What Is SEO and How SEO Works

In this post I am going to share “What is SEO and how SEO works understanding of SEO?” It is very tricky to get noticed on the web.

Though you have developed unique and valuable information relating to a very important topic and also your style is very interactive and engrossing, still, you are unable to attract a good number of visitors.

To drive more traffic in a very reliable way which method is used that is achieving a high ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Of course, it is true that search engine companies usually do not share their ranking procedure, market experts are aware of their criteria and revealing the secret. Search engines are successful only if they provide useful links to the best Web sites related to the user’s search terms.

You need to develop a process so that the search engine may find that your content is right belonging to the top of the heap. Here the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) appears.

It is the aggregation of the tricks and techniques to improving the SERP position of a site.

The SEO philosophy is divided into the two parts: the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO.

In this article, we are to discuss the general aspects and terms of SEO. This brief introduction to SEO actually aims to inform you about the ground understanding of SEO.

After going through this article, you will not become an SEO expert but can understand that how it works and what things should be considered while practicing it.

For earning expertise you need to work hard under the assistance of market experts and also learn from your errors and mistakes.

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In the beginning, you should read the online and offline material relating to SEO and chat in concerned forums before beginning your own SEO.

You also need to find a good guidance so that you may have the practical knowledge about its potential and probable challenges.

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What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO can be defined as a creative and scientific online business practice that aims to gain the top position in any Search engine Result Page and make them believe that your site and the information contained in it is more relevant than the competitors and others. The entire process works on the basis of relevant keyword phrases.

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What are keywords

What are keywords?

These are actually the terms or phrases that a marketer expects with the internet users to type to search any topic on the search engine. Under the SEO practice, you pick your relevant set of keywords and create the interesting and educating content.

You need to concentrate on a limited number of keywords or a specific set of keywords.

As an intelligent trick of gaining high traffic to your site using SEO, you can create various pages focusing different keywords and cover a large number of single word terms or long tail keyword phrases.

With these specific terms, you can easily get the fine rankings and also a high rate of conversation with audiences. On the other hand, the long queries are related to greater searcher intends.

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website domain name

Use of the correct website domain name

While you are making efforts to get higher rankings for competitive terms, it is very important to acquire links. Use your keywords in your links so that they may be working for pointing at you.

The online directories and many sites are highly inclined to the links while using the keywords in your link text as well as your domain name or the official site name. It is ideal that you use the keywords in your domain name whenever and wherever it is possible.

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SEO feedback time frame

SEO feedback time frame

A thing that should be concerned while working with SEO is very important that while you are searching on a search engine you are not searching the web. The search engines catch the related links on the web. In a finite amount of time the search engine spiders find and properly index the available links and web pages.

As you are a new in the SEO field or starting to do SEO on your site, prepare your mind that it will take usually a time of at least six months or more to gain a remarkably higher ranking for a competitive keyword phrase. The time consumed can be reduced if you work hard or working with less competitive keywords.

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competitor’s strategy

Knowing the competitor’s strategy is the must

Gaining top ranking is a long time, continuous practice. Your competitors are actively working in the market a very long time and have successfully built many links over time. You should watch their links get an idea about their strategy and style.To see their links you can:

  • Search Google for link: www.Competingwebsite.com
  • Searching Yahoo for links domain: www.Competing website.com
  • Each search engine has its own set of search spiders and will show a definite different set of links to the other are not showing.
  • The search engines also find out and evaluate the links in a higher volume than they actually show as the search result. Of course, all the links are displayed as the result, you can estimate the popularity of a site by checking its backlinks.

How to build links

How to build links?

Link building is an essential element of SEO practice and plays a leading role in the success of any online marketing campaign. You can build links through the given procedure:

  • Start by registering your site in the major directories such as DMOZ Or Yahoo Directory. You also can register your clients and partners’ websites in various smaller yet niche specific directories. Before paying money for such listing first you need to check that whether the directory is providing static links or not because search engines usually don’t count the redirected links. Prefer the leading names as multiple less important directories don’t provide the links or URLs that are evaluated by the search engines.
  • You also need to develop interesting articles and press releases and syndicate them on the other sites. By using your keywords when it is possible, you can have the link back to your site.
  • Your friends, clients, partners, product manufacturers, distributors, and other related parties can actively link to your site so ask them without any hesitation.
  • You can get the links from the sites by sponsoring them.
  • Buy advertising from different related websites.

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How much SEO usually costs

How much SEO usually costs?

If you want a quality SEO for your website and hire someone else for this, then be prepared to spend money in at least four figures and you. If you are from the niche field and your domain name contains the targeted keyword, you can expect a cheaper SEO service.

Some of the SEO tasks are highly time-consuming and cost high. Same way, the long-term link building also requires a significant amount of time and money.The charges may vary on the basis of the niche and the competitive status of your field.

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unacceptable practice is punishable

The unacceptable practice is punishable

If the webmaster exploits the ethics, limits, and guidelines set by the search engines they are usually get punished. Through this, the webmasters are kept under the ethical limits and the black hat SEO practices are discouraged.

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In the future, we can expect more user-focused SEO on providing more organic, unique and quality content on the websites in an urge to attract more traffic and quality audiences on the websites.No doubt, the SEO journey will go far with many new SEO trends and techniques will be part of it.

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