Three Cs of Search Engine Optimization

The three Cs of Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is an integrated procedure and combines a great deal of actions, practices, tactics, and guidelines. And, it is sometimes very difficult to arrange all its concepts and basics in a row because the industry experts are consistently searching for the innovative and beneficial measures of SEO. Still, the core or fundamental points of SEO can be pointed out in the three, as given below:

3 Cs of Search engine optimization:

1. Content:

Content is the baseline of entire search engine optimization structure. One cannot expect any possibility that his or her website will gain the nice visibility on SERPs and attract a higher traffic, if there is no keyword enriched content (text or images) on all the key pages on the website.  And it will be rather difficult for the search engine spiders to identify the value of the site. Actually, the keywords give eyes to these search engine spiders to fundamentally observe and understand the contains of a text material or the image / animation relevance. It is also a base for determining the quality and usefulness of any website. One cannot deny the importance of integrating linking to social media profiles and content so that the ranks could be improved.

With an organic, natural and useful content the SEO process can be performed in the most prominent manner. The usefulness of content is determined by its weight and this weight comes from the well-defined competitive keywords.

If you want to ensure your site’s visibility in the top ten search results, it is essential that your target phrases are properly and thoroughly embedded within the subjected page. You may add them in the title, in headlines, in the body text and at the bottom. It is the standard approach of a decent page layout and Google also accepts it. One more thing, you also should be open up to highlight the target keywords within the body text by giving it extra effects such as bold, italic, underline or connect it with a hyperlink to other relevant content.

2. Code:

Because of the increasing proliferation of database is driven content management system (such as Typepad or WordPress) the source code is standardized and bloated also. It helps in defining the layout and document also. A situation that is often experienced is that the search spiders are not always friendly for all types of programming languages. JavaScript is a fine example of such languages which is not often an easy to understand by the search spiders and they have a hard time while moving through the site.  And, it is very necessary to design the website in a standardized manner which could be universally accepted and be thoroughly indexed by search engines. The application of AD-compliant web designing is highly advised to create more visible, friendly and valuable web experience. Not only Google, but the other search engines also prefer the sites that are easy to understand by their search spiders. Once the standard is established, must be maintained forever.

three Cs of Search Engine Optimization

The additional advantage of using the spiders friendly website design layout is that it makes the site easily accessible to the broadband browsers and improves the connection speeds; ultimately to the great benefit of the visitors and their experience.  In order to proceed the source code optimization of the website, you need to make sure that each and every page is enriched with keyword optimized Title, META, and ALT tags. The keyword applied to that particular page must be relevant to its subject. For better results, you should make your domain a keyword enriched one. Actually, developing and running a crawl-able website is not a complicated process, but is a set of the generally accepted practices.

3, Credibility:

Let’s talk about the element that is vital for converting the visitors in the followers and which plays a role behind the scenes. It is credibility. Though it is difficult to measure the credibility of a website, but Google takes it especially under consideration while ranking one among the millions of websites with the similar content and the subject. In order to improve and maintain the credibility of a website in the opinion of the search engines and the visitors, and pushing it above and beyond the cut-throat competition, you need to make some sensible efforts. To perform this task in the most effective manner you should acquire backlinks from the reputed and relevant websites of the industry and are mostly searched for and visited for your target keyword term. The popularity and relevancy of the links site will directly influence and improve the credibility of your site and help in boosting its page rank. If you are linked with an authentic site, this will put some extra weight to your claim on the high rank at the SERPs.

While following the backlink building process, in order to increase credibility, always pressurize the quality over the quantity. The link building campaign is needed to perform on the different grounds and with a specific strategy. Though, local SEO is a separate term but is also an issue that relates credibility and important for an optimization of a retail business listing. The application of right keywords at the right place can help you to obtain the sales lead and rank improvement.

Prepared with the 3 Cs of SEO, you should now be able to create a highly visible and credible web presence that will grow your top-line revenues more cost-effectively and profitably than other forms of marketing.


Well, these are the three Cs of search engine optimization.It is a big thing and also can be said a bonus tip that conversion is also a must thing. Even after implementing all the parts of a well-designed SEO strategy, if the sales and leads are not showing the positive and desired outcomes, it is highly recommended to re-evaluate the entire set up. And you will find that there was a problem with conversion.

While you want the maximum conversion from the traffic, you need to keenly analyze the analytical metric of the website including site traffic and keyword strategy, so that you could figure out the method to obtaining the potential audience and converting them into the customers.

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