A Beginner’s Guide To Doing Keyword Research

Beginners guide-Keyword Research ProcessIf you know what role keywords play on a website, you must not require any introduction to it. If you are new to keyword research, here’s a little brief – Your website exists on the Web because people search for your brand.

It is impractical to say everyone knows about you, so they would put in keywords on search engines that cater to your industry.

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Such as if you provide iPhone cases online, your target audience would type ‘cheap iPhone cases online’ -. Now there are so many vendors providing the service.

To outrank them and get your website clicked by your audience, you need to come at the top of SERP – search engine results pages. If you are in the first results, you are likely to get visited by your audience.

So, they searched foryou using a keyword, not by typing your name! That’s why keyword research is important. If you work with proper keywords and optimize these; you get visitors.

If you don’t optimize your website by researching proper keywords, you lose on traffic, and thereafter sales.

We will cover a detailed article about how to comprehensively search keywords in the upcoming article. Meanwhile, in this series, we will cover some basic ideas since too much of information would spoil your purpose of learning!

Keyword research, as some would put it, is not a rocket science. It is a very simple concept. You need to understand what your audience is searching about your industry, what your competitors are ranking for, and how to pick topics that you think your audience would research about. That’s it. We will, as mentioned above, will simplify the concept in simple steps

First of all, make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know of your industry. Example – if you are a blogger who needs to promote his new blog on the cupcake, your preferred topics of importance would include cupcake decoration, cupcake product, cupcake design, cupcake tips etc.

Separate your topics with subheads. Subheads with keywords

In the case of cupcake decoration, sort out some keywords such as affordable cupcake decoration, cupcake decoration tips. In cupcake product, your keywords could be cheap cupcake online, cupcake products brand etc. So, the point is the more topics you find, the more subheads should be populated with keywords

Get ideas from Google search input

If you have noticed it, when you type anything into Google, it gets you suggestions. These are great to accumulate on your keyword research.

Now get keyword ideas from your competitors. There are tools to get you an idea of which keywords your competitors are ranking for

You can even find out long-tail keywords to simplify your keyword research. With tools such as Google keyword planner, you can understand the type of ranking, type of keyword and even type of competition your industry.

While we try another article about how keyword research helps in your SEO, do let us know how you think the article.

Keywords Research Tools

1-keyword revealer.com


3-Google Adwords keyword tool

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