How to improve Alexa rank of your Blog Quickly

How to improve Alexa rank of your Blog Quickly: Tried and Tested!

Summary – Alexa ranking is crucial for improving traffic and value of your blog. A blog with good Alexa ranking is bound to scale on traffic and thereby providing you results. But to improve your Alexa ranking quickly, you need to work on tips, which we are detailing. Read on, and for any query, please let us know in comment


Alexa rank

Tips To Improve Alexa Rank

A merely 10 minutes read – Serious bloggers would leave everything else they’re doing now and read this blog instead.

We are using these methods and seeing some dramatic improvements in ranking trend. You too can use them to improve, sustain your blog rank in the Alexa ecosystem! Read on, for any query you think we need to clear, or for any information input, do not hesitate to comment!

If you are confused that whether Alexa ranking matters for your blog, just enter this search query on Google



Improving Alexa rank


Upon entering How to improve ale – Google auto suggested so many commonly asked queries. That tells how many people search the term and why Alexa is so important. If you are still thinking the authenticity of Alexa, here’s more proof just type how to improve alexa ranking –



alexa rank

Alexa rank results in google search

A whopping 6, 27,000 search results! So, you must understand now how important it is for a blogger to stress on Alexa rank. If you are new to the topic, here’s a brief – is a subsidiary of The algorithm Alexa follows to rank a website is simple – It is calculated based on the amount of traffic to a website from users who have Alexa toolbar installed. Having said that, people who do not have the toolbar are not included in the traffic analysis.

There are a good number of blogs detailing a comprehensive strategy about how to improve your blog’s Alexa ranking. While most of them are good read, we will tell you the actual strategies we have seen work. Please note if you follow the process we are detailing, and maintain the best practices, it is a likely fact that Alexa rank will improve. Having said that we think a little disclaimer is important – We do not guarantee these tricks and tips always work since algorithms for ranking variation change, but the way the ranking is calculated now, if you follow the strategies, we can say we sure your ranking will improve. These tips are beneficial not just improving your Alexa ranking, these are indeed helpful for improving your overall ranking in SERP – search engine results pages.

Write content that gets you traffic

Just what we’re saying since the beginning of our launch, SEO is become content marketing these days, and with Alexa, it is no different. To get good ranking in SERP, you need quality content. To improve and sustain a good Alexa ranking, you need quality content. The logic is simple. Alexa is interested in traffic. If you will write good quality content, your blog will pull in new visitors and sustain the inflow of existing traffic. The more traffic your blog gets, the better your Alexa rank becomes. So, writing down quality content is very very important

Write guest blogs

Writing quality guest blogs helps you build a base of quality backlinks. If you write blogs on authentic websites that gets visited by people, your Alexa rank will improve. Alexa also calculates the reputation of your blog by calculating how many quality backlinks you are receiving. You can also do comment on niche blogs and thereby generate new backlinks. Although these techniques help, if you write poor quality content on guest blogs, you can expect zero results. So, at the end, it is about writing quality content!

Update your blog

To improve your Alexa ranking, an important thing is to update your blog often. If you post once in a while, generating traffic is not viable. If you update regularly, your website is crawled regularly and you get a constant pool of traffic thereby generating better ranking at SERP and improving your Alexa ranking. If you are new to blogging, post regularly. If you are an established blogger, update your blog but maintaining a very strict schedule is not very important.

Put Alexa rank widget

You install the widget on your blog from website. Just register your blog on Alexa and paste the code on your blog. An Alexa widget tells your visitors about the ranking, and it even tells you about traffic coming from Alexa. Some people doubt the authenticity of the tips, but if Alexa has made this facility available, there must be some reason.

Other ways to improve your Alexa ranking

Do on page and off page SEO for your blog

Find keywords that drive traffic to your site and maintain a holistic keyword ranking strategy

Ask people to write guest posts on your blog

Review on

These are some of the important tips you can integrate on your blog to start getting results from As we said earlier, it is about writing quality content that matters for Alexa. If your blog is of quality and you populate it with good quality articles, your Alexa ranking will improve.

Bonus tips to improve Alexa rank of your Blog Quickly – Hire guest bloggers to write quality content for your blog. It is good to hire a professional blogger and ask him/her to write on a regular basis besides posting some on your behalf on niche guest blogs.

Does Alexa ranking of your blog hold value for your web presence ?

improve alexa rank quickly

how to increase alexa rank of your blog quickly

To list on your blog ranking, you should act carefully to improve. This article details the crucial factors you want to improve or increase  your Alexa ranking. To improve on your blog alexa ranking, you should list your ideas and then rank your website. Without a valid technique and manipulating rank, how you blog rank well? Consider reading this article, and for any info; please ask.

As you have already read our above content – How to improve your Alexa ranking of your blog quickly to get a background understanding. To save on time, and want to directly find answer to the question we asked in the title, read on!

There are two dissimilar schools of thought when it comes to answering this question. One that says Alexa is a crucial part in your SEO campaign and the other that says Alexa is overly hyped and it is not the vital factor that pushes up your ranking. Although there are reasons and judgments behind each belief, we believe we should tell you what we think, backed by evidence and case studies. Read on, if you think we need to clear on some points or if you want to tell us your innate views about the matter, please let us know in the comments section. Thank you!

If you are already aware of Alexa ranking, it is nice! If you are new to it, here’s what Alexa ranking is – Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon. It provides commercial web traffic data and analytics. The company was founded in 1996, and later acquired by Amazon in 1999. It ranks website and evaluates traffic data depending on the number of traffic website. So , better a website gets traffic, better it ranks.

Importance of Alexa ranking for your blog/website

Since Alexa is a well-known entity, it is important to get on its good book. There are a number of websites that are listed on Alexa and many webmasters regard Alexa toolbar in high esteem. Alexa tries to make the Web a valued place for users. Therefore it integrates a good number of data to help demarcate info in a dignified manner. Alexa is regarded to be very important

Privacy and malware issues with Alexa

Some anti-virus software flag Alexia’s toolbar as malware, adware while some flag it as green, albeit with some restriction. Some webmasters disregard Alexa by saying only people who’ve installed it on their browser and have the codes integrated on their website pages can participate in the ranking algorithm eco system. Which means people who run their website without it, are not participating. This is a problem with Alexa and hence can be said it is not a whole form of traffic analysis.

However, since Alexa has become a popular form of data interpretation, it should be regarded that the toolbar actively plays an important role in calculative traffic generation and that the traffic generated from it is very important in terms of lead generation, and thereafter ensuring a developed web presence. Websites with good Alexa ranking achieves good traffic, ranking and trust of web masters and website visitors. So, having a good ranking in Alexa is really crucial part.

How to improve your Alexa ranking or how to increase alexa ranking of your blog

We’ve already talked a lot about it in our above post. Still, if you want to know again the crucial factors that actively play an important role in improving your Alexa ranking for your blog; read –

Write good quality content to increase alexa rank– To get a good alexa rank, one crucial point is to write quality content that scores well in search engine results pages. The better your content is, better is the SERP. That means traffic on a website improves or increase with good quality content. And when traffic is increase, it is natural for you to score well in rank.

Write custom content, regularly to increase blog alexa rank – Having creative content on a website is not enough, if it is not updated often. Alexa has also confirmed it on their blog and even anyone with basic understanding of SEO knows it. If your website or blog  is updated regularly, you can expect to have better ranking and you will get constant inflow of traffic. These deciders are vital for improving your ranking

Write content for audience to increase organic traffic– Writing content for anyone will not help, you need to write for your audience. Writing custom content and ensuring that your audience likes it is important for you. Your content needs to actively ensure that your audience are getting ideas and solving their problems. A helpful content is more important than a plain content

Besides the content part, another important thing that you need to consider is the SEO thing. Writing custom content and then linking with good websites or blog that are into your domain is important. You need to get links from credible websites. The better you rank, more chance for improving your SEO becomes. So, it is important for you to link well.

So, doing the better work, it is important for you to ensure that your website scores well in the Alexa ranking.

Case study

We have seen blogs that were doing good despite Alexa ranking importance, but post installing the toolbar; the blogs were becoming really better in terms of generating blog traffic. So, we need to say that Alexa is crucial for improving or increasing your blog traffic and that you should think about it. If you need assistance of a professional search engine guide who can help you with improving your Alexa ranking, you can ask for help. But we recommend you do it on your own.

Conclusion – Blog Alexa ranking improvement depends on the quality content of your blog. The tips to improve blog alexa ranking is not rocket science. Just practice these tips to increase traffic for your blog and see results in alexa ranking! Thanks for reading the blog.

If you want guidance and free but helpful advice on how to improve your ranking in Alexa, you can visit the blog that host the info. You can read the free resources listed on our blog. But before investing money on a solution you can get free of cost, why not try out the free stuff ?

If you require any sort of assistance on your increasing Alexa ranking, ask us. If you want to read other important variety of fact about how to score well, you can read our earlier article.If you have any questions, or suggestions, please comment on the blog. Digital SEO Guide helps you read, learn and practice SEO tips and ideas besides digital marketing ideas. Come to our blog to stay tuned what’s latest in the digital marketing world. You can contact us for any suggestions – be it a digital course on improving your website rank on SERP or a course on any general course !


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