10 proven tips to improve Alexa Ranking of your website

10 proven tips to improve Alexa Ranking of your website

How to improve Alexa of your website?

Founded in 1996, Alexa Ranking company started to work as a Web Information company. It actually provides the information and detailed analysis of web traffic data and the rank of the website based on the traffic received by the Alexa system both nationally and internationally. The lesser number of your website reflects its higher traffic generation capacity. All the process takes place by using various specially designed tools to collect the traffic data worldwide and using its algorithms for ranking.

Now the question arises, is improving traffic rank is necessary? The answer is certainly yes. While you are a blogger, you must consider about improving your Alexa ranking for many reasons likewise better authority, nice impression on advertisers and earning a good money through blogging. It is an important factor that a webmaster Give attention to your website or blog. Even the advertisers and also Google AdSense ask for the Alexa Rank of your website.

Here are 10 proven ethical, practical and, of course, cost-free tips for boosting the Alexa Ranking for your website:

cost free tips to improve alexa ranking


1- Installation of Alexa toolbar in your browser:

At the very first, you need to install the toolbar in your browser and also recommend the others to install it in their systems. Whenever you get the traffic from the systems having the Alexa toolbar, it will count to improve your ranks. The presence of Alexa toolbar on the visitor’s system is highly required here.

2 – Put the Alexa widget on your website:

It is the step that encourages the visitors to your website to click on it. Your website and its ranking get benefited with each click made by the visitors. It can be put anywhere to grab the attention, such as in the footer area. Each time a visitor opens your website, it contributes to increasing the visit counter on your website in the Alexa traffic ranking system by 1.

what is alexa

3 – Writing the review article for Alexa:

As a smart trick, you can write articles on Alexa as it is one of the most typed keywords these days  and can benefit you to improve your ranking as well as getting links. While providing the most relevant and high-quality content, you can get easily earn a better position on the SERPs. It is quite obvious that people searching for “how to improve Alexa ranking ” have already installed the Alexa toolbar in their system.

Writing the article relating to Alexa will help your Alexa toolbar to send your traffic data to its ranking system. And when you write reviews about Alexa, you give a backlink to Alexa. And certainly, Alexa enjoys backlinks to its system.

4 – Developing quality backlinks for your blog:

Whenever you comment a website or a post, you leave there your own URL there; this is called back linking. It is highly necessary that your back linking should look natural. There are many ways to make or develop the backlinks and writing the informative, educative and interesting content is the best one. The practice of excessive back linking is unacceptable by Google and you can be penalized for this. So, try your best efforts to get quality back links from the natural sources and avoid overdoing it.

5 – Developing quality content:

This is the best way to improving your Alexa Ranks as it makes your website or post inviting to the visitors. The visitors then recognize you as the source of quality content and recommend other also to visit here. It helps in getting the quality backlinks in a natural way and also improving your website’s Alexa ranking. One should not copy the other’s content as Google spiders are smart enough to filter out the duplicate content. Pay attention to writing a good article on a fresh subject or give some good, interesting and unique opinion on any existing subject.

6 – Claim your website on Alexa:

When you do so, it shows that you are the owner of the website and this factor definitely helps in improving your site’s Alexa ranking. By providing your contact details on your website’s Alexa page, you can add the point of an authority.

7 – Post in webmaster forum:

When you are posting on a web forum, you also need to post your website’s URL as most of the time these webmasters have this Alexa toolbar installed in their system and it increases the possibility of visiting your website. The method works in many ways; at the very first it improves your Alexa Ranking and next it brings the referral traffic to your post. Whenever you comment a blog, you get organic visitors and if they own the Alexa extension it will again improve your ranking obviously.

8 – Regularly update your site or blog:

Not just writing the frequent quality posts is enough for getting a higher Alexa ranking and maintaining it, you have to update your posts consistently. It is ideal to post at least 3 to 4 posts daily on a niche blog. While it is not easy to write an article frequently, but one should try to write them in a good regularity.

The fact is – while you post the articles with a regular manner it will directly improve your Alexa ranking through improved traffic and quality backlinks.

9 – Use Alexa redirect:

You can easily use this popular trick to improve your Alexa ranking by putting http://redirect.alexa.com/reirect? In the beginning, of your website’s URL. These redirected links are also considered by Alexa for ranking betterment. As an advantage of following this method, it is not required that your visitors have installed the Alexa toolbar in their system.

10 – Buying Alexa pro subscription:

As we know that the Alexa web information company accepts the data or the information that are coming from systems having Alexa setup installed. But in case you are interested to get more accurate ranking for your blog, you can use Alexa Pro Package.  Here each page of your blog provides a code by Alexa and whenever this page is opened or visited by someone simply pass through the Alexa system and considered for ranking algorithms.
While Alexa is a completely visitor-oriented raking system, it is quite suitable for the highly targeted websites. It counts the number of visitors to your page or website instead of links attached to your website so it gives a right base of ascertain your value to the advertisers.


No one can afford to ignore Alexa ranking system as it really matters for getting the high attention of advertisers and earning a good money through blogging. As a big limitation, Alexa ranking offers an inaccurate and improper  result due to its limited collecting method. If you want to get more considerable traffic for Alexa ranking, you should focus on traffic coming from bloggers of your same niche.


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