How To Get Your Website Banned By Google

How to get your website banned by Google? If you want to quickly rise to the top of SERP; you have some wonderful variety of options; which you can implement to get results.

But doing these could potentially be as much harmful as you never expected. This blog outlines some ways you can carry out to get banned by search engines such as Google.

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1-Writing duplicated content

Writing is a tough task, which is why writers are in demand. Some usually skip the idea to hire writers to save their cost and post duplicated content which get their website monitored and if you constantly do the duplication, Google could ban you for a reason that your website violates someone’s right to the original content.

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2-Using black hat SEO

If you are using black hat SEO techniques such as doorway pages, link spamming etc., you can be banned by Google since these are unethical prices and could be harmful to your website

Some people pay money to SEO’s who do unethical SEO only to get the site banned. So, beware of such things. Instead of doing unethical stuff, work around honest practices.

Other than the mentioned, link schemes and over-populating your website with irrelevant links could potentially damage the reputation of your website.

If your website has to work properly and get you to the top of SERP, you need to properly original content, optimize your website for value, and properly devise a corrective measure to optimize link schemes, you could avoid being penalized by Google.

To ensure that your website keeps ranking well on Google and to avoid being spammed by others, do write content that works and do not necessarily work on evil method. Doing SEO and ensuring proper measures to get your website to the top of SERP is importantly decisive.

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The article I posted above will clear your questions about how to get your website banned by Google? if you have any inquiries then you can ask in the comment section.

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