How to do advanced link building

12 effective and creative techniques of how to do advanced link building

The era of e-business has led to the flooding of many online sites which has converted the online space into a battle field where traditional marketing and promotion techniques has been overlapped by the complex SEO strategies and related methodologies. Each professional is highly concerned with the efforts to reach the related website and its web page to the top of the search engine. Riding on the horses of strategy and planning and targeting to get the highest traffic on the website; each SEO professional is fighting this battle where the only weapons are creativity and consideration.

How the process takes place? How do they perform it and what are the ingredients of it? The answer is their offbeat vision and thinking outside of pre-set marketing terminology. They think exceptionally, make the plans that are extraordinary and beyond the ongoing pace and take risks and build high quality links. In this article we are going to discuss some effective and creative techniques of how to do advanced link building.

Let’s start our tour of how to do advance link building and its formulation:

Best 12 link building techniques:

link building techniques

12 effective and creative techniques of how to do advanced link building.

 1- Link bait: This is the technique of content creation focusing the high quality research and implementation. The outcome of the process reflects in a great interesting, informative and educating content. This could be in any form such as infographic, blog/article or an audio visual presentation. The usual step of this process can be:

  • First do research on your topic and then visit the other websites to find out what is their vision about it.
  • Now create the content (i.e.write it) and not to remind that it should be informative and educating. Don’t make it complicated; just inform the readers about the topic and grab their attention so that they may influenced to visit your website.
  • Once your content is online, the follow up process starts; it includes reaching to the prospectus by direct emails or social media connectivity.

This link building strategy helps in generating more and more links to your website and your visibility and traffic automatically increased. With social media activities you can reach to the right people and get the full response of your efforts.

2 – Link magnetism: In this modern aspect of the advanced link building, the campaign mainly focuses on the triggering the emotions and the needs of the audiences. By this they are influenced to visit the links and get connected with the product or services offered there. Now the point is, how to develop a link magnet? It needs an incentive research of  the industry, market and customers’ preference in the near past,so that the client’s expectations can be evaluated and the solutions can be developed. Also, it includes the incentives can be created to create the awareness towards the links. This is a smarter way to establish a brand identity.

3 – Curation: If you regularly follow up the posts, blogs or the other material on the other sites in the same industry or field, it is also a very good advance link building techniques to get connected with the others’ vision and ideology. It also helps in attracting their traffic towards your site and improving relationships. Curation can prove highly profitable as it easily attracts the links, enhances the subscribers’ list, builds trust and relationships and finally improves the relationships, just by writing and following the blogs.

4 – Dead link building: Here the focus is on searching the dead links and retaining them though it is time consuming practice and needs a high value of efforts and consideration, yet the results are tremendously positive. You can use the tool provided by (linkchecker plugin)

  • That can easily present you the link status in a color scheme. The steps of this process are given below
  • First, find the pages with high possibility of broken links, relating to your common pages and resource links.  Use Google search.
  • Scan the page with Linkchacker plugin and find the broken links.
  • Contact the webmaster about the presence of dead links as it is necessary to engage first before you start up the process of link replacement.
  • Polity inform about the alternative link.

5 – Themes sponsorship and CSS galleries: You can sponsor a theme for WordPress or Joomla, that is not too much expensive and can result in massive link building. About the thousands of blogs and article are being posted online that are nicely related to your keywords so you can create as many links. The theme should be relevant to the sites’ niche. To find the theme builders who are waiting for sponsors, you are advices to search for forums like, and

6 – Ebook bait: In this link building technique , you can get the links from your competitors. Here, you need to make a resourceful e-book that can work efficiently on the e-commerce sites in defining and pricing the products and smartly hide the link that indicates your website and create some suspense that the audience will defiantly wish to reveal.

You can submit this e-book to the various PDF directories. No doubt, your competitors also will see it and in this way they can upload this e-book on their site and you can get the linked to their contacts easily and smartly. Not only the competitors but also the governmental and educational sites will be interested in your e-book page.

7 – Relationship building: If you are interested in obtaining high quality backlinks, you must consider about building the sound relations around the industry and field. This healthy relationship or networking with other websites will reflect in advanced link Building, brand promotion, enhancing your product or service and expanding the reach of your business. By this link building technique  you also get the opportunity to learn about the working style of others and their follower’s trend. The relationship building can be arranged through:

  • Social media
  • Blog commenting
  • Phone calls
  • Guest blogging
  • Emails

8 – Testimonials: As the part of link building, you can ask for testimonials about your product or services in which relation you want to create the awareness and incentives. But, you must be fully confident about the quality and performance of that particular one. The testimonial tactic simply builds the trust among the readers and visitors. And if the social media platforms are being used for this, each comment and share will build a remarkable number of quality audiences.

9 – Guest publishing: There are commonly three types of guest publishing is popular and can help to get natural links:

  • You can post the guest blogs on the other sites and automatically the readers of that site will be linked to yours.
  • Yau can invite the other bloggers of the same interest or field, to write for your site. It will simply attach the followers of that blogger with yours.
  • If your website is a member site of a group like or , any blog or information uploaded by you will catch the eye of entire followers community.

10 – Link building with local signals: This link building technique  is widely adopted by the leading websites. Google and bing like search engines also post their interviews with social reformers and documentary on social issues on the platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These social channels grab the attention of more and more audiences and people get emotionally linked with the providers site and related product or service. This link building technique  is a nice effort to build links while educating and inspiring them at the same time.

11 – Random linked wheel: In this old, traditional and still popular tactic some web pages are created with the unique content and a common link to the main site. Also these pages are randomly connected with each other on the basis of keywords. So once a visitor reaches to a single web page of the website and finds the content really interesting, he may exploring the all other links and web pages on the site.

12 – Getting listed with the top site of the industry: if you are listed along with the industry leaders, you will be simply benefit by getting more quality links. This also boosts your reputation, trust-worthy-ness and page ranks. It is not very difficult to find the blog or content ranking sites and there are many categories are provided to be listed with them some examples are:

  • Top 20 “your keyword” sites
  • Top 10 “your keyword” suppliers in country
  • Top 20 blogs relating to “your keyword”


So, these are the 12 effective and creative techniques of how to do advanced link building by which you can do advance link building for your blog or website. This advance link building technique are very effective. I will keep updating this article with new link building technique and methods. If you have any query related to this advance link building techniques article then you can comment below on the blog.

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