What Is SEO and How It Works? A Step By Step Guide


Things you guessed but were afraid to ask?

At Digital SEO Guide, we do write in the simple language so you can understand, rather than become overloaded with facts.

Today’s post covers a very basic thing – What is SEO?

If you are a webmaster, we are sorry to say this is not your article. If you are new to blogging and want to know what you can do with SEO, don’t look away. Be with us for just 5 minutes while we guide you to the very basic foundation of digital marketing.

SEO, or as they call it search engine optimization, is both arts and science of understanding what works on the Web and how to get a credible online presence.

Let’s simplify What Is SEO?

SEO is the process with which you can rank at the top of SERP (search engine results pages) – for keywords your target audience search on search engines.

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For example; if you are new to blogging, and are very happy to picture a future in which you are a celebrated blogger, the process to achieve that milestone is not easy. You need to beat the competition and outrank competitors. You need to come at the top of search engine results from pages for keywords your audience is searching to find service providers like you.

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That’s where you need to do SEO – you need to optimize your web presence in order to get found, get relevant and most importantly to get traffic and sales.

Now, SEO is a lengthy process. It is about understanding your website/blog, finding out strengths, knowing the keywords, optimize your traffic and ensuring you keep on ranking well to pull in a targeted audience. The targeted audience is a crucial term here.

Let’s simplify with an example – If your blog is about green living, a person who sells meat is certainly not your audience. Rather your targeted audience is people who culture the concept of green living, eat vegetable and promote the concept of planting trees.

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SEO Process

seo process

What is search engine optimization

Website analysis

Keyword research

On-site optimization

Off-page optimization

Content Optimization

Link building

Analysis and evaluation

Reputation Management

Besides the steps mentioned, there are some other vital things included such as social media optimization which is a different topic but comes in terms of SEO.

Each of the steps has subheads and elaborate discussions, which would require us to cover separate articles. While we publish those steps.

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SEO Tutorials – How much return can you expect from online courses

SEO, short for search engine optimization is the science and arts of pulling organic traffic to your website using ethical SEO practices. With the importance of brands having a credible online presence is growing, the need for SEO is scaling new heights.

And with it, the need for skilled SEO is even growing. The SEO industry requires more and more skilled resources to manage the ever-evolving industry. So, if you are thinking to begin a career as an SEO, you are thinking it right!

The industry is growing at a faster rate and you can easily build a credible career as an SEO or digital marketer or content consultant or even as a digital content consultant. However, SEO is not so easy like it was once.

Nowadays you need to have the balanced understanding about the industry and should possess extra information and knowledge about how to optimize websites, and besides just SEO, you need to know how to optimize content and market it in such a way that your ideas work! This is why you need to have an SEO tutorial before you start off your career.

What general SEO tutorial covers

A general SEO tutorial usually covers some basic to advanced techniques. This could include meta tag optimization tips, keyword research, and optimization, content marketing and analytics, audience research, analytics optimization etc., besides others. A good tutorial could be both free and paid; but if it is paid, you can be sure of more improved values rather than just literary knowledge.

How to choose your SEO tutorial

There are so many service providers and free training centers that provide digital training manuals. But to choose one, you need to be cautious. Do not join any institute that is not run by skilled SEOs – you need to choose a good institute based on its course curriculum, reputation and reference of its past students. A good SEO tutorial needs to be balanced and it should be populated with the affordable variety of up to date courses that you actually require in the professional career.

Join an SEO tutorial online after you are ensured of its values – returns you need to expect.

On completion, you should have a scope to get hired by institutions that have tie-ups with the tutorial

You should be able to make contacts with leaders of the industry – if not with honchos, then at least known SEO of your country

You should be able to understand how the industry works

Basically, you should be able to start off your career as a professional consultant SEO in a company or as a freelancer. The crux is you need to be good knowledge of your industry and that you should work honestly. You can learn about latest SEO ideas, compare a course that yields great return by joining our in-house SEO programs.

SEO Tips 

social media strategies

SEO optimization for content marketing

 How content marketing is replacing the Old SEO

I still remember how SEO was taught to us in the initial days of content writing training programs. No offense but those were the days of optimizing for bots than users. We were taught how to populate keywords as much as we can yet maintaining a logical meaning of the content.

Those tricks existed because they worked and Google was not very clever enough to define what and how to set outstanding content apart from other. But today, you can not fool – either Google or users. You cannot expect your website to rank at the top of SERP – only because you have populated pages with thin content with keywords.

You need to be meaningful yet logical in terms of using keywords and writing content

Today it is about content marketing – you need to write good content and populate your website with meaningful content. Content marketing refers to writing quality content and provide useful ways of optimizing your website.

Content marketing is about writing content that your audience like to read, and then publishing the content across social channels and then promoting these in a way that these work wonders. Without a good content marketing technique, you cannot expect your website to rank well.

But that does not mean your old SEO techniques are gone. You can still use the proper variety of keywords and properly feed in the improved range of meaningful content without having to worry about content.

Content marketing is about maintaining a balance between what your users want to read and how to logically serve your readers with improved variety of words

If your website needs to rank well, and if you want to rank your site at the top of SERP, some of the important vital things are – you need to optimize your web presence, do SEO and maintain an SEO and properly variation of words. You can still use meta tags, keywords and maintain SMO to get your website listed at the top of SERP.

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To start working well with your website with the proper variety of keywords and content, you need to be logical and approach proper words and ideas. Without a content marketing plan and ideas of ranking your website, you can not expect your website to rank well.

So, it is important for you to work around some of the vita deciders. To know about content marketing ideas and etc., please make sure to read our content.

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