to increment in the unique pageview counts in the tool. This helps to show the high- priority pages with high accuracy. 

Besides, the GA data adds two additional checks to an already all-inclusive range. Discussing the same, you can easily check your website for orphaned pages (like site pages without any other pages linking to them) as well as pages that take more than one second for loading.

Since the page load speed is a significantGoogle ranking factors, you need to identify it.

semrush site audit

6. Impressive internal reporting capabilities and a Google Data Studio connector

For those who are managing clients or just want to enhance reports for the upper level of management, reporting is usually an exhausting and time-consuming task.

But if you decide to manage the majority of your digital marketing in the Semrush platform then reporting becomes user-friendly if you opt for automatic. 

My Reports is a reporting solution which Semrush tool offers to all its users at no extra cost.

Personally, I am a huge fan of templates such as the eady-made Semrush-customized reports that contain all the essential information in respect to a certain area for which you are reporting on:

But, if you wish, you can opt for a full or partial personalization if you want less or more info. All these are now possible in a few clicks.

It is possible to send such reports directly from Semrush to an email of your preference. You can do this on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, based on your needs. 

In case you already connected your GA and GSC accounts then can add more data points directly from these resources inside the report to display your progress from several angles.

My Reports tool even supports branded or white-label report alternatives.

7. Entire content marketing workflow coverage

Contrasting to several other tools which mainly focus on SEO, the Semrush tool is a comprehensive solution. Hence, it presents a wide perspective on online excellence. 

Certainly, the major cause behind any SEO or any other digital marketing efforts is the content. Whether you like it or not, the fact is -content is the king. 

Since the past few years, Semrush has created an efficient, top-notch Content Marketing toolkit. It includes the whole workflow of making high-quality content which fulfills the needs of both SEO and user.

Semrush’s Content Marketing platform comes with such benefits.

In short, we can say that it is a powerful toolkit packed with several tools that let you to boost your content marketing efforts. These efforts range from selecting a resonating topic (like Topic Research tool) on local or global level and implementing the best SEO practices (SEO Content Template tool as well as SEO Writing Assistant add-on for WordPress and Google Docs) to content performance tracking (like Content Analyzer). 

In case you feel that your content performance numbers are still lagging, go back to the On-Page SEO Checker. It is a tool which is made available for all users to receive ideas for strategic content as well as page improvements.

8. True and affordable competitive intelligence

Initially began as a tool for competitive intelligence, now, the Semrush has transformed into a suite that helps to receive both competitive and market insights. In this regard, it also focuses on traffic trends.

Probably, it is one of the most cost-effective competitive intelligence solutions. This is because it includes:

  • High-level market insights (competitors traffic estimates, traffic trends, and user behavior stats, top competing offers, key industry players audience generation tactics, market benchmarks); and 
  • More detailed insights on your competitors’ marketing strategies – whether it is organic search, digital advertising, SEO, content and PR, and social media.

Click on the below link to try out Semrush New Pricing and Packages:

Click here for SEMrush New Pricing

FAQs on Semrush Pricing & Plans

1. What is Semrush’s new pricing?

Depending on the Semrush new plans & pricing model, the pro plan begins at $119.95/month. The guru plan begins at $229.95/month, and the business plan comes at $449.95/month.

2. What currency is Semrush pricing in?

The Semrush pricing is mentioned in US dollars.

3. Are there any hidden fees associated with Semrush plans?

No, it does not involve any hidden fees other than upfront pricing. You just need to pay for what is stated on their website.  

4. Can I switch between Semrush plans anytime?

Definitely, with Semrush, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you want. Also, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

5. What happens to my Projects if I cancel my Semrush subscription?

After your Semrush subscription is canceled, your projects would still be active in their database. They stay active for 30 days. Hence, if you renew your account prior this grace period expires then you could continue working with your projects just like before. So, keep the grace period in mind before canceling the subscription.

6. Does Semrush offer any custom plan?

Yes! Semrush’s Enterprise plan is 100% flexible to fulfill your marketing needs. You just have to contact them to personalize it as per the needs.

7. What payment methods does Semrush accept?

All the leading credit cards are accepted at Semrush. Also, you can request for Check, Wire Transfer, or Money Order (US only).

8. What is the Semrush refund policy?

Semrush provides only a 7-day money back guarantee on each of its plan. Hence, if you dislike Semrush due to any reason, just request for a refund through Alternatively, you can request their contact form within period of 7 days after you have signed up, your foremost charge, or renewing.

9. What Customer service can I expect after signing up for a Semrush plan?

There are no hassles when it comes to customer support from Semrush. This tool consist of a team of 100 persons in their customer service. This indicates that the team is very much effective and successful at giving you the optimal value and benefits.

Whatever question you have in mind regarding Semrush concerns, you can ask them and get the solution. Moreover, their support managers supervise technical tickets and make sure that every customer gets the proper support level and satisfaction.

10. Is Semrush Worth Its New Pricing? Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Though it is impossible to name all the benefits you receive from Semrush here, this incomplete list already gives you sufficient guarantee that if you are serious regarding online business, semrush pricing is as inclusive as it becomes with digital marketing set of tools. Multiple tools are included with latest features.

Is Semrush Worth It’s New Pricing? Yes

Thus, if you ask me regarding Semrush’s reworked packages and increment in pricing then I will mention that I am very much impressed. The pricing is affordable since the suite resolves many problems and combines various tools.

Blend its efficient product abilities with friendly and fast customer service. So, you will receive the best solution to nearly all your digital marketing requirements.

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