Ethical and Unethical SEO Tips and Tricks

Ethical and Unethical SEO tips and tricks

Fooling the society and yourself – How Unethical Ways of Promotion Haunts You Back?

Previously a web page created to promote a keyword; such as “digital SEO guide” – would rank at the top of SERP – search engine results in pages – if the whole page were populated with only this keyword. This refers to the nonstop citation of the keyword evenly circulated around the page and not necessarily constructing any sentence from the keyword.

But today, even if you write it million times or try out million old tricks to fool search engines, you are ultimately going to gain nothing – except wastage of time and useless implementation of irrelevant ideas.  However, hackers are evolving as search engines are evolving. There are many ways still in use to fool social readership on social media sites such as Twitter and Google.

While such practices are good to quickly make a visual impact, it is important to know that today’s social readership consists of intelligent folks – not just curious searchers.

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Read how unethical ways to promote yourself socially bites you back.

The old SEO tricks and tips to fool search engines work like backfire these days. Google is more intelligent than before so doorway pages, keyword stuffing are a passé. So, hackers are turning to social media sites to try their luck. There are many golden black rules in use. Sadly, many professional companies are even stooping to such practices to promote their clients’ brands. So, if you are a brand in need of a virtual facelift, read this article, and before hiring a company to do your promotion, make sure you are informed.

SEO Tricks and tricks – The Social Media Hacker’s black hat try-out

seo tips and tricks

Ethical and unethical SEO Tricks and tricks


Purchasing fake likes

The social media influence parameter is based on likes, shares, comments etc. If you are getting a good number of social happenings on your social page, hackers believe it uplifts your brands. But this trick is easily recognizable by an avid social media enthusiast. No brand can virtually gain 1 to 1 thousand likes overnight. It is impossible for a social page to get comments from a specific set of users whose public profile is doubtful. It is simple to track the trick if your posts are being shared and not liked. Such tricks, therefore, do not add values but backfires since people who constitute the genuine readership after recognizing the unethical tricks would hold the page to be fake.

Link buying tricks

Link buying tricks

Link buying tricks


Once there was a time when link wheel strategy was mostly an unethical set of ideas. People used to comment on any number of websites and purchase links to improve their website rank. But today link buying has mostly become ethical. You need to compare the links and check if their PR rank is good and then request them to link back. A good and perhaps one of the most useful way to exchange links is to write guest posts.

So, link buying has mostly turned into content marketing. Better content leads to better viewership better viewership leads to an improved set of traffic and rank. But still, there are hackers who would still purchase links from bulk link firms and exchange fake links to quickly gain on ranks. This is even applicable to social media sites. People would link with fake profiles and gain on undue advantage by tricking genuine list of viewership.

However, as we are edging towards an information revolution, the concept of competition and valued way to become popular is becoming more factual than fiction. These links strategy works like a lazy machine and never promotes a page since search engines are evolving and introducing a newer set of updated algorithms.

Google’s SEO algorithms are changing every single quarter and one of the most important mentions in the algorithm changes is to counter fake links

How unethical SEO is impacting the web?

unethical seo

unethical SEO is impacting the web

A website or social page if promoted without having to incorporate the basic principles can lead to the banning of a page. If you’re unethical SEO ways is wrongly worked, it is going impact your website. The search engines can potentially ban your website and your website could become worthless – meaning it would actually harm your website presence. Which is why you need to ensure that your website is promoted using proper SEO tricks. When we say trick it means utilizing proper and ethical SEO practices.

How to ethically promote your website?

ethically promote your website

Ethically promote your website

To promote your website and social sites ethically, it is important to work around ethical SEO practices. Do not unnecessarily stress on wrong ideas and strategies to stress on your ranking. Today you need to use content marketing to gain ranking. A good content marketing strategy means researching on your competitors, knowing how to factually gain an improved ranking and how to survive the ranking. Before you work around proper ideas to factually pull up your ranking, rather than following black hat seo, stoop to white hat seo practices.

Do content marketing. Which means you should write and publish proper content that solves the problems of your user. There are brands who regularly organize social media campaigns by relying on proper content marketing strategy. Experts believe that if your content marketing strategy is good, you do not necessarily need to work hard on your SEO.

SEO is slowly being replaced by content marketing. So, the more good and proper content you write and publish which if gets shared, you can expect proper brand promotion. But when working around your brand promotion

It is important that you work around the proper concepts. While promoting your brand you need to understand what works on the Web. So, it has become important for a brand to work around vital way to ethically promote your brand. Stooping to wrong way and starting out on back hat SEO would only impact your brand in a bad way. That’s why it has become important to properly optimize your web presence.


To know how to properly optimize your website and how to socially promote your brand,you can read our suggested articles. If you have any query related to this ethical and unethical seo tips and tricks then please share with us in comment section.

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